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  1. Nice idea. That or a full auto mode. Spamming regurgitate isn't very fun as it is now.
  2. The sentinel hogs the camera when rolling at high speeds masking the upper part of the screen. This is unfortunately where the eyes are focused when you roll: Also what other people here have already said, it's very hard to tell which nourish buff is ready or triggered unless your eyes are fixed onto the buff section and only after the fact, since the icons are hidden under the duration and power numbers (And to be honest, Warframe has a buff icon issue). It could use a different aural cue when switching to and using each different buff or a visual one on or around Grendel so we can keep our eyes on the action. Other than that, it's a fun frame, if weirdly squishy at levels past 60 for such a slow & heavy one, even with its belly full, an armor mod and the Armor Nourish buff. I fare way better with Baruuk for instance or even Gauss. Probably because their defensive abilities scale better.
  3. Prior to update, Opticor could buffer inputs in order to charge the next shot as soon as ready just like on bows. Bows like the Daikyu are still working fine. Expected behaviour: Hold to charge a shot, release when ready or let the Opticor shoot by itself when full, release left click and hold again immediately, shot charging begins as soon as cooldown is over. Current behaviour: Hold to charge a shot, release when ready, release left click and hold again immediately won't charge the next shot when it's ready. You have to wait until the cooldown is over to press left click again (which is not a displayed state by the UI). It makes the Opticor a bit cumbersome to use. Please fix!
  4. Visual indicators on the frame that you've hit 100% battery and 100% redline would be nice so I can stop checking the gauge so often and keep my eyes on the game. Maybe even a damaging radial explosion when you hit 100% redline (not 100% battery) to make it feel more rewarding than just removing the battery cost of some abilities.
  5. A few tennos already mentioned the weirdness in the noble animation set so I'll just add my two cents from this thread:
  6. I won't lie, I'm a speed junkie. I like Gauss a lot. However... ...after having played a few hours with him I feel like that Redline should also give a boost to sprint speed according to the battery level, even if it's just a flat increase unaffected by mods. As a few Tennos pointed out, having the ability to go faster the more and better I play would feel so much more exhilarating and rewarding than just having max speed from the get go, especially considering how power hungry it is! Redline really makes it look like it's supposed to break every speed limiter, not just those of the weapons. The first time I activated it I really thought I was going faster. Alas, it was only the effect of the adrenalin. It would improve every aspect of the speed frame to awesome levels, I just know it!
  7. Oh. I just noticed that it actually also has an "idle" animation that just breaks into there while Gauss is still in the process of jumping around, interrupting the animation right in the middle of it... yeah something feels completely off with this set but I think a lot of it derives from the fact that the each loop starts from a completely static pose so it lacks that "breathing" effect we have on the other frames. Otherwise, that's a very cool warframe. Edit: when looking at the fingers of the right hand, it looks like the animation is skipping ahead a bit so it may indeed be clipped and why it doesn't flow right.
  8. I wouldn't be against the "can't stand still" concept if the loop was made more interesting and seamless, but right now, it's jarring how short the animation is, how often it plays and how out of place the end of the animation seems compared to their starting position, completely breaks the flow when it loops back. It really looks like some part of the animation is missing. I think a continuously active loop would have fit better and more naturally. As it is now, the animation feels like it just stops at some point and every limb is just going back to its starting position. Seriously, I usually am a patient guy but it took like 6 seconds for me to already have had enough of it and switch to agile... which is curiously way more tame. Go figure.
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