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  1. Very much looking forward to whenever you get to Nyx. Great job with Excal and Nova. Very happy with both purchases. Don’t know if it’s possible but, do you think DE might allow you to make a Hyena style skin for Kubrows/Kavats?
  2. Internal synergies? How does Firewalker affect Warding Halo or Divine Spears? How does Warding Halo affect Divine Spears? From what I read, only Blazing Chakram gets a synergy with Divine Spears. Fire Walker not being canceled by teleporting to the Chakram doesn’t really matter when accurate teleporting is difficult if not impossible, especially if it will time out now anyway. What about the Reaping Chakram augment? Charging the Chakram makes it behave just like that augment. I can see potential for decent builds here, just no great ones... just like the current Nezha
  3. @[DE]Helen Are we ever going to get a prestige pack containing a secondary weapon?
  4. Will Nehza's rework coincide with his deluxe skin? Will Xbox get a Jade bundle featuring a Secondary Weapon? Possibly themed around Dual Weilding? Will Excalibur's Slash Dash targeting ever be consistent? How is the Companion Overhaul coming? Lastly, Whatever happened to the King Pin concept?
  5. I’m just kinda wondering, as a mostly melee only approach player, how this will make the gameplay “feel”. The transition from melee 1.0 to 2.0 was great. Not having to worry about stamina anymore in builds was liberating. I forsee alot of bugs at first rollout, but hopefully this transition will be better in practice than the brief summaries we’ve gotten so far. That and hopefully my builds won’t suffer too much
  6. Who is the creepy zombie with grokdul hidden in Iron Wake?
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