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  1. Yeah no, on the contrary, Genshin has a lot to take from Warframe , especially when it comes to monetisation and time gating. Genshin is absolutely terrible on that part. Progression in Genshin is simply bad because of resin and timers; and it is worse if you fall into the gacha trap : you'll have even more problems with progressing your new characters/weapons simply because you won't have enough mats/mora to level them. Warframe may have its own problems, but don't take GI as an example, because it's not a good one. If it wasn't for its world and gameplay that i love, Genshin would be
  2. It has been the same S#&$ and whining for years. They changed some stuff, now he is fine,
  3. Defense and defection. Too long and just plain annoying and boring. Excavation too but less so.
  4. Like many others here, this is also my favorite open world. Sure there are problems, and still WAY TOO many bugs. But overall, i like it. Only thing is, i am waiting for more Story quests, like the actual meat of New War or for warframe in general, these are what made me last this long in this game.
  5. Bugfixes for old bugs ? But, for real, i am curious about Necramech, and some of those new infested looks great. And just an infested open world sound more fun than poe and orbvallis.
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