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  1. Wonderful work! > Besides the Jovian Concord, what else are the teams working on to follow up on? > Have there been any plans that will reveal the use of this "moral" compass that we have had since the War Within? > Have there been any plans on how to improve the clan systems further? There does not seem to be any incentive for people within the clans to be working together. In fact, having a bigger clan only seems to be a detriment to players. > Are there any plans or even guesses for further use of the infested chair in the orbiter besides a short trip to the dermatologist? > Will there be newer or stronger turret types that will also be coming up? They're uses have been explored a little more in the Plains of Eidolon. Can we expect more of it to be added for more puzzle mechanics?
  2. So I noticed that we sometimes glitch out of bounds while passing through certain doors (Also some parkour vault doors in the Void) I thought I could ignore it until one time during Arbitration, I was using Rhino and spent a good 30 minutes running a mission. However, there came a point I was rolling through a doorway towards a few enemies. I then fell out of bounds and recover without any protections in front of the said enemies. Glitching out of bounds while passing through a doorway is inconvenient, and infuriating when it happens in the most crucial moments.
  3. Amazing as always. Quick question, now that groundslam and slam-casting is a thing, will there be a change to Rhino's passive? Heavy Impact just isn't relevant now that stronger and more effective maneuvers have become fundamental actions.
  4. In recent days, there has been much discussion with regards to CC and its relevancy in the current Meta of Warframe. So I want to introduce new enemy types that would not only spaces where CC frames can take the stage, but to introduce more elements of difficulty in terms of enemy mechanics, some even using simple upgrades that you can find in Mods. Riot Shield Enemy-Types The following enemy types will be designed with one particular theme, frontal invincibility that will require players to either get around them, shoot though small slits, or use CC abilities to knock away their shields. Kindly take note the term “shield” - Grineer Bastion o An upgraded version of shield lancers that carry large metallic war shields that their allies can run behind for cover. The shield itself is impenetrable (the slits being the exception), even against punch-through. These enemy units will also be equipped with rifles they can hold around the shield to deal damage. - Corpus Vanguard o Much like the Grineer Bastion, the Protector will be carrying a hard light shield. While it is not as durable as the Grineer Bastions, but it will be registered as an object and require a certain amount of damage to deactivate like a nullifier bubble. However, the shield itself will be equipped with a tesla emitter than holds a Warfame in place to keep them in front of the shield. - Corrupted Gatekeeper o Last variant of the Riot-Shield type of enemies, they also possess the same impenetrable shield, the shield itself is designed to reflect player damage, urging caution for the trigger happy Tenno. However, the middle part of the shield is vulnerable and can be shot not just to disable the shield, but detonating the gatekeeper and destroying their companions with damage based on the gatekeeper’s health. High-Risk, High Reward for non-CC users. Elite Mooks Reborn The following enemy types are to bring out the best of the more elite mooks, giving players more difficult buy the merit of mechanics rather than sheer armor and power - Nightwatch Salvo o Unlike the common variant of the Grineer, the Salvo is able to fire off multiple missiles at once. While less armored, they stand at a distance and riddle the Tenno with multiple missiles with a new and improved launcher. Basically a Bombard with a delayed Split Chamber - Anti-Armor Bursa o A variation of the bursa that also uses missiles. However, it is accompanied by an onboard Radar Osprey that allows the Bursa to fire missiles from great distance, assaulting the Tenno from an unreachable distance. - Manic Longshot o This Variant of the Ballista uses the same type of cloaking like the other Manics. While it does not provide them invulnerability from damage, it does hide them well in open areas. While these enemies would be highly difficult for newer players, I recommend level locking them until a specific point like level 30 or level 40 to surprise the adjusted newer players of other things that the factions have to offer.
  5. This looks fantastic. It would be great to see. Can we expect to see abilities where casting in the air will change the animations further and/or the fall after casting affect the ability? And in Rhino's specific case, will he get a better passive, maybe something more aggro based? Heavy Impact just feels like there is no synergy with any of his abilities and is easily replaced with directional ground slam already.
  6. Martial Law: A variation of Sargus Ruk's flamethrower, equipped and modified with a scaled down condenser for thermia, allowing for multiple means of delivering fiery fury - Mode 1 This mode will essentially function like a laser and a pressure cutter like those machines that uses water to cut metal. Thought it will leave stains on the enemy and some parts of the environment. [Before anyone else says it, I KNOW what that community is going to do with this] It will rely on raw power. [I shouldn't have said "raw" ] "A fine cutting stream of small radius, acts like a fine pointed laser." - Mode 2 This particular mode will function as a flamethrower, more focused on status and spraying diluted thermia on everything. [No laughing in the back, you!] The barrel opens up and unleashes an restrained heat of the diluted thermia - Mode 3 This basically becomes something like Iron Man's photon cannon and unleashes a gigantic blast, relies on critical hits and hitting multiple parts of the body. Condenses and purifies the thermia before exhausting all of the heat in one wide blast that drains all of the clip. Cooldown required between each use. Anyway, I cannot be the only person who wants the Ruk's gun. Lemme know what you think.
  7. Wonderful work! Have there been any considerations for improving lock-on methods for melee to improve target tracking especially for future air juggles as many 1v1 battles may benefit from this and boss variations can be more focused on attack patterns that can set them apart from one another.
  8. Literally just got the login issue the minute this announcement was posted 😂
  9. DE, please make the gap-closer attack a guardbreaker!!! It'll be perfect for PvP and PvE enemies that use a guarding stance.
  10. There is a huge problem where people may be in a single clan together, but there is no real extrinsic incentive to be playing together. Do you have any considerations for bonuses for having more people of the same clan in the same squad. And the same kind for being in an alliance?
  11. First of all, my breath was taken away at the prototype preview of Melee. There is so much potential to what they have just created. And I want to give some ideas, that the prototype has just opened the door to, and that is the "Sword Alone". Clash To give a visual idea, I'm going to reference the melee combat system from the Playstation 2 series; Bujingai. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmSWnwjySMk Short explanation; this is where two entities would get into a flow in melee exchanges. One is attacking, and the other is parrying. If the player is the one defending, they can change the flow into their favor by counter-attacking. Adaptation into Warframe The way that the clash can start is the moment that two entities in FULL MELEE strike at one another at the exact same time. The opposing melee combo counters can perhaps be what determines who is attacking, and who is defending. (Or you can leave that to RNG.) In the case of the attacker, all they have to do is mash away until the target is dead. If you are the defender, you’ll have a moment before having to hold your guarding stance and either wait for an opportunity to strike and turn the flow to your favor, or disengage by rolling away. Guard charges This is a new mechanic that needs to be added into melee. While this can easily recharge quickly on its own, it serves as system to make sure players don’t just turtle up during a clash. The guarding stance will have charges that get depleted with each melee strike. Once it is depleted completely, the next strike will break the player/npc’s stance and stagger them for follow up strikes. Field of Combat Once engaged in a clash, both participants will basically be in an orb that wards off gunfire and damage anything and anyone who come into its range, the damage could be based on who is the attacker during the exchange. This was a mechanic that vonmark12 and I thought about. Specific things to note: Ø Regular melee mobs and enemies will always have a low guard charges as well as combo counter for easy domination for clashes Ø Guard charges can vary between weapons, and be moddable since melee will go through a substantial buff Ø Bosses and opposing tenno will most likely have the higher end of guard charges. Ø The potential super mode [Void Trigger, maybe?] DE was talking about can work in such a way that damage is not only increased, but it breaks more guard charges faster in fewer strikes to make it even more key in melee combat. Ø Rolling away from a clash can also serve the purpose of setting up for the player to close the gap to either get a lucky strike, or start another clash in their favor after building up the combo counter from defending. Ø A marker for an opening in a clash (especially against a player character) is that the warframe or weapon flashes a specific color to queue when to attack. (It could also be the player’s warframe/weapon that flashes along with a sound effect that can queue when to attack) These are my thoughts on what the remaining rework for melee should be. If implemented, this can not only make boss battles more exciting and requiring more technique than potshots, but this could potentially serve the improve the PvP experience between players.
  12. Loving the game, and loving the devs. You do such great work. Here are my melee questions. 1. Would you consider adding some kind of special move or combo that we can spend the melee counter on? This is something a lot of horde-slasher games do to increase player satisfaction. These could be attached to different stances or weapons so players can carefully choose what weapons they can bring into battle. 2. Will there be other improvements to enemy interaction with melee? There comes many a time that they just bum-rush players and hit them even when they already have a sword halfway through their bodies. A lot of melee centered games add a short stun or stagger in enemy movement so players can follow up on each attack. Another aspect that horde slashers tend to use is softly grouping enemies together when they are caught by the melee range.
  13. Keep up the good work DE! That being said, there is this bug: Arcane Guardian is no longer triggering.
  14. Thank you so much for your hard work. Warframe has come a long way as an indie Free-to-Play game slowly and surely beginning to contend with the heavy hitters in the industry. Good luck getting the shipping done by this week. Warframe forever!
  15. Ohhhh that explains it. I thought my net was playing tricks on me again.
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