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  1. This thread seems to have gone slightly off the rails, but just pointing out that folks don't seem to be engaging with trademarks in a logical manner. If the point being argued here is that "PC platform" is a generic term because no entity has registered the term as a trademark, then this...doesn't make a lot of sense. A generic term cannot be registered as a trademark. Thus, it would appear logical to say that if something is a registered trademark, the (word) mark is not generic. But formal logic tends to only hold up in a closed universe, which this is not, since a registered t
  2. Unsure if this is the same thing you're seeing, but apparently in the void storms, enemies can only get corrupted wherever the host is. I did a few missions where I was the host and was just cruising around in the Railjack while my friend went in to experience the points of interest and such. No corrupted enemies and no reactant. One boarding party did manage to get through the AI gunner and instantly got corrupted when I went to clear them out. Then we found out basically corrupted enemies would only spawn where I was. If I went into a point of interest, corrupted enemies would spawn. If
  3. I think it was probably intended to drop in Update 18.0, they just didn't get around to fixing it until much later. I agree that DE have generally been relatively cautious when it comes to Conclave rewards, and making sure Conclave changes don't affect PvE. I think they're pretty aware their core player base is PvE oriented. Trying to vaguely reconnect to the main topic (before all these merges where we try to compare DE/WF to [some other dev]/[some other game] and confuse Japan with China, or whatever is actually going on there...), I think Conclave is one of those things DE definitely wanted
  4. Spring-Loaded Broadhead was what I had in mind when I wrote that. It's been available in PvE for most of it's lifespan (introduced in Update 17.0, PvE enabled in Update 17.9), but couldn't be acquired from a Sentient until Update 21.4. That said, I don't know if that's just a mod that fell through the cracks, or if DE was intentionally holding out on it. I think most of the other mods that were PvE-enabled in Update 17.9 successfully got added to Sentient drop tables (although technically Sentients didn't come until Update 18.0).
  5. For clarity, when you say "Conclave-exclusive weapons and warframes," do you mean exclusively acquired in Conclave, or exclusively used in Conclave? If the former, I'd probably expect very vocal portions of the PvE crowd to riot. If the latter, I'd probably expect...very vocal portions of the PvE crowd to riot. We've kind of had both of those things previously, and people complained about both. People still occasionally fuss about the Conclave-specific cosmetics (the Syandana, in particular, because you have to keep playing Conclave to get certain visual effects). People also complained a
  6. That's probably an oversimplification, as fair use is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and "further adventures" isn't a lot to go on. Analysis on the actual merits aside, there are also numerous factors at play (e.g., nature of the work, who wrote it, whether it's a not-for-profit fanfiction or a commercial publication, etc.) as to whether or not a lawsuit would even be brought. I'm aware of those protections (see the last sentence of what you quoted). Anyways, the primary reason I asked if they had a citation is because there are significant differences between copyright and non-cop
  7. As someone who has taken multiple, lengthy breaks from WF - If it's not fun anymore, find something else to do with your time. At least for the foreseeable future, WF isn't going anywhere, and it'll be here if (and/or when) you get that itch again (e.g., next big content drop). Also just pointing out that Happy Zephyr was an easter egg before the Ludoplex existed, so it was probably just a side project someone put together for fun (thus, "lazily" put together). Conclave, on the other hand, is an actual game mode they spent time on, but I think the effort to balance/maintain it is just to
  8. Make sure you're hitting your keybind for "Switch Weapon," and not "Switch Gun." Presumably, someone forgot enable Switch Gun for K-drives, or there's some weird spaghetti attached to Switch Gun that makes it do the weird thing you're describing. In a perfect world, there would only be one keybind (since the basic functionality of tap-to-switch-guns and hold-to-equip-melee is the same for both), and this wouldn't be an issue. But that's WF for you. :P
  9. Great work (as always)! In retrospect, the minor scale probably makes more sense overall. Dropping a note once in a blue moon seems preferable to frequently dropping an octave. But...I blame the solo and the (transition out of the) bridge for "forcing" me into chromatic. :P (I assumed based on their initial request that they wanted the entire thing). I started there because I knew the solo would be the hardest part for me (because my relative pitch might as well be non-existent, and my music theory is definitely non-existent), so wound up in chromatic from the get go (and never looked bac
  10. For clarity, what I opted to do was pick the right note, with the wrong relative pitch (because the octave is wrong). What you're asking for is the wrong note, and thus also the wrong relative pitch (because...wrong note), which is arguably "more wrong." I cannot just transpose everything so the highest Shawzin note matches the highest note of Cruel Angel's Thesis, because currently the lowest Shawzin note matches the lowest note of Cruel Angel's Thesis(' chorus). Transposing just moves the problem from the top end to the bottom end. Anyways, if this is what you actually want, I could pr
  11. Holding a copyright for a screenplay or a script that happens to contain character names is not the same as holding a copyright for those character names. At least in the United States, names are not covered by copyright. In some scenarios, trademark law might apply to some names (e.g., "Stargate SG-1" is a registered trademark held by MGM, but MGM does not have a copyright that covers just the name "Stargate SG-1"). I'd also be interested if you had citation for "likeness copyright." As far as I'm aware, US copyright law is reserved for works of authorship, and one's appearance is not ge
  12. The merits (or lack thereof) of a copyright suit aside, the "chance it's going to blow up" is probably more dependent on who might be able to sue, and who is available to be sued. I doubt the popularity of SG-1 really factors into that decision, even if some of us did watch it. :P
  13. I don't have the Tiamat to confirm, but I'm fairly certain that all the Shawzin variants function the same (i.e., have the same range of notes). It's certainly true for the Shawzin variants that I do own. The last note of the chorus should be wrong on all Shawzins, because Shawzins simply cannot hit the correct note in the chromatic scale.
  14. I'm happy to take a second look if there are specific sections you want to revisit (you'll have to give me a timestamp reference to some version of the song, or give me some reference to which parts don't sound right to you). I'm still not sure what you mean by "making it for the Tiamat Shawzin," as nothing I've made is specific to any instrument. The code can only specify pitch and timing, which is going to be the same regardless of what instrument you want to play this on. I will note that if your issue is that you think the relative pitch is off (but the pitch is otherwise correct
  15. Shawzin codes are instrument agnostic, so you can use it with any version of the Shawzin out. I took a stab at Cruel Angel's Thesis, because I'm actually familiar with that song and it has a lot of things going for it that make it work decently with the Shawzin. That said, it's far from perfect: The opening and the bridge are a tad awkward, because those rely on sustained vocals, which the Shawzin doesn't imitate well. The transition into the guitar solo is really abrupt. Everything is played on one instrument, so there's really no contrast/hand-off. It just kind of erupts out
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