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  1. i think no one does that boss with the express purpose of getting radiant relics.My question was for informational purposes . Anyway i see nothing wrong with those like me and you who play it daily ,what harm is there to hoarding relics already radians. last time I had put aside 50 neo and 50 radiant axi and maybe they suck to you but honestly I don't see why one can't do it. And especially, this game is also about passively obtaining useful resources by doing what you like best
  2. yep u get a bounty reward when u kill him ... then u need to restart from fortuna
  3. today I noticed that the profit taker no longer gives you the neo radiant relic as a reward but rather intact ... yet I remember well before I stop playing that this boss gave both the axi and the neo radiant relic as a reward ... I know that many don't like to farm that boss but at the same time I find it unfair that, for those like me who enjoy doing it, it is no longer possible to get some radiant mole to set aside. What I would like to know is if I missed something or is it an unsolved error Please don t be toxic and sorry for my bad english 🥰
  4. Are u guys all using [primed fever strike] to achieve that amount of toxin damage?
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