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  1. As the title says, you can't apply Umbra Forma and thus get Umbra Polarities on any Exalted weapons. You aren't given the option to choose what kind of forma to use when you select the "apply forma" option in the arsenal, it just instantly takes you to the polarising screen, and you don't get the choice to use an umbra forma or apply umbra polarity. This doesn't seem like an intentional "Exalted Weapons can't have Umbra polarity" thing, as Excalibur Umbra's Exalted Umbra Blade has two Umbra Slots by default, so some clarification as to whether this is intentional or not, and a fix if it isn't, would be helpful.
  2. I guess I'll throw in my two cents on the rework, as someone who has recently got pretty into Wukong due to nullifiers, CC immunity, and things hitting through the rift ruining everything when I try to play limbo *RARGH*... *ahem*, yeah, rework opinions Celestial Twin I think this sounds pretty good. Thematic, neat idea, I just hope mr.clone's Twokong's AI isn't too dense, but I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one. Defy As someone who is useless and dies constantly in level 30 missions, I'll miss old Defy, it was a glorious bit of idiot-proofing that let me get away with my uselessness and mistakes... that said, if I disregard the self-deprecation, I'm still not sure I like this new Defy. It seems the idiot-proofing is gone (mostly, some of it has gone into the passive I guess), to be replaced with some weird Covenant/Absorb hybrid, and something that's going to be meh/useless unless you spam it, but if you spam it it's going to eat up the energy you want to use for keeping Primal Fury active... for me personally, it's just going to be one of those abilities that's like "oh that exists" that won't get used often, but like everything else, will have to wait and see... though my current impression is that I'd like to see something more interesting done with Defy. Cloudwalker No complaints really, it felt bad before, it just seems like it'll be better with these changes, though yes, attacking not cancelling the invisibility from the augment would be nice, that augment is kind of potato at the moment because of that, at least in my opinion. Primal Fury Bleh... some of these changes sound nice, like the stat buffs and the not locking movement while casting thing... but I really don't like the making the range fixed and removing the extending with combo thing - as it is now, sure it makes the staff feel a bit weak at first, but for me it creates a kind of engaging experience where I want to hound enemies down and hit them with my stick to keep it extended... but making the range fixed and removing that interaction just takes that experience away, in my opinion it's just going to make the ability less unique, a lot more plain, and less engaging to use. I think it'd be better to just buff the minimum and maxium ranges of it, and make the combo-gives-length something tied to the ability instead, like making the length extention keep as long as the Primal Fury ability is active or something. Also, as a personal note, I'd really like if Iron Vault, the old augment for Iron Jab is integrated into the moveset for Primal Fury... like making looking down and meleeing boop you into the sky like Iron Vault did. I know almost the same effect can be achieved by just bullet jumping upwards, but to me Iron Vault is just a fun thing to use, it'd be a shame to lose the fun of it entirely just because the base ability is being removed Passive I guess this is where old Defy moved to? It's nice to have its spirit lingering, though I'm unsure about the randomness of the buffs - maybe let us pick 3 buffs in the arsenal which can randomly proc instead of making which procs you can get random on mission start?
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