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  1. As the title says, I feel the Strain Consume mod should become exilus mod, as it would allow more justification for its use, and as a result improve the usability of the Strain Mod set as a whole. As it is, building your mod set for your frame can already be somewhat restrictive, and even if you *want* to use Strain Consume, either for its individual effect or to complete the Strain set bonus, it's quite hard to justify using it over core stat increasing mods - compared to other easier and more reliable means of recovering health that DON'T give up a warframe mod slot, such as Vazarin's Healing Dash (dash into your frame to heal yourself significantly), all the healing warframe abilities (many of which are fire-and-forget heling), Magus Elevate (spam transference until your HP is full), and Furis's Winds of Purity mod (spray at enemies and you'll *probably* get all your health back), it's pretty hard to justify giving up more core stats for the lesser healing Strain Consume provides after you sit watching your dog, waiting for his maggots to spawn and die if you actively want to get healing from it. In addition, my understanding was that Exilus mods were broadly supposed to be for "utility or mobility",and Strain Consume definitely seems to fall under the banner of "Utility", and I would justify that by saying: On its own, with no Charger equipped, or Strain Consume does nothing. Even with the Charger equipped, the set effect will spend a not-insignificant amount of time doing nothing depending on frame and playstyle - it won't do anything if no Maggots are present and dead, it won't do anything if your health is full, and it is very unlikely to do anything while on the move since maggots will likely be left behind When used with a Charger and the rest of the Strain set, the effect is still relatively minor, due to: The low overall impact as a result of the way the health recovery effect scales The short lifespan of the corpses of Maggots Apologies for my (possibly, no PROBABLY) incoherent rambling, but in summary I think it would be an all around positive change to make Strain Consume an exilus mod - at present, it's very hard to use knowing I'm intentionally hobbling myself every time I give up stats for it, and every time I just think "I wish you were an exilus mod and I'd feel better about using you". Being able to use the full potential of the Strain Set without needlessly hobbling oneself would be a positive change. And here, an authenticity infesto-doggo picture to prove I'm invested in fashioncharger enough to use one and want this change if it were made!
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