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  1. Trinity Prime hasn't been vaulted yet (she's next, in about three months time, along with Dual Kamas Prime and Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar). Do you have a source for that statistic? I'd be interested to see current usage stats for warframes, companions and weapons.
  2. There was no 'drop table', the top 10% of clans when measured by cumulative best scores got the BP research.
  3. Being in the top 10% was influenced by a lot of things: skill, knowledge, effort, number of clan members; but it certainly wasn't luck.
  4. Did he get a personal best score from the third mission, or did he not get that far in the event?
  5. No BP in my mail, and no research in the dojo. You're not alone, so I'm sure it will get sorted soon.
  6. The scoreboard only shows the top 1000 ghost clans, the actual score to get in the top 10% is currently 1872.
  7. I'm an average player, at best, but I do put effort into researching and understanding game mechanics. We got a combined score of 2192 running two pairs of Vauban + EV Trinity with a couple of randoms we picked up from recruiting chat. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with that 300+ buffer with just over an hour left on the event
  8. It's not that hard as it is now. My ghost clan only had two members at the time rosters were locked, and it's looking like we'll be comfortably in the top 10% from just a single run that took less than two hours to complete.
  9. While the 'Victory' tier targets probably were set too high, considering all that gives you over the very attainable 'Participation' tier is 26 plat worth of catalyst + slot, it's really not a big deal. Rather just something to be considered by DE when setting targets for the next clan event. As there will be literally thousands of clans with the Ignis Wraith research after this event, I don't think the 'plat for admission' windfall will be as big as some are making out. There will undoubtedly also be clans offering free temporary membership for the BP in the same way as they are doing for the Hema.
  10. I may be wrong (it's been a long time since I used all revives in a mission), but don't you lose all your rewards in any mission when you're dead with no revives at the end? I don't think it's new for this event mission, or a bug that needs to be 'fixed'.
  11. The way I understand it, as long as the new clan member participates in the event (which I'm taking as 'gets a PB score from #3') then they get the Ignis Wraith BP as well.
  12. It depends where you're looking. The 'Clan Statistics' UI shows the total of personal best scores for all members of your clan. The 'Leaderboards' UI (under The Pacifism Defect > Ranking > Clan) shows the total of personal best scores for the members of your clan that count towards the 'Victory' and 'Hardcore' rewards (i.e. those clan members that were in your clan when rosters were 'fixed' for the event). It's the 'Leaderboards' version of the score that is used to determine if you're in the top 10% or not.
  13. This is not correct, Ctrl+F won't tell you, unless you're in the fixed number of clans listed for your tier. For example, there are 10 moon clans listed, with the lowest score being 156144 currently, but the score required to be in the top 10% of all moon clans is only 118964. So there are some moon clans in the top 10% that aren't shown on that view of the leaderboard.
  14. Nope. Non-clanmates scores won't count towards your clan total, obviously, but you can still run with them.
  15. Maybe, but you can always join a squad in recruiting chat or run public to make sure.
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