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  1. Don't be afraid to tweet the Warframe twitter with #WhereisDerf? or #Derfwhen?
  2. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to do that. Considered it for a bit a while back. Decided against it.
  3. Technically if you're gonna blame any one source for Necroing this thread you'd have to blame DE for mentioning it in a livestream after it'd been dead at least a months.
  4. Derf the Musical? Derf on Ice: The Musical? Directed by M. Knight Shamallamalackakhan?
  5. U10 - In which Derf Anyo rises up the ranks of the Corpus military to become the greatest Warrior the Tenno wish they never had to meet. In which the Grineer complete their research into a new set of genetic enhancement, fusing Dinsaur DNA into their best soldiers. In which DE adds stripper poles to the dojo. Veloci-lech'Kril and Herbi'Vor Vs. Derf Anyo Vs. The Tenno.
  6. Oh god yes. Please do this. I don't even care if it is effective - just do it for the humor of bombing their twitter like that.
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