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  1. I just pop mesmer skin, then his 4, keep moving and recast mesmwr as needed. Takes them down pretty quickly. I'm built for as many hits on Mesmer skin as I can get to do this.
  2. Maybe do what I do when working or out of town during a stream and do it from your phone, or a tablet of some sort? I've left my phone charging while I worked or slept to get stuff before....
  3. Revenant can take them out pretty easily.
  4. Just need a mutagen bp, and antigen bp. then tranq any infested dog/cat things you see when you are out and about. Bank the tokens.
  5. You just need the cheapest ones, buy for standing, and use fish parts/ collectable resources to craft.
  6. You can obtain son tokens by crafting the new pets and selling them back to him. 10 each.
  7. It is a bug. You can try a few times, and see if it resolves itself, or wait on the hotfix that will probably be in the morning.
  8. Fass residue used for crafting Antigens shows a picture of Otaks token, and is not the same item obtained in the world. This makes those items uncraftable.
  9. Xirka


    You need to file a support ticket, no one here can help you.
  10. Have the Hydroid, still no gun. Any updates?
  11. Got my Hydroid Prime, still waiting on the Athodai....
  12. Some of us have not gotten either yet.
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