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  1. I like what you've done with Vauban but I really think his armor buff from bastille need a large buff to duration. at a base of 10 seconds it is a huge pain to maintain, even with my build running over 250% efficiency. As many others in this thread have mentioned, Vauban is very energy hungry and you'll often find yourself unable to get the energy required to cast a new bastille to refresh your armor buff, and when you do get a bastille off, it can take a while to rebuild the armor value since your squad tends to shred all the enemies that are being drained. I think it should have more parity with wisps buff duration which has a base of 30 second. as it stands, Vauban is forced to sit in his bastille in high level play and micromanage timers which is not nearly as fun and only viable in stationary levels like defense.
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