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  1. Had a similar issue last night, however dying and reviving fixed it. Didnt think anything of it other than random warframe spaghetti code. Also your links dont work
  2. This has been a known bug for the past year and still not fixed.
  3. Is it the intention that the resource forge can increase the capacity of your munitions, dome charges, revolite and even your max Hull? The increases persist between missions and even when you go back to dojo and exit the game. They seemingly do not have a cap? Before Forging After Forging - Note the Increased Hull, Dome Charges & Munitions.
  4. Had the same issue in January. Has been a bug that has been around since Deimos release and seems still not fixed
  5. Warframe becoming locked up during fishing, still a persistent bug since Deimos release. Just fishing normally. Go to spear a fish, spear somehow misses, Warframe goes to jail. Not able to swap gears, access operator, quick melee, cycle weapons. Unable to test if death resets as this is Ivara with Max Efficiency and Primed Flow
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