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  1. I've been playing the game about that long. I still like the game for the art style. I'm also very, very attached to the world DE built. I've been here for every significant evolution of the starmap. Every new addition and retcon to the lore. I've been a part of clans that fought hard enough people drew up fan art of their victories to rub it in. It'd be hard for me or any player remotely like me not to be seriously invested. Maybe I'm jaded. Mostly I'm very, very burnt out. I need something to put some hype in my veins again and we just don't seem to be hitting that right now. Nightwave really isn't doing it for me and honestly Buried Debts kinda felt un-fun. I'm not super excited about mobile defense. Also, it's not entirely true to say DE backed down from Archwing or ESO. It's more correct to say the modes are just in wait. DE puts so much down on always adding a new feature that the holes in old ones sometimes take them ridiculously long to fix. It's not like DE is unaware normal Archwing content is a bit of a joke mode - it's just that they're so invested in Railjack that any attempt to breath life into Archwing would probably look to us like they half assed it even if they didn't. DE's forward momentum is respectable but the price the game pays for it is exactly this kind of content relationship I guess. As for Nora, I think I'd like her more if she just talked about more crap. She isn't even a proper character the way she feels to me right now - she just sounds like a one-liner dispenser and that takes us out of the character a lot. She has a very weak human element at the current time.
  2. There is a reasonable degree of truth in this. There are some scaling issues in Warframe that we don't tend to think about as veteran players because we're just accustomed to it. The higher level enemies feel like crap to fight in most game types. Enemy scaling in this game is very steep and as a direct result nearly every player is naturally pushed towards a disposition that allows them to grind their content as much as possible while dealing with the scaling as little as possible. We all know for a fact that this game doesn't factor in how hard the fight is into what the reward will be, long winded outings are a lot more trouble for no significant increase in payoff. In a game like Warframe the prospect of reward is king. Encouraging players to deep dive missions like Survival actually play to one of the games weaknesses.
  3. Nightwave hasn't had any meaningful positive or negative effect for me. I think it's neat and hope it improves over time but I also have felt literally 0 temptation to play it. This new system has really just done nothing at all for my burn out. I also feel like the system is pretty negative for new guys. Things like cosmetic helmets and all that jazz now have to compete against Reactors, Catalysts and Nitain due to limited rate on Wolf cred. For all the glaring flaws of the old way at least new players could be surprised with a neat helmet BP once in a while while waiting for rng to hand them all the stuff they need to get situated in the game.
  4. It would definitely be sweet for them to swoop in and get that whole situation to be consistent across all skins.
  5. Exploiter Orb is a decent enough open-world boss fight. From what I've been led to believe Buried Debts is supposed to be the 'reoccuring' once-in-a-while community event similar to the Infestation centric event from Cetus. If this is accurate I'd say it's important to then draw parallels to what DE has decided the big encounter should behave like compared to that other event. One one hand we've got a large boss that fights you across two zones in our Exploiter Orb. She's got voice lines. Light lore significance built into the process of meeting her. She's fairly high on interactivity since this is the first time I remember ever seeing a dynamic 'cutscene' sort of attack on a boss, which I thought was pleasant because it makes you look pretty awesome when you do it. Is she incredibly, brutally tough in her mechanics? Nah. Easy to understand boss with very simple phases. The infested plague on Cetus had a Lephantis clone. I'd love to see the Cetus remodel give us a boss fight at least as interesting as Exploiter. Hell, fighting the Exploiter feels more like a boss for a Main Story Quest than fighting Excal Umbra did. It's a better MSQ boss encounter than an actual MSQ boss encounter.
  6. I can't get hype for the mod, honestly. As neat as I'm sure it is on a few specific Warframes I feel like I'd rather have every point on a rifle spent on the effectiveness of the rifle. Sacrificing a mod slot on a mod that is not AS effective a damage mod just to squeeze some bonus speed out is a bit of a gimmick. I might, at most, use this sort of mod on Excalibur or Valkyr since having crappy guns on a melee centric Warframe is mildly acceptable. Not to mention, the vast majority of rifles don't call for high sprint speeds. If you are gap closing you're probably dodging and bullet jumping. Sprinting doesn't dodge attacks as effectively. This mod basically only earns its keep if you are equipping a rifle as a stat-stick instead of hoping it'll pull its weight. Putting an amalgam mod on the weapon instantly means you're not using the weapons available mod slots and points at their maximum effectiveness. High sprinting and walking speeds shines the most with close range weapons as opposed to medium ranged weapons like a Javlok. Besides, Javlok isn't exactly a ridiculously well statted weapon. You ought to be squeezing all the damage you can out of every mod slot. Hurting your damage bottom-line is really bad for weapons that aren't already comfortably sitting on top tier.
  7. Warframe has always seriously struggled to give players useful instructions. It's a long-time problem. DE takes advantage of the fact the community is very open with sharing info to each other and hasn't really gone back to polish the rough edges from long ago just yet. This event also suffers that problem, though it's less like it fails to tell you what to do and more about DE just expecting players to google it because that's what they're used to having to do in this game anyway. Like, they designed this event at least partially assuming that heading to the wiki is just a given thing now.
  8. No. It isn't trolling or griefing. It is frustrating for the player who feels like they aren't contributing, but it isn't something the player doing the lions share of the killing is at fault for. When you roll with randoms you can't truly expect to never run into a player whose got either a better build overall or a similar build but better mods. All builds are not equal. All frames are not equal. Sometimes the dudes you're playing with are going to be stompier than you are. I can't expect, in a co-op game, to blame my teammates for having effective builds. That's purely negative behavior. That said, it's not like it's unreasonable to ask another player to go a little easier. Sometimes if I'm playing a Frame like Valkyr and I happen to be using my slow/buff as often as I can I've been asked by teammates to chill and I've switched my strat to use it when I've got to instead of just when I can. Just don't be surprised if you get blown off. Even if you personally haven't been grinding a piece of content a long time the guy you're talking to might have already played said mission or had to grind said grind hundreds of times more than you. You never know. He's just trying to spent his time as efficiently as he can. Just like you probably are.
  9. I don't hate Nightwave but I'm certainly not playing as much now as before. I'm not finding an incredible amount of fun in grinding it at the moment.
  10. I thought I'd have enjoyed the idea of this system more than I did once it was in place. The reality is that it has done literally nothing to make me desire to actually play the game. I feel like I'm mostly just waiting for Wisp to see if she breathes some life into my grind again.
  11. Yeah. The vid is definitely more about Destiny than it is Warframe, which is sensible. I feel like it is probably true that part of the success of Warframe comes from the fact that even now that games in the ballpark of what Warframe is are 'popular' now Warframe is just beating out most up and comers because a lot of the big business in gaming right now is so horribly disconnected from the people games are being made for. Bungie is talented and very experienced. Just so happens that being both talented and experience doesn't necessarily mean you can't also just flub and make a huge mess. Anthem is the same. I get POWERFUL Destiny 1 vibes from Anthem. I think to myself "This is just going to be Bioware diving in and making all the same mistakes Bungie did in THEIR first try." Meanwhile here sits Warframe. Moving at its own plodding pace. Avoiding one half of the traps of its competitors through iteration and the other half from good luck. DE has its own laundry list of skeletons but at least we can relax slightly knowing the chances of Warframe having its nastier parts made better are at least a bit more likely than Destiny 2 ever being 'fixed' instead of Bungie just making a 3 and giving up on the player investment in 2 as they did the first time around.
  12. Yeah I've still gotta get access to the plague stuff.
  13. I'd actually totally find it cool to be able to hear some of the small stuff like footsteps better. By itself the idea isn't anything special but good sounds design is the thread that pulls a good location together.
  14. Yeah, sure. I dig it. I like that kind of thing.
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