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  1. Not sure how you would do this on XBOX as I'm not a console player but I changed my ports from 4950 and 4955 and then allowed them through the firewall manually. Good luck with it
  2. verified...optimised......reinstalled.............no luck Using some old forum posts I had luck with changing the ports within gameplay then allowing those ports manually. Give it a crack and hopefully your back on track
  3. welcome to the club..........fee's for memberships are payable at the beginning of the year.......I don't doubt we will all still be members...........
  4. they've marked it fixed........not fixed for me, what about you guys?
  5. Was able to see one person on my list just before they dropped the update.......then after the update it was back to no one online........... Despite the hotfixes still offline
  6. can we get a location on where they said they were investigating so we can keep track of it? Seems to be more and more affected.
  7. Had a bit of luck by using a whisper to open a chat line to your friends then you send them a invite through that, seems to send multiple invites some say fail but they can join on you. Sucks if you don't want to be host though (to whisper /w (username) [insert any message here} make sure you put something in the message just to open the whisper
  8. following, I"m currently having the same issue. I can find my friends by going to a public relay but can't find or intereact with them through communications
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