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  1. found a problem with exodia contagion, i can not find a way to use the arcane since the new melee changes.
  2. I like the archgun in the normal but i dont like the 10 cooldown on the thing :S bad enough cant find ammo in other missions too,
  3. does vent kids races count to standing? or do they still not count?
  4. why replace the 3% crit and status chance with a tiny 4 points of damage? i am sad this got somewhat nerfed before i could see its true glory 😞 yes i pref the higher crit and status to the tiny damage.
  5. i am sad for the phantasma as the alt was fun to use now i just tap it for a some what same effect :S. also was it need to reduce the spore damage count from 10 to 7? might aswell keep it at 10.
  6. i am interested in how adaption will work.
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