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  1. bounty since steel path one give u around 100 mother token , each of them is 100 rep .
  2. i ll take blood altar since u can stack them 3 time compared to trinity heal and it s a mobility ablility
  3. fastest way i found to lvling is stealth extermination if ur warframe allow it since u add the steathl affinity multiplicator ( steel path adaro is great for that / or railjack mission with the commander spawn) hydron / helene are great because they have only 1 layout wich is one of the smallest (around 50-60 m radius ). other way are sanctuary onslaugth if u have teamate who can kill fast enougth. back in years, we used to run interception with 1% between us and the enemy decoded message rate .
  4. i don t know about console, but on pc, we have a option that allow the interract action ( finisher / console ... ) to do a reload action . In some case if u use that option , u end up reloading instead of interracting .
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