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  1. Whoops. On another note, have there been any progress to Clans an how to better incentive using the system. There are a few things I want to touch on: - Clan Hierarchy Creation: When Railjack comes out, some Warlords will want to identify the best helmsmen in their clans. Having Hierarchies with descriptions will really help define and build upon clans more. - Better clan screens. It's hard to post clan activities, or contests without having to create a page that needs us to leave the game to view. - Clan-bonuses. To get more participation, for clans to do things together; it would be great if the leaders and warlords can research and implement ongoing bonuses such as more affinity/resource yield for more clan/alliance members in the squad.
  2. There should also be some abilities that get a bonus to slam casting depending on your starting altitude
  3. Wonderful work! > Besides the Jovian Concord, what else are the teams working on to follow up on? > Have there been any plans that will reveal the use of this "moral" compass that we have had since the War Within? > Have there been any plans on how to improve the clan systems further? There does not seem to be any incentive for people within the clans to be working together. In fact, having a bigger clan only seems to be a detriment to players. > Are there any plans or even guesses for further use of the infested chair in the orbiter besides a short trip to the dermatologist? > Will there be newer or stronger turret types that will also be coming up? They're uses have been explored a little more in the Plains of Eidolon. Can we expect more of it to be added for more puzzle mechanics?
  4. Amazing as always. Quick question, now that groundslam and slam-casting is a thing, will there be a change to Rhino's passive? Heavy Impact just isn't relevant now that stronger and more effective maneuvers have become fundamental actions.
  5. This looks fantastic. It would be great to see. Can we expect to see abilities where casting in the air will change the animations further and/or the fall after casting affect the ability? And in Rhino's specific case, will he get a better passive, maybe something more aggro based? Heavy Impact just feels like there is no synergy with any of his abilities and is easily replaced with directional ground slam already.
  6. Wonderful work! Have there been any considerations for improving lock-on methods for melee to improve target tracking especially for future air juggles as many 1v1 battles may benefit from this and boss variations can be more focused on attack patterns that can set them apart from one another.
  7. Literally just got the login issue the minute this announcement was posted 😂
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