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  1. Have u tried it in freeroaming plz do, have u ever saw those big enormous map where u can jump all of them in 1 second ? If u time it well with bullet jump it will make a big difference , is not good only for a possibility trolling , is the only escape vauban have , and is good , he have 8 ability why touching the only movement 1 ?
  2. Yeah loved me too the fix on photon strike , but that just cause rataelius cried for it , and now we cannot use that ability in free roaming map without being near 15 meter... Literally bullS#&$ . Btw u got it wrong mate we are asking only for flecchete being able to kill alone more than lv 50 enemies maybe giving it slash so u will need noweapon to go around , cause u know YouTuber said that puncture is the worst dmg , and it doesn't full fill what a deathorb should do , YouTubers said even to make faster cast speed on photon strike and he said it that he just don't use that weapon so that why he doesn't care of the result , Tesla are good since youtubers said so, they are not too loud or just slow as #*!% to be reliable as some person said and with a big that never disappear. The Blu mynes the 1 that stun 2 enemies in ha horde game ( 2 #*!%ing enemy in a horde game) is the only good myne since we have not already the best spell to stun enemies , we need a coil to stun enemies face down , just a stupid wast of time, if u get a box with that spell gl killing him without dying . Changing to 4-6 enemies wouldn't change either , concuss was great cause would make some difference taking the fire from others. But still where we was ah Bastille suck now is nerfed , YouTubers said so , vortex is a non factor cause YouTuber said it will never use it. So yeah vauban rework is bad and should spread some spore from his arse to kill and nuke all the rooms easy with 1 key . Who care of damage protection with that.
  3. I wonder how many people have tried her with the max duration and 150 power strength ... Her kit is fun , the mind control ability make her ideal vs infested and corpusand corrupted , lesser vs grineer but who cares of grineer anyway , Physic bolt is a bring the weapon u like in every mission , don't go around only with the acceltra kind weapon S#&$ , Chaos is just pure chaos and I love it , good vs corpus since nullifier will target someone else but good vs griiner with their bulS#&$ weapon and destroy the infested removing the buffs from acients , The 4 ... The ulti is just 1 of the worst ability out there , without augment since the fps of that skill is not nearly as near other assimilate skill , such as mag magnetize or Nova augment , her 4 if doesn't kill make u blocked for 2 sec in a terrible animation That generally at higher level is just your death, if u use the augments still not good since the terrible animation is still there and the only way to move fast is to spam dagger combo , not worth to use that ability , is just a oS#&$ ability and the request for help (because when she finish the Mana and deal no dmg to whose are shooting at her , nyx generally die ) Coff coff
  4. No. Just try using better her abilities , shoot to your mind controlled , strip armor to heavy units , use chaos withaugments , and never use the 4 ability. That what's S#&$ nyx her ulti.
  5. Vector pad is usefull !! Free roaming area and big rooms , u drop it and puff you are on the other side. U will not convice me of the contrary.
  6. Totally agree . I posted it even is sound .
  7. Vauban is good now , but if we're still in time I would make some minor change the blue mynes , coil something is literally the only useless mine having 2-4-6 enemies latched face down in a horde game is just not good, would welcome back the concuss myne or if we can make some new ability would change the blue mynes with Tesla with a different ability as first , like a shield corpus style? I mean atlas that launch himself to the enemies have it whyle the man vauban that is oneshotted even with 1100 armor cause a super wrong balance in health and shield don't have it ? I don't want a volt shield that buff projectile but just some kind of easier the situation after 1 h of dodging and spamming zenurik to keep Bastille armor up , using furis to heal and killing enemies before they can ragdoll you and oneshot you ( invisible griners granades are effective for that) , btw if is it possible making something visual for the Bastille buff ? Like , would be super cool, don't listen to other not main vauban plz , vector pad is a cool ability and in the free roaming areas have 80% his use over all other mynes , Another thing would u be so kind to fix the photon strike cast speed ? It shouldn't work like that , vauban abilities activate when touching the ground and in freeroaming area it just feel not right , u can be a God launching those balls 100m away but the photon strike will always explode at 15m before touching the ground .
  8. Actually I like all nyx ability but her ulti XD first ability is great for tanking in high level mission, second is just too Good if modded with 150 power strength that is maxed less armor shield making all the enemies butter , the augment pretty good with this build, chaos is literally what is saying every enemies start shooting each other and for your passive they like more to kill other targets than you... What about her ulti ? That damage is ridiculous low in front of magnetize or Nova second ability augment , even if u use the augment the release is slow as #*!% giving enemies nearly 2-3 sec to shoot you freerly ( the knockback is halfed) her ulti is the problem , and should be changed with another pshyco ability but more evil in my opinion , for example the possibility to enter a enemy alive , using him as a PG with meele attack scale on meele weapon and if it have hands it can use your primary and secondary , of course it will not be able to do super ninja parckour if it's a heavy unit . If the infested enemy die with nyx inside , nyx come out with half life and 3 sec of stun ( don't want her to be too OP, those lazy frames are good for other kind of people)
  9. I think that is just an entire new Warframe mate , nyx is good u can build her for max range or for max duration now if u don't want to grief too much, still her ulti is old , have a super slow animation whyle releasing and deal less dmg than Nova 2ability augment or mag magnetize, for thepsichic Warframe I would change her ulti completely giving her some sort of mass first ability control , or just a( becoming 1 with a enemy) , nyx look is based on a evil character on the first game of de( nemesis skill come from that) so why not making her entering a enemy using him as a husk or something like that ? Making her energy goes down for the time using the enemy body but refreshing it with rage or Hunter ammo, Running with griiner or dog kavats would be fun as hell with mele weapons dealing dmg to the meele attack whyle keeping primary ,secondary weapons if the enemy have hands , after that if the Shel is destroyed nyx will come out with half health and confused ( so u need to come out before the content or die) . What u think? My English is pretty bad , but I love nyx and vauban , the only problems is that both have some ability useless
  10. Ok. In 18h from now it's 6:28 am here XD . Luckily for me I know to build warframes without looking for builds on YT , maybe that's it ( more dmg u have more times u need to recast cause they die too fast ) still of course u will need to recast but luckily for u there is a sentinel that can vaporize enemies or just making explode every spore on them with a Seth machine gun .. so why u should shoot when there are inferior being that can do that?
  11. In my opinion equinox cannot shine till the dmg ulti of the Whyte version doesn't change , Trinity EV is a terrible build that should be changed making her second work as the first incourage lazy farms and as a consequence lack of content, whyle volt 4 is just too strong as an ability in horde enemies gameplay, I'm sorry but I would change even Nova just a bit , my solutions equinox is still cool tho but I would change the slash dmg to flat dmg so no cc and u are forced to use other abilities , Trinity 2 ability same mechanic as the first 1(we can make other energy Warframe shine ( harrow and possibly vauban? ) , Nova just swap , more dmg means faster enemies , so if u wanna be tanky u make enemies move faster( still double dmg debuff) or if u wanna slow u can be more agile with teleports but more glass cannon) at base 100% power strght it should just give double dmg, whyle volt and saryn are literally what should not be possible in a co-op game , play Solo whyle the other 3 watch u kill all , I know that people will complain that after 3h survival saryn will not be able to nuke anymore , but not everyone have the time you have playing videogames kid , and pressing 4 x 3h waiting for the true challenge to come shouldn't even taken seriously ...the level scale of the enemy should change with lv 100 enemies be strong as the lv 300 , the lv 40 enemies as lv 60 and plz Nerf invisible oneshot granades of the grinder , cause those are freaking invisible and cannot be seen (at least in low graphic)
  12. My saryn have max range and 110 ability strength , after 2 second , the other guy in my team in Eso stop playing whyle the spores keep coming out for the massive range, I never get a reset because range... I can solo till Eso lv 9 killing only 9dnemies with my weapon(to spread spores) after that I run hiding whyle healing my self with her 2 , isn't lazy this kind of gameplay?
  13. Soo.. u didn't made Grendel missions solo with Octavia or hyldrin ? Octavia is a God Warframe as limbo , but a lot easier to use just keep pressing crouch and you are invisible ( invisible in this game means immortal since the only way to die is taken dmg from self dmg or enemy fire on your friends.. and still that is super hard cause most of weapon have not projectile but hitscan )
  14. Mate the problem is that the AI are pretty stupid , I like that idea a lot , first ability follow or stay put , second ability move around you or revive each other , 3 ability boost dmg of pets 4 ability massive channelled heal/energy (I mean why not channelling ability that strong if those are risky to use)
  15. As the title said , not only that those things never despawn so are always there making loud sound , and I can hear those even using the Corinth I mean just make them go down a bit
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