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  1. Overall I like the change of pace that combining railjack missions with normal missions but the time waiting between them is my biggest annoyance. Every mission there is at least one person who won't come to final objective so your left sitting around waiting for the 30 second timer to end, which is on top of the often significant time it can take for a second party member to get to objective. The pacing just feels jarring. I think at the least the timer needs to be shortened to 10 seconds and possibly start counting down once a single person has reached the objective. As it stands I see r
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: In elite sanctuary onslaught, if zephyr tailwinds into the portal she shows up on the new tileset stuck in the divebomb animation and cannot do anything until enemies down her REPRODUCTION: use tailwind into elite sanctuary onslaught portal EXPECTED RESULT: should have reset animation and continued on with mission OBSERVED RESULT: stuck in divebomb animation until killed while being unable to act REPRODUCTION RATE: occurs every time i try it
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