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  1. At a point in Warframe's past that we have not had properly detailed out a group of Tenno assassinated the Orokin high council. Everyone except Ballas, who survived. It stands to reason that the Dax would attack the Tenno. We're possibly seeing details of the events surrounding the day the Tenno rebelled.
  2. Can't wait to see the full movie: Warframe: Forma Grind 2 Electric Boogaloo
  3. You're right about Anthem but exaggerating about Destiny 2, though I think it's no surprise to have an exaggerated opinion of D2 since it had such an ugly launch. While it suffered a lot under Activision, it's still got a respectably large and very loyal community. If the game was really close to death you'd see certain signs on top of migrating players counts like a decrease in the amount of user created content and other things that healthy game communities do naturally. Compare the youtube presence of Destiny 2 next to a game that is a real flop like Anthem (Since we're already using that game here) and you'll notice a huge rift in the attitude and frequency of the content. Players migrate from Warframe all the time to take breaks, especially around content droughts or controversial changes, and you'd probably never have called Warframe dead.
  4. Itzal getting nerfed will just mean ALL the Archwings are pretty bad.
  5. This logic is pretty dumb. It ignores a lot about the reality of how the game plays out in regards to K-Drives. I don't regularly use Itzal. I use Odonata Prime mostly. It matters exactly 0 which Archwing you use. Regardless of Archwing the fact remains that Archwing beats K-Drive because 'Flying over' > 'Driving around'. Itzal is the best option if you want to save 4-5 second increments in your grind but ultimately even that doesn't matter much. In Archwing: You can nearly instantly leave an unwanted or superfluous fight. You can shoot your guns. You have a kit of skills. You can fly over any potential conflict. You can fly directly to a goal. All of the above remain true regardless of choice of archwing. Meanwhile K-Drives: Slower than archwing, meaning slower retreats from unwanted fights. You cannot attack in a meaningful way. (There are damaging mods but I've never seen any suggestion that they scale well enough to be better than even a basic gun.) You can going to have to wind around things to reach your goal. There are no cheeky ways to get past a mountain in only a second or two. Itzal being able to teleport certainly takes a dump on K-Drives. Undeniably. But that is probably because K-Drives already can't hold a candle to literally being able to fly and shoot.
  6. I definitely agree that nerfing Itzal would just be a nerf to general game feel as opposed to a buff to K-Drives. Odonata is better than a K-Drive too. It is simply a fact that being able to fly over obstacles is inherently better than having to move around or over them. Not to mention, you can't shoot from a K-Drive but you can from an Archwing.
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