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  1. Thanks for the continued support. One thing I'd like to request is a command, similar to "/unstuck", but to reset your character just like when reviving but without using a revive. There are so many situations where the ability to use abilities, attack/shoot, switch to operator/archwing/necramech, etc get disabled, leaving you to run around aimlessly unable to help whatsoever until you can find a way to get yourself killed. I once got stuck in operator mode, unable to attack or switch back to my warframe, unable to use the fast travel to the surface of deimos, and enemies wouldn't attack
  2. Just got told by chat that "Energy Conversion" is not a valid linkable item. Last time I checked, it's a mod that exists that I have equipped, so why isn't it linkable?
  3. Matchmaking needs to be adjusted. I keep playing games where one team is winning by a landslide, and then someone else joins, and they get put on the winning team. It's not fair, and I was even on the winning team some of the time. The new player should either get put on the losing team, or they should only be able to spectate until another player joins so that the teams stay balanced. Also, it would be really nice if we could choose to wait in the lobby for longer to get bigger teams. I'm getting tired of joining matches where one team has 1 person and the other has 2 just because we can't wa
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