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  1. Another thing to tag on for wisp. She had default animations when a single secondary is equipped. Works fine with dual secondaries though.
  2. Kind of a 2 part question. How does the game calculate when Mirage is in the light/dark or when Gara enters the light? When you do updates to maps or lighting is there any consideration to making some areas have effects they might not normally have? And then the extra question is making Mirage's eclipse a hold to cast tap to toggle possible?
  3. I don't know if I missed a more general statement about arcanes, but is Magus Repair still not working for Clients?
  4. Thanks for the mod description change. Do we know if they all only work in the zone or if some are always active?
  5. Tek Gravity isn't broken, it works. It just needs new text or to be changed to work in more than just the area the kavat leaves somewhere.
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