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  1. Still no fix for: Profit-Taker fight being so bugged it's nearly unplayable. I've had so many bugs in this fight that I don't experience in other missions. Bugs like the archgun refusing to equip/unequip, gun switching not working properly, secondary not working while in bleedout, using a revive not giving sentinel regen again, so it just dies instantly and is gone for good (this one does happen in other missions and it's bloody infuriating!), archwing/k-drive refusing to deploy (gives an error message, something like "unable to deploy vehicle"), forcing me to run back to Fortuna on foot (also infuriating), loot from profit-taker doesn't have waypoint markers or icons of any kind, so it's impossible to tell where they are, transference not working, or just lagging so bad that it effectively doesn't work most of the time, damage to profit-taker not applying correctly (for instance, the matching damage type doesn't do anything while that icon is up, but once it switches, then it works, and the new one doesn't work), switching damage types by hitting it with your amp doesn't work a lot of the time, forcing you to keep shooting it until it finally does, and then sometimes it just switches twice. I could go on, but these are the main ones I could think of just off the top of my head. This battle is so messy and unfun, and it makes it worse that this seems to be the only way to get the bloodshed sigil (at a pathetic 1%, mind you), despite us being told that it would be given to us during a future operation (another lie that makes us lose faith in DE). The exploiter orb fight was so well done that it really makes me wish I could farm THAT for the sigil instead, because this one is just badly executed, and has been all but forgotten by DE. Please, give this fight a much needed revisit and fix it so we can actually enjoy playing it.
  2. Still no fix for: Randomly getting kicked from a squad into a solo mission. This is REALLY getting annoying. It's happened to me 3 times just today in only a few hours of play. Seriously, fix your S#&$, PLEASE!
  3. Could you please, please, PLEASE for the love of God nerf The Wolf! We just took around 20-30min to kill him. It's frickin' ridiculous! Since this is a limited timed event, it's insane to expect people to defeat him MULTIPLE times to build his weapon, when his spawn chance is random, and it is SO hard to kill him. I ended up running out of ammo on a weapon with a huge ammo maximum, and had to use like 5 ammo restores. Oh, and I was using a dps build of Mirage with a high dps weapon with mostly physical and crit damage. The fact that he's immune to status effects is alone ridiculous, but there is no way to prepare a build to fight him since his spawn is random, and any build designed to fight him is not going to work for everything else. It's just absurd, please do something about this. It's not a fun fight, it's just frustrating and tedious.
  4. Pretty sure I didn't put my lockpin here...(I put it at the entrance/exit to Cetus)...it's currently out of bounds about 890m from where I put it. Please fix this.
  5. Still no fix for: Hildryn's Aegis Storm blocks use of Balefire, unless it was activated BEFORE Aegis Storm was activated. This is really weird and inconvenient, especially since no other weapon can be used while Aegis Storm is active. It would make sense for Balefire to be activated automatically when Aegis Storm is activated, especially since Balefire has no channeling cost, only on a per shot basis. It would be cool if activating Aegis Storm would wave the activation cost of Balefire, but I suppose it isn't necessary. At the very least though, we should be able to activate Balefire after Aegis Storm is activated. Hildryn can't jump if a Balefire shot is charging/charged. This is really weird considering every other chargeable weapon (to my knowledge) still allows jumping. There are situations where a small wall or rock will block the line of sight to an enemy, but instead of just jumping and then firing, I have to either waste the shot, or move around the obstacle to get a line of sight again. This is just irritating and ridiculous.
  6. Still no fix for: Please, Please, PLEASE give us a way to skip the dialog at the beginning of the profit-taker bounties. I've had to listen to the phase 1 dialog to completion THREE TIMES because the mission bugged out and I failed before finishing it. This is NOT a good first impression of this update...
  7. Still no fix for: Can you guys add an invulnerability period on companions after they are revived? I can't count how many times I've revived my moa only for it to IMMEDIATELY be one-shot by an enemy, and it starts a vicious, non-ending cycle of me trying to revive it and then jump into archwing before it dies so that I can get away. It's ridiculously annoying. Sentinels already have an invulnerability period after they are revived by the regen mod, and warframes have an invulnerability period after being revived, so why can't companions have the same thing?
  8. Please adjust the requirements for building Garuda...it's ridiculous to have to get to rank 4 to get the required gem blueprints, which will take a minimum of 11 total to build Garuda, which is insane. This is now the MOST grindy frame in the game by a long shot. Even if you brought the requirements down to rank 3 it would at least be bearable. Would be nice if the daily standing cap got raised though, but that isn't the only issue with the grind. Also, standing for k-drive races is busted. I haven't gotten any standing from completing races, even though it says I do, and I have not hit the daily cap. Leveling with the vent-kids is SO SLOW! Thank you for the update, it is really fun, it just needs some tweaks. I've never felt a push to buy a warframe to be so strong as it is with Garuda. The requirements are just too crazy. I have everything I need to build her except the blueprint to build the tier 4 gem, which I won't be able to get for another 3 days SOLELY because of the daily standing cap, which is ridiculous. I saw an alert for Garuda's alt helmet blueprint show up today, so I did it, and I can build it before I even have Garuda...how stupid is that?
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