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  1. From what I have noticed so far, animals do not die if an enemy depletes their health bar. However the player can still kill them, even in their downed stated. Be careful will landing with a slide or using a bullet jump near them. I have managed to accidentally kill the infested dog and cat by landing onto them with a slide. Edit* Something else I want to add on. If you hear beeping, and you are having trouble finding where the creature is because orange glowing highlight on... an orange glowing background can be hard to see. Try looking at your minimap with some form of enemy radar on. Cr
  2. After playing around a bit last night definately say finding animals in the wild is the strat. Sometimes rng will cuck you and nothing will spawn for a while. In that down time, I will do the track mini games. Otherwise, get in an archwing, and ADS with your track as you hover around. Circle the perimeter, your tranq gun will highlight animals from far away. I forget the actual distance, but it is far enough that you dont need to stay aiming, just scan around, then move onto the next patch. **Always quickly scope out infested you find that are walking around. The ones that have projectiles
  3. Good job cutting out the rest of the sentence. Your ability to pick and choose what you want to hear only cements how worthless your words are.
  4. Anecdotal: not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.
  5. Last time I checked, it was not mandatory to get every single gun and every single warframe to play the game, much less the open world specific frames and weapons. You are able to complete everything Warframe has to offer with your starting frame & weapons easily gotten from clan & market. Aren't missing anything that is world breaking experience by ignoring planet side. Should you want to skip the content and get the weapons & warframes, then buying with platinum (which is relatively easy to acquire for free) is an option. And according to surbusken's post history, they are not op
  6. Imagine not having any sort of self control and playing a game until you literally have a mental break down in some random server. Nothing ever on the open world planets was mandatory for the core game. A simple google search would have resolved this misinformation. In fact, it is a very big problem that new updates are creating content that has no actual affect on the core game. And now you are posting an irrelevant rant on someone else's thread that is just clearing up some facts with animal conservation. No one is holding you at gunpoint to do open worlds. Go get some sun.
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