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  1. well going after a kuva lich and in 1 run i noticed that the lich made my moa into a thrall xD I got a free murmur thing from it but still xD, it had no mods or anything for the rest of the mission. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992037103 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992038636
  2. i see tho i have seen some weapons with high max ammo such as the tombfinger. which is somewhat similar to it with vastly high max ammo of 210. only down sides are it doesn't come with corrosive and -0.4 aoe radius. I had high hopes for this weapon.
  3. welp after some farming I finally got it! yay.... now I am abit sad as here is the thing. The kuva seer reserve ammo is only 27 :S a big bummer since the normal more blah seer have a big 210. :S anyone else bummed out by this?
  4. i wish i had done so, but I was hoping to push for a certain weapon. But since I was pushing for it I wasnt focused and panic hit the finisher button when I had rollers stun locking me and attempting to jump away.
  5. hmmm maybe then a confirmation of wanting to create a lich? like how you have a timer to decide what to do with the lich?
  6. long shot but after 24hrs of grinding 12hr of which was mistakes. Any chance of rejecting a kuva lich? this is getting real annoying. I know how could I let it happen but sometimes just do things, esspecially when the farm/grind is annoying. Welp better go waste another 4-6hr (not counting mod farming and the relics to get the mods) to get rid of a kuva lich I didn't want and waste mods on it is another pain in the butt.
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