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  1. As says in the title, the icon for the Baza Prime Stock is inconsistent - in the foundry, it appears to have a different small icon than the large icon depicts it to have. In the Foundry: In the Relic screen:
  2. Having played around with it a bit now, I maintain many greivances with it (which given their ties to engagement/monetisation, I know won't change no matter how much I wish they would), however I do feel like there's some general gameplay feedback I can give that might be actionable: - I really dislike the infinitely respawning fighters in non-Skirmish modes. They make the Railjack feel like a liability rather than an asset. I've been playing with one other friend and 2 AI crew members, and when we're doing a side objective, someone basically always has to babysit the Railjack purely
  3. I'm not good at words, so I might be being misunderstood and misunderstanding you, so I guess I'll clarify - I'm very much in the camp of liking the two-party "one on the ground, one in space" style of Railjacking, I feel like that's the kind of gameplay the Railjack modes should encourage. My problem with the infinitely respawning fighters is like, as the person staying to fight them off, it doesn't make you feel like you're killing them to any productive end. You're not killing them to achieve anything. You're staying and killing them over and over because if you don't, the Railjack will get
  4. EDIT: I posted this in the wrong forum - If you have things to say/reacts, it should probably go on this post instead since it's in the proper forum! - I really dislike the infinitely respawning fighters in non-Skirmish modes. They make the Railjack feel like a liability rather than an asset. I've been playing with one other friend and 2 AI crew members, and when we're doing a side objective, someone basically always has to babysit the Railjack purely for the purpose of dealing with the constantly respawning fighters - if we both go off the Railjack, it just gets harranged by fighters no
  5. Those updates and clarifications are nice I suppose, but I note a conspicuous absence of addressing whether the Plexus needs Forma. In the absence of any address to that fact, I'm taking your silence on that point as a "We know nobody will like having to buy/farm more Forma, so we're going to hide it as long as we possibly can instead of addressing it, because we're sure as heck not removing it" I'm sorry if I'm being cynical, but... between Kuva Weapons, Necramechs, and I'll presume Queenpin weapons all being Rank 40 5-forma-eaters, it seems like you're just shovelling in more a
  6. Yeah, my hot take reaction is iffy on a lot of this, but VERY negative to the Plexus thing. I guess I'll go through the topics though: More Accessible: Buyable Railjack - I guess that's okay, but I find it hard to buy that this is done purely out of the goodness of your hearts for accessibility. But it's a Free-To-Play game, I guess it's to be expected, so I'm not too mad. I'm not happy about it, but I can deal with this Avionics to Mods/Meet the 'Plexus' This section. THIS SECTION. I have words on this. 'Not Happy' words. I guess I'll do the first part as my less miff
  7. Yeah, this happened to me when I was running it with a friend a couple of weeks back too. I was on Ivara, doing Concentrated Arrow and stealth finisher kills with paracesis. We had this break the same way (probably) - all doors besides the big one just above the one in OP's screenshot were green like they're open, but would not open. We tried everything (including breaking out of the map - doesn't work, because the only place I could jank myself out of a tile just put me actually out of the tile and dumped me outside in space in Archwing). I can only think it's maybe something related t
  8. Just a small suggestion - have carry emotes for the companions, maybe a different one for each the different styles of companion? You'd initiate it, assume a stance depending on the companion type, then as long as your companion wasn't in combat, it would come over and join you. Once you'd picked it up, it would stay there doing cute sorts of idle animations until you cancel the emote. For each companion I was thinking like: A bridal/princess carry style emote for the Quadraped companions. You'd assume the stance, then your Kubrow/Kavat/Charger/Predasite/Vulpaphyla would jump up into you
  9. Yeah I'll throw my Limbo Hat Prime in the ring and say this feels a tad dirty. Me and my friend spent time grinding this Operation, for me personally way past the point it was fun, to get 2 sets of Lavos and a few Arcanes. If I'd known I could have got Lavos and Cedo literally right after the event ended at my own pace instead of being FOMO'd into it, I probably wouldn't have bothered with the grinding... but I guess that was the point wasn't it? I was confident that you'd put out a method to get him after the event ended - not doing so would have been even worse than this - but sticking the e
  10. #2407235 2 holes in geometry in Grineer Shipyard tileset
  11. Yup - decorations can't, but I was wondering if we could work around it by temporarily inviting someone to our clan to just deposit the decorations in our vault. My concern there is just that to actually pay someone for doing that for us would require a trust trade, which is sketchy and I'm not super keen on doing in case it gets either us or the person that gives us the decoration banned...
  12. Yup - we just have things this way because... my stupid fault. I just want Perrin/Loka/Suda as my favoured syndicates because they're the one I agree with the goals/ideals of the most. I've had them that way a good long time, and my friend ranked their Syndicates initially to buy the mods from Arbiters/Meridian/Veil, then switched over to Loka/Perrin/Veil (I think that's what they're on) so we could still run Syndicate Missions together for nightwave and such... so given that, I don't think there's any feasible way for us to do... one of out of Meridian/Arbiters? I can maybe do Arbiters throug
  13. So ramble probably incoming... Me and my friend have a clan, just for the two of us. We've decorated our dojo a little bit so far, but were considering maybe starting one of those "collect all the decorations" museum projects... but we've hit a snag with the Syndicate Medallions. I have a stupid Loka/Perrin/Suda setup, my friend has some other setup that across both our setups, basically locks us out of Arbiters of Hexis, and would make it an agonisingly slow grind and juggle to level up Steel Meridian without ruining their syndicate setup. We were wondering - would it be possibl
  14. I spotted a very serious issue! One of the water bowls in the Kubrow Puppy pen behind Master Teasonai seems to have their bedding-dirt flowing into the bowl! How can these puppers grow up big and strong drinking dirty water! (screenshot in spoiler) (In serious terms, yup - dirt for their bedding seems to clip into one of the water bowls, it's a minor pointless thing, but maybe a quick fix, so I tossed up this report)
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