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  1. Stats on catchmoon both status chance and projectile speed are miscalculated they came up short to what they should be. That said crit catchmoon needed nerf but status version did not saw much use if you can increase status chance base stats to the level where 2 status chance 60/60 mods can get it to 100% we will be able to use catchmoon as an utility weapon right now impact damage gets in a way and having extra 30% and 105% to push status tables on [rad/viral] away from impact will help allot. Ability when to dodge and when to stay in place still is not fixed on gun blades we just bounce of the walls unable to hit any thing because walls are forcing camera perspective to change. Zenistar inability to stack combo in high level needs addressing this is weapon designed for high level endurance missions but in it's current state you can't use it. It got nerfed by changes and because the disc did not received any buffs so it got hit twice already, and that is not a problem zenistar is an utility weapon not damage weapon so most people will be ok even if you reduce damage of the disc to 5 but you can't reduce disc duration or prock rate. I hope some one from DE will read this.
  2. Zenistar is still broken you can't stack combo vs level 300 not to mention level 1000 and over, and it's the only melee weapon that can be used in high level content. Firing gunblade looks like character is having a seizure can't hit broad side of the barn. please fix
  3. In current state augment mods that add elemental damage are very much useless for every one but new players and eidolon hunters. Mainly because they add new elements to existing status tables, experienced players craft each of their weapons to do very specific thing but by adding allot of new elemental damage to an existing build you are reducing the effectiveness of this what this weapon was build to do and adding 200% of radiation or corrosive damage can overwhelm the other purpose crafted elements. This can result in reduced effectiveness and damage by 50% or more. Quick and easy fix would be to simply move the added damage to separate status table with it's own status chance or guaranteed prock, but even removing the ability for added damage to prock status would be very much preferred to current state. PS. I can't find dedicated augment slots on my warframe please help DE.
  4. Thx DE now we need dedicated augment slot or two one from the start and one to unlock pretty please 🙂
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