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  1. i'm just gonna cheese it the next day with the skiajati but honestly this is some bullS#&$, having to do this twice when in reality i can do it in about 50 seconds. i think it might've been my weapon or my frame or something but with the skiajati it quite literally took me less than a minute to clear the entire camp using the same route without even using the stealth kill, if i did i would've turned invisible too. kinda bullS#&$ that i gotta wait another 24 hours though.
  2. Second day where i reach the 3rd stage then get detected by no one, i was literally hiding in the 2nd area that i had to clear BEHIND the little stairs to watch the enemies walk seeing as the first day i screwed up because i didn't know their patterns, and i got deteceted behind the stairs, then i got detected while respawning. third time i just went in because i got tired of waiting and now i have to wait another 24 hours. it is fun.
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