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  1. Still calling them lizards. Knowing they're more like birds doesn't make them seem less like lizards. Same reason people often call spiders a 'bug', it's just easier then being specific all the time.
  2. Don't get me wrong though, talking Warframe specifically I'd say that the situation is very important but also not quite as bad as people make it out to be. To a certain degree power creep is just a fact of life. If DE wants to challenge the people with the longest play hours they have to push the envelope. Pump the stats up. There are only so many side-grade enemies and work around mechanics that'll make sense. People hate invulnerability phases and the like after all. So really most enemies in the trash mob category don't have much better to throw at us then their raw stats. And weapons are no different. There aren't an infinite number of interesting ways to to a burst-fire rifle or sniper rifle. You'd do fine just clocking out side grades for a while but somewhere at some point "IT" will finally happen. "IT" being that time a side-grade idea is just better than the other stuff it is supposed to be a flip of. Eventually a passive effect, a secondary fire or some other weapon gimmick is just gonna be better. Maybe it has to do with playstyle, maybe it's just because the gimmick pulls ahead in DPS. Doesn't matter. Eventually it'll creep. Warframe hasn't gotten where it is now in power creep quite as quickly as sometimes people feel. Honestly, I think the single worst power creep we've ever experienced is probably Rivens. Frankly, I think Rivens are just a straight up mistake that now DE and all the rest of us are stuck living with. Warframe is more than just a few years old now so we've got more than a couple years of creep under our belt. That's the real reason sometimes it seems really horrible. That's just my take though.
  3. "Hippity hoppity the grind wont stoppity"
  4. Very important point here. @TARINunit9 is completely correct. Enemy power creep doesn't get talked about as much because players just assume that it's a symptom of DE reacting to weapon power creep but it's not that simple. DE has to invent enemies that can fight players, which means they have to get stronger with time. At this point that problem has created a situation where in some cases the level of the enemies can't even be said to be accurate because enemies from different locations scale steeper meaning lower levels can = higher levels just due to a map change. Then after they invent those tough enemies they have to invent weapons that feel good used against them, which normally means they're stronger weapons. Then they have to invent enemies that are still tough even against those weapons. Then they have to invent weapons for those new enemies too. When it comes to power creep within the weapon balance it all happens in a cycle. Some parts of power creep like Riven mods are outside of this cycle but still problematic, but the largest chunk of the power creep discussion takes place within the cycle.
  5. It's all good. I've been standing on my soapbox yelling about this specific topic for a long time. It is my opinion that it is a mistake to try to break power creep down into parts when you talk about it. I think people need to abandon treating the situation like it's effective only one or two systems of the game and not all of them. Power creep is a massive topic and when you hyperfocus on a part of it conversation is messy.
  6. You've either speedread my post or missed my point. The forums here move fast sometimes so it's a habit I even fall into sometimes. I can't blame you. What I'm saying is that you can't have one and not the other. You 'balance' weapons without bringing the baddies down too and the game will play like crap. You 'balance' the enemies and don't bring the weapons in line and the game will play like crap. The weapon balance conversation and enemy scaling conversation are directly related. That is why I mention the loop of "Weapons are bad because enemies are too beefy!" followed by "Enemies are too beefy because weapon dps is too high!" Both need to be addressed simultaneously as they are issues so closely tied together that the health of the game hinges on the two points working together. You've never seen a game die because it's weapons and enemies were balanced, if the two were in harmony the game wouldn't be unhealthy. You've seen a game die to power creep, the process of the balance between player ability and enemy ability spiraling upwards forever. I never implied power creep was a good thing. I am simply arguing that the power creep issue is bigger than guns.
  7. If enemy scaling got more love so that bringing weapons down a peg to fight power creep didn't make things a hassle I'd be gucci. If you took Warframe as it is now and decided to 'balance' all weapons to some arbitrary opinion-fueled average than it'd just make things a huge pain. The fun factor would take a hit for the average player. No matter how much you tell yourself that you'd love the weapons to be perfectly balanced, the truth is that'd suck because the weapon imbalance is in constant flux with the enemy imbalances. The Wolf in the last Nightwave was the literal embodiment of the unfun end of how DE sometimes designs enemies. You may argue that "Well he was only so bad in reaction to DPS cannon builds!" but I can only point towards the fact that massive DPS weapons are popular because they feel the best when you go up against the game's chunkiest enemies. We'll end up in an infinite loop of "The weapon are bad because the enemies are." followed by "But the enemies are bad because the weapons limit design!". Both are broke. They'd both need fixing. And Rivens would have to be nerfed practically to death. Their entire existence drastically increases power creep. Unfortunately player cry tears of blood if you dare suggest that the concept of a 3k plat Riven they've bought in order to turn their recently added weapon into a hate-cannon is evidence that the system is sloppy and toxic for the game.
  8. At a point in Warframe's past that we have not had properly detailed out a group of Tenno assassinated the Orokin high council. Everyone except Ballas, who survived. It stands to reason that the Dax would attack the Tenno. We're possibly seeing details of the events surrounding the day the Tenno rebelled.
  9. Can't wait to see the full movie: Warframe: Forma Grind 2 Electric Boogaloo
  10. Well if the drop rate on the stuff I wanted didn't suck it wouldn't have to be so bad.
  11. It'd be inconvenient for me so I'd probably go on hiatus for a while. Come back when I feel like rubbing against the grindstone again. Though I'd be fine with Rivens being touched up.
  12. Their limit is their physical ability to hold it together when they dump out all that power. It's loosely implied that without carefully managing their output they could overexert and harm themselves and anything unfortunate enough to be nearby. The power you have access to exceeds your ability to survive using it.
  13. Something about Chroma just doesn't click with me. I've always just wrote it off as being a playstyle thing.
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