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  1. oh i thought my stugg one shotting enemies was just a easter egg that the DE planted knowing many dislike the perfection of goo ball shooteroos.
  2. Bomba head have the head rotate while flashing the chosen energy color like a disco ball.
  3. Banned for reviving a (almost)dead thread.
  4. anyone know (or a site) how the new stream reward works, not the enemies with twitch drop on kill but the plat reward thingy, couldnt find a patch note etc on that so idk if im even eligible to the reward when im on twitch with a wf-linked account. if u still dont get what i meant, its the platinum giveaway thing that pops up on the mid-top lane of the stream and shows 2 winners names. cheers - muscip
  5. Here is mine https://ao107070.wordpress.com/2018/10/19/warframe-poster-contest-participation/ Cheers o/
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