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  1. I have said it before, and will keep saying it. Anyone who makes these posts deserves a week of not being allowed to post on the forums.
  2. Xirka

    Volt: Armor

    No. Volt does not need armor to be viable. If you think he does, you are simply using him wrong.
  3. Use the settings button on the launcher to check your game files. Or if you are using the Steam version you can do it through there.
  4. I, I dont know what to say here.... Carry on I guess.
  5. You can always choose to spite those who have wronged you.
  6. Life can have meaning, even if there is no intrinsic meaning to it all. What drives you forward? That can be the meaning for you. For me, it is SPITE!
  7. A true nihilist would not make this post, there would be no point in doing so.
  8. 8pm est. You will not be obligated to do really anything, just try to help when you can. We dont kick for no reason, inactivity isnt even a reason yo kick unless you have been gone for a really long time, like 6 months ... then it is still a maybe. If you tell us you will be gone a long time, you will be left in for longer.
  9. I'll be on this evening. I'll invite you to my clan and toss you a few mods you need. We will get you set up. Only thing in ask for is help 9thers in the clan of they ask and you are able. We are small, and not all of us are very active, so you not playing a ton will be fine.
  10. How about you go read the instructions?
  11. If you dont like it, use the hide option.
  12. Maybe you can find something on YouTube if you just want to see the missions again. I'm sure there are videos of people doing them that would give you what you want.
  13. If you think the frame is limited by its aura polarity, forma it live everyone else. No need to keep making the same post saying it should be unpolorized. The idea is bad, and you should let it go.
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