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  1. It's crap like this, mutalist, and manics that makes it seem like DE gets idolizes EA, trying to alienate every sensible community member they still have left. Step 1: Have all nuke silos tied to Warframe updates Step 2: Have them check for a Warframe update that doesn't screw over players with thoughless nerfs, broken enemies, or other unjustifiable problems, and trigger the nukes if such an update comes out Step 3: we're safe from World War 3 forever.
  2. Can it be replaced by removing all garbage mod and credit rewards from defense/survival/etc reward tables? Leave rotation A for keys and rotations B and C for parts?
  3. Along the lines of Gear functionality changes, can we be able to, if we have a hotkey bound to the slot it's in, use cipher keys while hacking via the hotkey rather than having to find/hit the UI button for it?
  4. I wonder if connectivity issues is what keeps locking up my game or otherwise screwing up the UI when I'm trying to work on the dojo.
  5. Do any of the graphics options in the options menu affect what shaders are needed to render the game? And if so, do the shaders still load even though the graphics options that use them are turned off? I'm pretty much at the lowest of the low-end of machines that can play Warframe, so I have pretty much every graphics option (even dynamic lighting) turned off, but I still get a fair number of 'hitches' from moving about some levels.
  6. New blessing sounds horrible - cast it to save one player like normal, and then they become the only player with buff, while the rest of the team is not only unbuffed, but Trinity is blocked from being able to help if another player is about to die until the duration ends. MAYBE this would work if the power-in-use lock is removed, and a recast of Blessing can recalculate the buff on players - old effect is removed and instantly replaced by a new effect calculated on their current health at this new cast. The player at the low health level that prompted the second cast of Blessing will have their buff, while any previously-buffed players will have their high buff removed since they're no longer as hurt at the time of the new cast. That way, Blessing is unrestricted in being able to heal any player that needs it, when they need it, the re-application of the effect will help balance having one teammate buffed for too long unless the Trinity decides to sacrifice the rest of her team in order to keep that duration up. Also, a Trinity that repeatedly has to cast Blessing every time a teammate needs it, especially on Grineer survival when everything is naplam, will need a massive energy source in order to keep up with the cost, and so will have to actively stay in the combat zone to catch every last orb. A duration-locked Trinity would be more like "Well I healed Fred a little while ago, but now Bill is down. Oh, well. I guess Fred will revive you, Bill, since I don't have any buff. I'm the healer, so I'll stay way back here out of danger." Or "Since the buff can be only reliably be applied to one player at a time, unless we're 'lucky' and two players are near-death at the same time, I won't heal my teammates, so I'll always be able to keep myself alive."
  7. Can one change to Shuriken be that at least one of the projectiles follows the crosshair rather than auto-targeting? One of the things I hated when it was changed long ago was that when I was trying to use the power to take out a heavy gunner so I could more safely take on the lancers around her, every throw of my shuriken would only hit the little guys and never hit the heavy, even though I was aiming directly at her. Perhaps make it so that when the crosshair is sitting on an enemy, that one of them will go directly to that enemy; otherwise, if the crosshair isn't pointed to anything, the shuriken act as normal and auto-target the nearest enemy to where the aim is.
  8. You had me at undo panic button activation.
  9. Since it seems we aren't supposed to post suggestions where anyone would be able to effectively see them, I'm copying my other topic here. It's basically two of my other replies to this thread tidied up into two neat suggestions. I'm too lazy to edit it from what I had there. { While I'm on the side of "It isn't broken, so stop trying to 'fix' it" on Snowglobe, the discussion thread for it got me thinking of tweaks / alternatives to Snowglobe. If we can't have Snowglobe as it is, than at least give us something that isn't the crap that was proposed in the OP there. Here's a couple of ideas that I had come up with this evening: The first one modifies the new version of Snowglobe to allow for more tactical mod builds, rather than the Duration-max from before the change or the strength-max builds that would inevitably come with the change as-is. The tweaks are to: make the health of the globe relative to its size, fix the slow effect to match the actual globe size, and make the slow durable, like Cold damage proc. -- Using Narrow Minded to make a smaller snowglobe will alter its effects - Smaller, thicker globe has higher health and is a bit harder to hit, but provides a smaller safe zone and doesn't have much CC ability. -- Increasing the range of the globe stretches out the ice and weakens the globe, but applies the cryo slowing effect along a much larger radius. The second one does away with both Snowglobe (since it's going to be crap) && Ice Wave (since it looks like it will STILL be lame after the change) One power, called Blizzard, would be essentially the insides of the Snowglobe, but spread out over a much wider area. Enemies within the snowfield would be slowed with the Cryo proc, and possibly even have their max shields depleted as though inside the Cryo map hazard. This power would be time-based, which would be better for players who have forma'd their Frosts to do max power duration. Instead of a 360-degree globe of ice, The other power would raise a giant icicle as single piece of defensive cover. It could crack and chip as it takes damage, but maybe be able to be restored with Freeze. Power Range modifies the icicle's size, strength modifies its durability. Since the power would only create a single icicle, The power would have to be cast multiple times in order to give full protection (somewhat tricky to do on Frost's limited power reserves without Fleeting Expertise (which would damage Blizzard's effectiveness) or spamming energy restores). The best use is to be tactically-minded in placement. Block the directions with the most incoming damage, don't waste energy, and try not to lock yourself in a ring of ice. (probably should be wallrun-able or something to lessen the trollability though) }
  10. I've consolidated my suggestions into this post here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172900-frosts-snowglobe/
  11. As far as I've heard, not even the Founders wanted this crap. Numbers-based caps on defensive powers like this is nothing but a bad idea unless enemy power has its own cap to match.
  12. Maybe instead of being globe-shaped, Have the power create a wide-area Icicle field. The icicles overlap somewhat to make pretty good cover, while whirling snow throughout marks the entire field as a slow-effect area. While the icicles can be shattered with focused enemy firepower (perhaps cracks can also be restored with a casting of Freeze), the blizzard field would linger for a set duration independent of the icicles. Power Strength builds get stronger icicles and damaging powers, while the Power Duration builds will get a longer-lasting slow effect. If this is too much for a single power, why not split things up? Ice wave is lame, so replace that one with the static icicle power instead? Cast youself a defensive block. Full protection would take multiple casts, making it wise to place cover tactically. The other power could be called Blizzard, and provide a snowy slowing area to help with CC. Maybe even make it cold enough to ding Corpus shielding, like the Cryo level hazard can do to players.
  13. Here's an addon to this dump on Snowglobe that would at least get some entertainment out of it: Make the globe's health relative to its size. Put on a Narrow Minded, and you get a smaller, tougher globe that can barely cover one player and/or the pod, but can last for a decent amount of time. Max out the size and you get this ridiculously massive globe that can at least slow a large area, but the ice is thinned out and is easier to break.
  14. give the globe 10x the health, and MAYBE it'll be viable. In the situations where it's most needed, Iron Skin is already pretty pitiful. Not the best idea to take something many times larger and taking much more incoming fire and give it the same health.
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