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  1. I guess there is a silver lining. People who hated what little Archwing meta DID exist now have a new meta.
  2. And you even came through, I figured that post was gonna be a one and done snarky comment but then you went and delivered on the goods.
  3. Broken War is never directly addressed outside of the mail you get upon receiving it, right? Lotus and Ordis don't talk about it. Nobody in the plot asks what happened to it. It's a trophy item. You broke Hunhow's smaller form and kept piece. It certainly happened within the plot, but the action has no meaning in the narrative save for a trophy of a battle won. This Sword has a whole damn quest revolving around making sure you have it. Cutscene and theatrics abound, all to lead up to the moment you have the sword. Built, not built, we're arguing pointless details. Functionally that quest is there to do two things, dump exposition and make sure you own a BP for that weapon. Both are arguably "Just another melee weapon", but one of them has the distinction of carrying meaning in the story we're in. It wouldn't entirely surprise me if the new tileset featured a couple puzzle and diversions based on the weapon. The Void hotel has it's obstacle courses. The Derelicts have their vaults. The Moon has its puzzles. Maybe we're looking at our first somewhat reasonable read on the new tilesets puzzles? Considering weird crap like the Ascaris Negator (A significantly more pointless item) also exists I don't see it to be reaching too far to say that sometimes a quest item can be a cool weapon too, instead of just a mcguffin in your foundry to round out a plot point. At least, that is where my mind is at. I'm not surprised we're seeing a puzzle surrounding the sword. I had a small suspicion it'd relate to a puzzle when it released, but then it didn't for a long time. I didn't neccesarily expect it to be like main quest sort of important but hell here we are.
  4. I disagree. I've felt for ages it'd come up again. They dedicated a whole segment to hyping the moment you are given this anti-sentient weapon and then you see the weapon is incredibly unique. First weapon to be able to reach MR40. A weapon with passive bonuses to wrecking Sentients through their mechanics. Costs a very, very valuable material to make. This stuff all comes together and screams "You need me." Broken War is a sword you just get slapped on you as a kudos. You snapped Hunhow (Twig mode) and they gave you a dope piece of him to smack people with and maybe reforge into a greatsword. This greatsword however is something made in front of you and then revealed to actually be made FOR YOU in order to stop the Sentients you're fighting. The weapon is directly a part of the current 'chapter' of the plot.
  5. This is so true. If players were actually realistically able to obtain everything they wanted within the constraints of their available game time there would be 0 purpose to the auction house because you'd just go get yourself the thing. Trading and Auction houses are things that relish RNG. The more scarce a type of item the game can cook up the better. In Warframe's case I'd say the ultimate example is God roll rivens selling for thousands of plat. Yeah love it or hate it the reality here is that its that type of awful only some quality TradingxRNG fanfiction can work in. There is a lot of truth to this point. I think you are both correct because neither of you have said anything I view as inaccurate or mutually exclusive. It's important to realize that Diablo 3 was a full-package type screw up due to Blizzard execs not remembering the days they were mere mortals and had to have fun the normal way instead of just making your fun by squeezing money from people who are supposed to look up to you.
  6. Mission scrubbing for an encounter event that isn't actually RNG is a bad idea.
  7. Don't get the wrong idea, the leaving problem is more like a mix of various issue, not specifically this. Also make sure you read @schilds post above mine. He's exactly right. The only "random" in this quest is that we have not had enough time as a community to learn to get into sync with the timer running on this thing behind the scenes. Once the community figures the timing out everyone will relax a lot more.
  8. Just dust the ol' sentient beatin stick off when you need it. You don't gotta main the weapon, right? Just craft it. The cost of crafting it seems awful at first but the weapon does have traits that make it worth the cost of entry. Think of it like this. What we know together now that we didn't know when is that the weapon is a weapon but also a key. So when you're really spending material on here is the key, which is fine.
  9. Pretty much. I'd just bite the bullet. I dunno about you but I know when I saw the BP used those particular materials I decided that 'Yeah thats basically a flag that its gonna matter someday." You don't make a weapon out of important parts and lay the plot on thick if it isn't going to be a plot important weapon.
  10. When you are given the sword its basically hyped like it's some legendary weapon of massive importance to defeating Sentients. If you asked me which gear I'd take to fight sentients I'd probably retort with 'The stuff with passive bonuses against them!'. I mean it's literally functionally the 'Sentient Ugly Stick' considering how it wrecks them. So its no rocket science. Edit: Oh and I even forgot, you were even GIVEN the weapon during the main plot quests. It's fair to expect it to have continued to be useful.
  11. The secret is to just stop looking particularly hard. You don't need to stop seeking entirely, just allow yourself to rest easy knowing its not like its anything you're doing or there is anything you could do to speed it up right now. This is just a thing DE wants you to just eventually find. It is our next big and important thing and DE isn't afraid to make you wrestle just a bit for access. Don't get me wrong though - eventually some dude will figure out the timing. When they do everybody as a community will benefit if and when the info is inevitably shared. But for now the idea is "You don't know how long it'll take. Its all timing. Just let yourself play the mode and it'll happen on its own and if it doesn't then its still fine because some dude will post a guide like two weeks from now tops. Then this whole thing will be forgotten.
  12. I coulda made a wordy post but Awazx above me here actually caught some of the meat of my opinion in his post so for the most part ^- Ditto -^ In order for me to be able to continue to enjoy Warframe I've basically had to cut down my involvement in the game to a ludicrous degree. The little issues aren't so bad for the typical player who may have only been on this pony here for two to three years. Thing is, the longer you go and the more you keep up with Warframe the more I personally find that combined with the doldrums of grinding the feeling of burn out and a loss of the will to put effort towards pushing forwards in this game is kinda beat out of me a good bit. That problem isn't exclusive to Warframe however. Beat any horse for roughly five years and you'll be ankle deep in glue if you were the least bit enthusiastic while you were at it. You either leave the game early or play it long enough to realize that you can't look past the problems you have with it because you're just tired of grinding and tired of waiting to see if maybe someday Dojos or Archwing or [Insert what grinds your gears here] get a second pass and get a better shot at being this bad ass thing.
  13. I feel your frustration too OP. That said, I think we're both savvy to the fact that RNG is one of the only really effective ways DE has to roadblock us that wont end is a catastrophe. Imagine if instead of RNG dictating if you are 'lucky enough' you were instead looking at some tedious list of menial tasks like 'Fetch X', 'Complete Y solo at level 30 without killing.' because that is an alternative, everything is just as monotonous as the space relay challenges can be but with more numerous and more difficult components. Or imagine DE just inflated crafting costs at a faster pace. Nothing says "I'm having fun" quite like the ugly thought like "Gear/Content updates with five to six digit material requirements that isn't a clan effort." RNG doesn't always feel fun but its certainly fun more frequently than literal endless grind. This game has mountains and mountains of grind if you've got a kink for that regardless. I consider it a necessary evil.
  14. Pics or I'm just gonna assume you had a weird trip on some acid or something.
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