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    Clan Rework

    Seriously, there needs to be an improvement to clans operations and increasing the tools for Warlords and their Officers. Remove timers in dojo rooms and furniture construction. Seriously, it is just useless padding that makes it hard to properly build a structure suited for clans. We're stuck with mazes that we cannot fix because of this. Plat is better off allocated to accelerating research for building weapons, railjacks, and more. Create/Remove Clan Ranks and reassign entry ranks in the hierarchy. Very minimal tools for properly organizing members in case certain privileges need to be limited. Clan Squad bonuses. Right now there is not much benefit to being in a clan besides trading, and even that is obsolete with Maroo's Bazaar. (Which is an atrocity really) So give us a bonus to affinity or loot for having more members in a single squad. That should give players better reasons to socialize. Now for something new: Fleet creation. Clans should be able to create larger scale operations by creating fleets, you can introduce new maps and places this way for collecting say new avionics or mods instead of only relying on RNG. This can later on be used for dominating dark sectors if DE plans to reopen them at some point.
  2. I'd like to figure it out on my own, kinda the point of playing the game. In the mean time, I'd like to avoid physical harm and hardware damage.
  3. I really hope it does. I intend to play the game as normal as possible and just no Mashing. Thankfully I just use a Rhino. Sooooo maybe less chance of being flagged that way?
  4. I would like to, I really do. But that tends to leave me prone to... well... dying (or losing an objective) so not exactly a universal option unless I have to avoid certain content.
  5. I swear this is so not helpful... I wish DE could maybe provide their own macro so players can't wreck their hardware
  6. Hello fellas. I need some help. Lately mashing the E button for melee and repeatedly clicking the main fire button has gotten unhealthy for my fingers... and laptop/mouse as well. I really want to use a simple Macro to alleviate this issue, but I am very much scared of being banned from Warframe. Any advice or does anyone know a safe macro that can be used for warframe?
  7. Any chance we can meet the curator of the Leverian? A disembodied voice seems really lackluster for something meant to explain historical accounts of the legendary warframes. Any chance it can be a way to create a codex 2.0 which contain video tutorials or a guided tutorial for certain functions.
  8. "I AM GROOT!" Sorry, I had to do it. I couldn't resist 😭
  9. Over the years, I've seen warframes that have great emphasis on shields, health, armor, and other buffs. This got me thinking, why not also have a warframe that is all about ammunition and guns. Mesa represents one side of the gun-slinging arts. This particular warframe represents the other. Raw firepower. Bullet-hell. A warframe that can also provide significant ammo restoration for himself and his team. This emphasizes completely on the gunplay mechanics of the game for those trigger-happy players. Also, the ammo restores don't really seem to scale well with every gun that we have. And I'm strictly speaking for the bullet-hose type weapons. So the concept I'm presenting is the warframe: Vulcan. I thought him up as an early design of warframe that seemed more practical for the Orokin to use and quickly deploy. While he is also a ninja with high mobility (In comparison to everything else that is not a warframe), ninjas have been fonder of firearms more than anything else historically. It would be amazing to have a warframe that primarily caters to using guns, machineguns. The idea is that Vulcan is a mid-armor if not low armor, onslaught that specializes in supporting a firing squad and dealing the most amount of hurt he can. However, the idea is that he is somewhat of a glass canon. This should prompt teammates to protect him as best as they can as he mows down the opposition. As a solo player, one must keep in mind to keep the frame hidden, or protected with all the arsenal available. Appearance concept: I imagine his general appearance would be on the heavier side with a chestplate or maybe full of mechanical holsters. One distinct feature he could have is that he has a mechanical shield that can deploy into his very own Exalted Archgun called: "Humming Bird" for it is a gatling gun that spools up fire rate until all you could hear is humming. As for his abilities here are a few that I have in mind. Passive Ability: "Bullet Belt" Every gun that Vulcan wields out uses the entire maximum ammo as a single clip, removing the need to reload. There could be a graphic of belts of ammunition coming out of his backpack or belts filled with bullets attaching to the gun drawn. Ability One: "Care Package" - Vulcan essentially drops down a box of omni ammo. Fellow Tenno can interact with this box and fill their ammunition either halfway or whole. The box can be redeployed wherever Vulcan chooses too when recasting Ability Two: Sights Lock - All friendlies' firearms gain 100% accuracy at the cast of this ability. This is indicated with laser sights suddenly appearing whenever the players aim down their sights. Bullets do not stray horizontally from wherever they are aiming even with multi-shot. However, weapons with trajectory like grenade launchers will still maintain their vertical variance. Ability Three: Shock and Awe" - Vaulcan Unleashes a salvo of mini-missiles. Holding the ability will allow him to lock on to as many enemies as possible. More targets will mean more missiles, which would spend more of his energy. Ability Four: "Absolution" - Much like Excalibur's Exalted blade, Vulcan can channel his Gatling Archgun. This minigun is essentially turns Vulcan into a dangerous turret. Now perhaps taking notes from Mesa or from Ivara, this can limit Vulcan's movements as he uses this ability as it is a unique and powerful Archgun. The weapon itself is not only basing it's ammunition on his energy, but each bullet coming out of it creates a small explosion much like the Acceltra, letting Vulcan excel as overwatch for all of his teammates. Hope you guys like the idea and tell me what you think.
  10. My biggest nitpick is on why is it we cannot get a numerical value on how many mummers do we need per requiem clue? For some people it becomes really obscure how many is actually needed and what their progress is. It often gives a sense of tedium and people tend to just put off doing the missions and even as far as leaving the liches alone in level one to contain the inconvenience of them stealing your loot.
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