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  1. I really enjoyed sniper rifles becoming a viable play-style outside of eidolon farming with the introduction of marked for death. Enjoyed it so much I even went so far as buying primed chamber and re-rolling my vectis riven 160 times.... This has been a tough year for me and warframe. The past years changes have killed off the viability of my favorite frame (night form equinox) and many of my favorite weapons (ferrox/ zenistar) but this one finally wore me down, and for the first time since I began playing in 2014, I've uninstalled warframe.
  2. I can't decide what frames I want to subsume. The problem i run into is that i don't actually have any subsumed abilities that I particularly want on my frames. When the abilities were announced I naturally picked those abilities that were reduced as DE's internal testers did as well and it got me thinking. I looked at all my frames and noticed that the vast majority of them are Duration and Strength aligned, with a couple being primarily ranged and a couple others being balanced, Looking at the abilities that got nerfed, you see that they are made for Strength/duration warframes. Meanwhi
  3. We really need Scintillant orbs to spawn more often. I've spent at least 12 hours running vaults already and seen it spawn twice. It is so frustrating
  4. I found one earlier that was just sitting in a high place and just walking into it game me the drop. Now after a few more empty vaults I found another but no matter what I do this one won't give me a drop. Also this one looks different from the one in seen earlier in the post. Wonder if there are different types with different unlock conditions.. edit, not sure what changed but after 5 minutes of using everything weapon and operator skill I have it finally dropped for me. frustrating
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