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  1. Thanks for the continued support.

    One thing I'd like to request is a command, similar to "/unstuck", but to reset your character just like when reviving but without using a revive. There are so many situations where the ability to use abilities, attack/shoot, switch to operator/archwing/necramech, etc get disabled, leaving you to run around aimlessly unable to help whatsoever until you can find a way to get yourself killed. I once got stuck in operator mode, unable to attack or switch back to my warframe, unable to use the fast travel to the surface of deimos, and enemies wouldn't attack me, so I had to manually travel to the surface and run to the edge of the map to jump off, just to reset my character so I could do literally anything. These kinds of bugs are infuriating, and I understand that it's hard to squash all of them, but we REALLY need the ability to deal with them when the situation occurs, and since dying and reviving is generally the solution to most of these situations, it seems to me that a good catch-all solution is to give us a "kill yourself" option without actually wasting a revive. Having one of these bugs crop up in the first round of an Isolation Vault is a major issue, considering our limited revives. Being forced to use one just to correct a bug is a big problem and literally game breaking in some situations.

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  2. Still no fix for:

    Profit-Taker fight being so bugged it's nearly unplayable. I've had so many bugs in this fight that I don't experience in other missions. Bugs like the archgun refusing to equip/unequip, gun switching not working properly, secondary not working while in bleedout, using a revive not giving sentinel regen again, so it just dies instantly and is gone for good (this one does happen in other missions and it's bloody infuriating!), archwing/k-drive refusing to deploy (gives an error message, something like "unable to deploy vehicle"), forcing me to run back to Fortuna on foot (also infuriating), loot from profit-taker doesn't have waypoint markers or icons of any kind, so it's impossible to tell where they are, transference not working, or just lagging so bad that it effectively doesn't work most of the time, damage to profit-taker not applying correctly (for instance, the matching damage type doesn't do anything while that icon is up, but once it switches, then it works, and the new one doesn't work), switching damage types by hitting it with your amp doesn't work a lot of the time, forcing you to keep shooting it until it finally does, and then sometimes it just switches twice. I could go on, but these are the main ones I could think of just off the top of my head. This battle is so messy and unfun, and it makes it worse that this seems to be the only way to get the bloodshed sigil (at a pathetic 1%, mind you), despite us being told that it would be given to us during a future operation (another lie that makes us lose faith in DE). The exploiter orb fight was so well done that it really makes me wish I could farm THAT for the sigil instead, because this one is just badly executed, and has been all but forgotten by DE. Please, give this fight a much needed revisit and fix it so we can actually enjoy playing it.


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  3. Could you please, please, PLEASE for the love of God nerf The Wolf! We just took around 20-30min to kill him. It's frickin' ridiculous! Since this is a limited timed event, it's insane to expect people to defeat him MULTIPLE times to build his weapon, when his spawn chance is random, and it is SO hard to kill him. I ended up running out of ammo on a weapon with a huge ammo maximum, and had to use like 5 ammo restores. Oh, and I was using a dps build of Mirage with a high dps weapon with mostly physical and crit damage. The fact that he's immune to status effects is alone ridiculous, but there is no way to prepare a build to fight him since his spawn is random, and any build designed to fight him is not going to work for everything else. It's just absurd, please do something about this. It's not a fun fight, it's just frustrating and tedious.

  4. Still no fix for:

    Hildryn's Aegis Storm blocks use of Balefire, unless it was activated BEFORE Aegis Storm was activated. This is really weird and inconvenient, especially since no other weapon can be used while Aegis Storm is active. It would make sense for Balefire to be activated automatically when Aegis Storm is activated, especially since Balefire has no channeling cost, only on a per shot basis. It would be cool if activating Aegis Storm would wave the activation cost of Balefire, but I suppose it isn't necessary. At the very least though, we should be able to activate Balefire after Aegis Storm is activated.

    Hildryn can't jump if a Balefire shot is charging/charged. This is really weird considering every other chargeable weapon (to my knowledge) still allows jumping. There are situations where a small wall or rock will block the line of sight to an enemy, but instead of just jumping and then firing, I have to either waste the shot, or move around the obstacle to get a line of sight again. This is just irritating and ridiculous.

  5. Still no fix for:

    Please, Please, PLEASE give us a way to skip the dialog at the beginning of the profit-taker bounties. I've had to listen to the phase 1 dialog to completion THREE TIMES because the mission bugged out and I failed before finishing it. This is NOT a good first impression of this update...

  6. Still no fix for:

    Can you guys add an invulnerability period on companions after they are revived? I can't count how many times I've revived my moa only for it to IMMEDIATELY be one-shot by an enemy, and it starts a vicious, non-ending cycle of me trying to revive it and then jump into archwing before it dies so that I can get away. It's ridiculously annoying. Sentinels already have an invulnerability period after they are revived by the regen mod, and warframes have an invulnerability period after being revived, so why can't companions have the same thing?

  7. Please adjust the requirements for building Garuda...it's ridiculous to have to get to rank 4 to get the required gem blueprints, which will take a minimum of 11 total to build Garuda, which is insane. This is now the MOST grindy frame in the game by a long shot. Even if you brought the requirements down to rank 3 it would at least be bearable. Would be nice if the daily standing cap got raised though, but that isn't the only issue with the grind. Also, standing for k-drive races is busted. I haven't gotten any standing from completing races, even though it says I do, and I have not hit the daily cap. Leveling with the vent-kids is SO SLOW!

    Thank you for the update, it is really fun, it just needs some tweaks. I've never felt a push to buy a warframe to be so strong as it is with Garuda. The requirements are just too crazy. I have everything I need to build her except the blueprint to build the tier 4 gem, which I won't be able to get for another 3 days SOLELY because of the daily standing cap, which is ridiculous. I saw an alert for Garuda's alt helmet blueprint show up today, so I did it, and I can build it before I even have Garuda...how stupid is that?

  8. 10 hours ago, jjmitch87 said:

    i feel like this update screwed me. specifically, the login rewards changes. i love that it was getting changed, was 100% all for it. couldnt find any estimated date besides "soon."

    backstory: im a founder from like 5 years ago that stopped playing (which was a mistake but hindsight is always 20/20) and came back earlier this year.

    last week, as my login days were approaching the 100 mark, i frantically searched for when the change would happen, because i was comfortable not logging in for a few days if the update would happen so i could choose the weapon for the 100 day mark instead of get a pistol i really didnt want and wont use. i found nothing besides "soon." i know that an exact date is really a hard thing to do, but even an estimate would have been great. (i play a lot of 7 days to die, and alpha 17 has been "soon" since like february this year, but thats not an MMO game and totally different). so wednesday or thursday, i get my milestone. get the pistol. and then friday the update happens. so, at least in the terms of the weapons, the changes to daily tribute never happened, because i wont get the one i want until day 300 regardless. the ONLY thing i wanted from all of the login rewards, is essentially 198 days away now. i would have waited and not logged in for a couple days if i knew when the update was coming. im sure im not the only one this has happened to, but im sure the number of us is also small. no NPC to trade one unused weapon for another. no way to go backwards a couple login days. i think that whole thing is really awful, but i also think im in the severe minority and nothing will be done about it.

    i decided im not logging in for another 6+ months for the choice. ive enjoyed my time playing warframe, a few weeks ago i was playing 80+ hours a week on top of having a family and a full time job but this is the nail in the coffin for me. its time to move on.

    So I take it you haven't looked in the forums, looked on their twitter, watched any devstreams, etc as it's been quite clearly when this update was going to come out. Two weeks ago they said it would be with a couple weeks, and then last week they said it would come this week. A couple days ago they said they were shooting for a Thursday release, and then update to tell us it was coming Friday. In other words, the information was freely available, you just didn't take the time to look for it, so it's kinda your own fault. I do, however, think it's ridiculous that you've decided to quit the game altogether because of...login rewards. Seriously, none of them are worth anything more than mastery fodder. They're nice to have, but by no means necessary, and definitely not worth quitting the game over. But whatever, your choice.

  9. Alright, so arbitrations are a good idea, but I have one MAJOR issue with them so far...those stupid little drones that make enemies completely invulnerable are just dumb. Nullifiers are annoying, but we can tell where they are based on the bubble. These drones though can hide really easily on certain tilesets because 1) they're super small, and 2) there is no visual indicator as to their location like nullifiers have. Please either remove these annoying ba$tards completely or give us an easier way to find them. I've lost one and nearly lost another simply because I couldn't find the stupid drone that was making the enemies around me invulnerable and were thus freely killing me while I was frantically running around helpless.

  10. Still no fix for: Archwing controls are seriously messed up. Afterburner/boost doesn't work, and neither does roll right (though roll left works fine). No idea what you guys did or when you broke it, but please look over it and fix it, it's nearly unplayable.

  11. You guys broke something when you "fixed" the Icarius Syandana...it now doesn't animate at all. It's just locked in a neutral pose and does nothing. It looks really bad, please fix this. It's my new favorite syandana, but if it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm gonna have to swap it out for something else, and I really don't want to do that.

  12. Just now, Kromatia said:

    Except that brawler weapons have different animations and hitboxes associated with them compared to the claws. So what if his signature weapon was the hirudo? Are you saying they can't explore other options of melee weapons when they release deluxe skins? Do the melee skins have to ALWAYS work on "signature" weapons? That seems kind of limiting.

    You're talking about a game where melee weapons can hit enemies even if the model doesn't actually make contact, like when reach is equipped, so I really don't think hitboxes make a difference, and animations also don't make a difference because the animation is all in the Warframe, the weapon is just attached to the fists. And no, the skins dokn't ALWAYS have to work on signature weapons, but it seemed like that's what they were going for with this considering his signature weapon looks like a claw type weapon, and this is a claw skin, so it would make sense that it would work on it.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Kromatia said:

    It's very obviously a claw skin and would not work very well as a brawler weapon. If you want to use it, you will use it. If not, then move on to the next skin.

    The Hirudo looks like a claw type weapon, as do a number of the brawler type weapons. I don't see any reason why the skin wouldn't work on it and others. The point being though that the Hirudo came out with Nidus and was basically his signature melee weapon, so this skin that comes with the Nidus Deluxe should work on his signature weapon.

  14. 30 minutes ago, reverb6 said:

    DE, can I like... have my 375 platinum back, please?

    So, I was opening the new Nidus Deluxe skin bundle which has several skins, right? I saw a claw skin, was it called Deimos Claw skin or something? I forgot... so I opened my text or chat message and I was linking the skin on the chat, usually to send the text you press "enter" right? Well.. I pressed "enter" and the game BOUGHT the bundle for me as well as sending the linked text on the chat box...

    C'mon now, can't this simple thing be fixed or something??? Now I lost some platinums and got a skin that I don't even know if I would like it or not... Would there be any explanation???

    There was not a thing that stopped the confirmation of purchasing the Nidus skin Bundle when I pressed "enter" to send my message to the chat box... I am now in between of furious and confusion... please, do something about this...


    best regards, reverb6.

    Send them a support ticket.

  15. Something is wrong with the Deimos claw skin. First of all, it be made to work on all brawler weapons? First, claws, etc? Because currently there are only 2 (3 if you count the prime and normal variants as different weapons) weapons this can be used on, and that doesn't include the Hirudo, which came out WITH NIDUS! As for the actual bug though, the claws seem to be rotated 90 degrees from what they should be. Please fix this...they look stupid like this.

  16. Still no fix for:

    TAA Sharpening creating a weird black outline around things. This happens mostly to objects that are glowing, but it happens to other things too and it looks really bad. This didn't used to be an issue either, it was introduced with The Sacrifice.

  17. Still no fix for:

    Since you're going through Prime Sigils, could you have a look at the 3 assassin sigils (Stalker, Zanuka, Grustrag)? They have looked really low res on the emblem part of it basically since they were released and it would be nice if we could get higher res versions of them. They still look pretty good, but would look way better if they weren't so aliased. Please! The Zanuka one is one of my favorite sigils and I hate that it's full potential has not been realized.

  18. 6 hours ago, twinsdid9.11 said:

    DO YOU EVEN TAKE SOME ACTION OR WE JUST HERE MOAMING LIKE  KIDS... PAY ATTENTION TO BUG REPORTS OK. 2nd day since i have this bug after getting back on ship part "the conclusion" is bugged when i must receive rewards for completing quest the "sacrifice" screen goes GREY and says Please, WAIT ... 2nd day already its not a joke cant play WARFRAME. DO SOMETHING

    Here's a tip: instead of being an a$$hole, maybe realize that you aren't the only one reporting issues and DE has a LOT to deal with. Also, forums are best for bugs that aren't game breaking or can be worked around. If you have an issue that is actually stopping you from playing the game or progressing, then that's where you should file a support ticket. Forums do get looked at, but they have a lot to sift through to find your one little problem. The PC version of Warframe is basically a public Beta, so bugs are going to happen and you aren't always going to get an immediate fix.

  19. Still no fix for:

    A couple visual issues I've noticed have been around for a while with no fix, and it would be nice if they could get some attention.

    Operator hair is see-through from certain angles and looks really dumb. It's more obvious with certain hairstyles, but it's definitely an issue with all hair. See the screenshot below. You can see bits that are toward the front of the head through all the rest from the back. It's more obvious when it's in motion, but you should still see what I mean with the screenshot.


    Spoiler for the next couple as they feature Umbra.



    Many energy effects get "blocked" by your Warframe, so they disappear if the effect lines up with the body of the Warframe, which looks really bad. See the below two examples. The first shows Umbra's exalted blade out in front of him, but the wispy energy effect is shown behind his shoulder instead of in front with the blade itself. The second is another example with the Invati Sekhara emblem where the energy orb thingy in the middle is completely missing whenever the Warframe's body lines up with it. You can see the different with the two, where the left shoulder (his left) has the energy orb, but the right shoulder is missing the energy orb, and both shoulders have the Invati Sekhara on them.





  20. While I was playing The Sacrifice quest, I noticed an odd visual anomaly I hadn't before. Lots of things in the game world, on the liset, etc, had a weird black outline similar to how borderlands looks, but much more subtle and less consistent. I finally did some digging into the settings as I had a hunch and it turns out that having TAA Sharpening completely off removes this weird outline, and having it all the way up makes it more obvious. I've attached two screenshots below. First one is with TAA Sharpening completely off, second is with it completely on. Pay close attention to all the glowy bits in the background and on my Tenno's visor. Again, this was not an issue pre-The Sacrifice, it only showed up after the update.


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