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  1. I'm literally keeping the two I have from both seasons as if I'm building a collection of them
  2. Dunno if someone asked this the second time already but how will you use the only umbra forma of season 2? Will you just keep it or use it on one build, or just slap it to either grendel or gauss when they come out for no reason at all?
  3. Of course, but as the man of culture that I am I thought that it also had some similarities with the Halo 4 flood, and found weird that noone spoke about this
  4. Same goes for hyldrin, who got 3 toes. Same for inaros, 4 toes each, and the list goes on and on.
  5. Man, I must go to an oculist now. Seriously though, I checked the skin from the market, specifically the right foot since it was more visible, needless to say I was wrong about it.
  6. I've double checked before posting, there's no 5th toe, dunno if it's your pc's graphic's card that's pranking you into thinking they're five.
  7. Alright, I'll just do a quick update on what I play since I was in a hurry when I was here previously. I consider myself a man of wealth and taste, these are all the games I play when I've got free time on my hands and when I want to in the first place: I've got some of the old C&C games, including 3 and KW, we don't talk about the 4th. Black mesa, I'm waiting for my pc to download the xen beta rn. Apex legends isn't that bad, although I had to leave the game because of nightwave. I have all of the half-life games, 1 and episode 3 excluded lol. Recently I tried out MGS1 and 2, the pc ports I mean. Every HD and classic serious sam. L4D2, although I don't play it anymore. Rising Storm 2 is cool too. SC2. Tf2...Amen to the dead economy. The division 2, although it's a pain in the a- to continue. I also have the first two dawn of war games, the 3rd is pretty bad.
  8. I agree with you, although I had to simplify this fashion frame because it's the character in question that demands it. I've actually been too overzealous with the colours, like for the tertiary of Mesa, instead of going black to give more detail I could have went on and just select a desaturated yellow from gamma, similarly to primary, due to the simplicity of the character.
  9. As far as I know the colonization of the Tau system began after the sentients already were sent to the new system, if it wasn't already suveyed it would have been due to misinformation as there are no written or cited 'communications' between the orokin and the sentients, as they originally were machines without a proper mentality originally under control because they followed a protocol, that was the colonization of Tau. I believe Solar Rails only connected the planets of the sol system, was there a rail that would lead to Tau the following events could have occurred: 1.The Zariman's incident wouldn't have occurred, as the rail is a specific path, only a malfunction by either the ship or the rail to Tau would have caused it anyway; 2.With the fake death of Hunhow the Orokin Emperors would have more or less declared a full scale invasion of the Tau system in orderr to compleatly eliminate the remaining sentients. You've got a point about their indifference about human resources, if it wasn't for 'That Guy'.
  10. I'll deal with this when I've got time. Or you can just say that it was a colonization ship under military control. Think of it this way: you never know what to find inside zones, worlds or areas that have never been visited before, due to this the military factor comes in. I believe the ship was intended to be under military control due to said reason, but I guess that due to someone breaking a protocol colonists also were involved. Let's not forget that the incident occurred while the orokin were still testing with the void, it wouldn't be a good idea to involve civilians in an experiment. Only if you add in a pretty please.
  11. Title says it all. I'm invested in different genres, I usally play tf2, halo, some rts etc...
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