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  1. Since you asked specifically: I found one, it took about 5 minutes to find it. I killed it. It took me about 5 minutes to kill. If ammo is a concern, bring pizzas, or use a weapon with regenerating ammo (e.g. Fulmin, Kitgun + Arcane, Cycron - bonus in that all of these do innate radiation or some base element that combo's into radiation). I cannot play any kind of shooter with controllers, so my sympathies. My thumbs and my brain just don't work together that way. The Thumpers will stay still when they uh...thump...so take advantage of that window (just don't get knocked down). Also useful for when you only have one spot remaining and the jerk refuses to show it to you. It'll take longer than if you can hit the spots while it's bouncing around, but it's better than nothing.
  2. Wow, that seems...unnecessarily hostile? It seems to me that you can't (or don't want to) accept the possibility that not everyone thinks or feels the same way as you. This is a public forum, so you're entitled to think that way if you want, although I don't find it terribly productive for said public forum. For the sake of actual discussion, though, I'll just point out that nothing you said is responsive to the argument that Dog Days isn't "real" content. Being "fun easy, and light hearted" doesn't make it lasting content. The assertion that people complain even when DE gives them "meaty content" doesn't include Dog Days as said "meaty content." The statement that there are "genuine things for people to complain about" also has nothing to do with whether Dog Days has any real content (and reads as fairly arrogant if you are suggesting that you are the one that gets to determine what is a legitimate complaint). There being "a ton of time to do it" and the fact that it "will be returning" do not address the complaint that Dog Days has little to no depth to encourage someone to want to replay it. And even if the people complaining were actually spoiled rotten children, that has no bearing on whether what they are saying actually makes any sense. (It's unclear to me whether or not you already understood that, as you might have just wanted to launch an insult because you (seem to) have strong feelings about this).
  3. Not a fan of splitting the star chart up even further. Many nodes are dead enough as it is, dividing the player base is just going to make it worse. I'm also not a huge fan of scaling enemy levels to player MR. Conventional games can get away with scaling enemies to player levels because player level is usually indicative of player power. MR is a pretty poor indicator of player power, so I don't think this is a great idea. Giving players the option to increase the enemy scaling (capped by their max MR) is something I could support, but I'm not sure how that would work out with public groups. Specifically, if it groups by specific scaled value, then it has the same problem of splitting up the star chart (just by bands instead of in a binary way). If it doesn't, then people are rolling the dice on one more aspect when they jump into a public group, since you might wind up with no additional scaling, or ridiculously high scaling (depending on where said player actually is on the power scale). If we had an actual matchmaking interface, I could see this working though. 😉
  4. In their defense, Dog Days doesn't address that complaint at all. The complaint is that they ran out of content to run. Dog Days is...not really content, and it doesn't have much that innately draws people to play it again (presumably explaining why Nakak has these shinies priced so highly). I don't have a ton of sympathy for people who complain about not having anything to do (and I say that as one of the people who has largely run out of things to do), because players will always consume content faster than a company can make it. But I would also say Dog Days is pretty lack luster as far as giving those kinds of folks something (interesting) to do.
  5. Short(er) Version: DE does what DE wants, but I'd like to know why DE does these things. I get that the event will come back. I want to know when, how often, and whether the offerings will also return. I also want to know what the purpose of the event is. I don't mind if it's just a seasonal distraction. Those can be fun and can be a nice break from the core game play. But attaching a huge grind to it kind of makes it look more like a chore than a break. Basically, I want to know if this is going to be indicative of future things to come. The direction DE is taking the game is important to me so I assess whether this ship is sinking (for me) and if I need to get off. DE gave us so little information that it's really hard to make an informed decision about what to do (or not do). Long Version: Yes, high costs might encourage people to play the event when it comes back (at least for players who are comfortable with a "get it over time" approach). But there are less heavy-handed methods to accomplish this. Wouldn't simply handing out similar rewards as they did for tiers 1-4 already accomplish this goal? Unless the goal is to make us play the mode many times. Arguably the "better" way to do this would just to be introducing more rewards (I imagine recoloring a roller floor doesn't take all that much effort). But the more important question (for me) is why does DE want us to play this mode so many times? Yes, WF is full of grind, so the event being grindy is not in and of itself that surprising. But most of those grinds actually result in something that will (probably) be useful later. You grind Ostron and Fortuna rep because there is equipment locked behind the highest rep. Nightwave has shown that having access to Profit Taker is also something that is "beneficial." You grind MR for mostly no reason (after a certain point) but it does give you slightly higher rep/trace caps and more starting mod energy. Even the grindier alerts gave us weapons or armors that we can use when we play the game normally. And those alerts usually let you play how you want - you still have your powers and your weapons. Dog Days has basically none of these things. Nakak's rewards are all cosmetic in nature and almost nothing you've invested into your account previously has any bearing on how powerful you are (I'm ignoring certain auras and set mods that I suspect DE didn't intend to work). I get that nobody is "forced" to run the event because the rewards are just cosmetic. Do it if you want to (and/or can stomach it). I don't really have any beef with that argument. I do, however, find DE's recent decisions somewhat concerning. For instance, first we got the Sibear, which requires a lot of Cryotic. Lots of older accounts already had those stores (back in the days when we farmed excav for R5's). Some people complained, but some people said it was fine. Then we got the Hema, which requires a ton of Mutagen Samples. Then there's the whole debate about whether or not this is overcosted or not. I'm not interested in which side is right, I'm just want to point out that it's plausible the Sibear was DE testing the waters, and the Hema was DE pushing the limits to see how far the player base will bend before it breaks. Note that Mutagen Samples only come from two tile sets, and one of them is significantly better than the other. In either case, you are generally forced to fight a specific faction. In the case of Excavation, you had freedom of choice with regards to tile set and faction. Now we have Nightwave which "forces" people to do (somewhat varied) things (that are a part of the actual core game). And then we got Dog Days, which has nothing to do with the core game and "forces" you to do a single, very specific thing for a long time (as compared to a Nightwave challenge). Again, we went from "sort of a grind for some people" to "more of a grind for more people." And we also went from "sort of do what you want, how you want" to "do this one specific thing in this very particular way." The possibility this is becoming a pattern is what scares me. And/or the possibility that DE's idea of "reasonable" and my idea of "reasonable" no longer overlap.
  6. To be fair, his advice is still sound. They aren't guaranteed spawns, so when they do spawn, you want to cash in. You used to need a lot more Wisps than you do now, so DE probably feels like they already "addressed" the Wisp issue, but it's still an annoyingly stupid resource to farm. I'm not sure what the "speed runner" build you're looking at is, so I'm not sure what things you don't have. If you clarify, we might be able to offer some more gear-based changes to your setup.
  7. There isn't a range cap, per se, but there are only so many mods that increase range (iirc 2 - (Primed) Reach and Rivens). As mentioned, the returns will be bad (because yay percentage increases). As far as whether or not it helps, that will depend on what you're expecting of it. No riven is going to make the Ankyros hit entire rooms (unless they're reaaaally small), but it might make the weapon a little more comfortable to use (depending on what's comfortable to you personally).
  8. Best guess is that Genetic Stability has something to do with it. Your Adarza actually has a base of 120 health, but Genetic Stability gives it a 100% bonus to health (netting your 240). I can't mathematically figure out how to get to 272 though, even trying to factor that in (but also haven't tried that hard). Enhanced Vitality is 48 bonus health on a base 120 health Kavat. You're only getting a 32 health bonus, which is...not a nice fraction of 120 (or 240). 32 is 1/3 of 96 (what you should get for 240 base health), but that's a missing 3x multiplier which doesn't match the 2x Genetic Stability multiplier? 🙃
  9. Old Man Suumbaat has the Captura scene. Requires Rank 5 (Kin) with Ostron and 130,000 rep.
  10. That one time they "broke" her animations and let us cast Turbulence one-handed/while moving was amazing.
  11. I'm slightly confused by what's going on here. Hek and Vaykor Hek have the same base status chance, so if you're gunning for 100% status before multishot, then the variant shouldn't matter. The Hek generates more pellets, though, if you're running Scattered Justice. Are you trying to see if the pellet count will outdamage the rest of the Vaykor's benefits? My confusion is probably irrelevant, since the Riven would work on either one. If the Riven is contributing at least 60% status, then they only need +240% status chance to hit 100% Status, which can be done with just the 4 dual-stats. I presume they worked this out already, which is why they specifically asked for a Riven with at least 60% status (the bare minimum to get by with only the dual-stats). Motus Setup is also an alternative to Nano Applicator and doesn't require energy (although it requires jumping around and only works once you hit the ground...and only for (slightly less than) half as long), but neither one is required if they have a riven with enough status chance.
  12. A couple additional thoughts: Prime vault is open at the moment, so might be worth prioritizing those parts. We'll be constantly generating new supply of unvaulated Prime parts, so those prices aren't going up any time soon. The vaulted parts might (although you'll have to be patient). Wukong/Zhuge/Ninkondi Prime are in the newest Prime Access, so those might also be worth aiming for since there's probably less supply (although it's been a while since release so prices aren't going to be the massive peaks they were on release). If you have a Riven for a popular weapon (and you don't care as much about keeping it), can be worth selling it for some quick plat. If you have tons of Kuva, you can try your hand at getting a good roll, which will increase the price...but gambling. Probably not worth if you only have a handful of Kuva (since trash with some rolls is worse than unrolled). Simaris has some mods in his inventory that can sell for a decent amount. But you'll have to find a buyer and I wouldn't say those mods are really in-demand. But you can work on your Simaris rep while doing other things too, so maybe just something to do on the side. But what I really wanted to say was: FARM ZEPHYR PRIME ASAP. Because birb(s). Yes.
  13. To be fair, you seem to have also ignored part of that poster's message (namely the ad hominem part). Many of your posts have consistently focused on the motivation of people saying the Hema's research cost is too high and/or disproportionately high (i.e. searching for "honest answers"). Someone's motivation for taking a position has no bearing on the strength of that position. In other words, the poster you quoted is asking you respond with actual logic. (Please don't take that to be a derogatory comment, I mean that in a literal "use logical reasoning to back up your argument" sense). That said, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that poster's the assertion the debate is solvable by maths... But that's mostly because I can't tell which part you're not allowed to dispute. 😉
  14. Just do it while you're walking around your orbiter or in-mission (i.e. anywhere your movement keys work, "H" should work too). As long as you aren't in a chat window or menu, it should work (assuming I understood your problem correctly).
  15. My best guess is you hit "H" which flips the camera over the other shoulder. Hit it again to flip it back. Edit - or whatever keybind you use for "Reverse Camera"
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