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  1. his first ability currently forces the enemy into a projectile, which has incredible rag-doll. You know why that's a problem, because in game-play it'll launch an enemy hundreds of miles away, or just make them bounce in the corridors... I suggest we TWEAK his Soul Punch to be much more synergistic. It should now apply an impact proc and knock down the enemy, while sending his soul as a projectile, similar to the trailer. Can bounce on surfaces If the enemy that was hit by his Soul Punch survives, is now marked for "Death". Enemy also suffers puncture proc making his damage le
  2. Enemy AI needs to be updated with the rest of the game, they're too mindless and are just there for ammo consumption. This is one of my biggest issues with warframe, so many cool guns and weapons but against these mobs, it's utterly pointless. Have enemies have countermeasures to when a warframe activates its abilities, have them form tactical formations, instead of running from on corridor in a queue (swear its so weird when they line up to die). Make them more of a threat we are too Overpowered in this game anyway, throw us on our asses. Infested should definitely be the most intimidati
  3. So i noticed some bugs, where when you use Vauban and place that Tesla grenade, and it happens to miss, in the next match when the 2 players choose different warframes, the Tesla Grenade still remains and does damage the opponent. Also the health goes by really fast when your caught off guard, and blocking doesn't really help as its really damn slow. It should be instantaneous. the overall controls don't seem to blend well with each other, thus leaving you to mash one attack. I feel as though it has really good potential, but its lacking. .
  4. LAWD

    Vauban rework?

    no i havent tried that yet, but ill give it a shot
  5. LAWD

    Vauban rework?

    tell me what everyone thinks then...
  6. LAWD

    Vauban rework?

    well I do have a point anyway, and i didn't really mention my playstyle, if playstyle is defined as either coop or solo?
  7. LAWD

    Vauban rework?

    So we saw Vauban's new deluxe skin, and its tradition to receive an uplift/rework to his abilities as well. What I do hope is to give him more survivability either buffing his armor and/or health, OR give him an ability which will compensate for that. His Minelayer could receive some love as well, maybe in the future an augment that makes it more usable. His Bastille and Vortex are the most used abilities in his arsenal - we can have synergy between those 2 abilities, whereby placing a Vortex inside Bastille will double Vortex range and even pull more enemies towards the outer r
  8. LAWD

    Archwing shooting

    thats actually what i meant, snap-lock on. Not an aimbot its hard toa im at these enemies right now, you ahve to be either really close, or have a gun with a huge hitbox
  9. LAWD

    Archwing shooting

    i pretty much just said the exact same thing before
  10. LAWD

    Archwing shooting

    dude, its just a suggestion, will it be implemented the next day when i post it?
  11. LAWD

    Archwing shooting

    Hi, so i went into that argon crystal alert, exterminate, and surprisingly it was archiwng Now, when i was trying to kill the enemies, who move around so much, and the fire rte of my Grattler, i couldn't land a single hit. I was thinking, why don't we have the feature of our primary archwing weapon to lock onto enemies, where the cursor just locks onto whats the closest. Like a homing missile ?
  12. LAWD

    Stalker mode

    thisis from a prime time, although video is not in english. I sort of want to see some speculation on this, how will it tie into the main story, if at all, or something separate like conclave. What point does this even take even take time in, is it before the second dream and then continues from there? I also wonder why he isn't wearing his Umbra outfit. It looks really fun, and totally cooler if it has more lore to it behind the stalker and his endgame. Plus he should be able to use his many abilities, or atleast 4/8 of them not including shadow stalker. the latter would
  13. what if i got rid off all my cysts, on all my frames? there could/should be a way to re-access it righ?
  14. I think that somewhere down the line, DE will expand on the infested room, like they did with Focus way back when and now, so my question is, Is Nidus a must have for you to access this room and its future contents? the real bug for me is that, you never necessarily needed a specific warframe for more content, like MR3 doesn't really need a Rhino when he got his cool Excalibur or whatever you chose and favored till that point. Its weird also that Nidus is like one of the best and probably one of the difficult ones to grind for...
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