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  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know that a fix is already in the works.
  2. I was prevented from using transferrance while in operator mode if I was even near my own voidrig. I had no trouble summoning it in both warframe and operator mode, I just couldn't get back into it. I think it happened when my warframe ran into the resonator field and my voidrig was summoned just inside it. My warframe had the "ability use prevented" error which I corrected by falling off the map, but I still couldn't get back into my necramech.
  3. Still wondering how people are managing like 27k points just from sentient kills alone.
  4. I noticed my Bonewidow wasn't picking up any health orbs. It said she was at max health when she was not. She can heal herself with Meathook, but not being able to pick up health orbs means that Synth Fiber doesn't work.
  5. Same issue happened to me, the host, and a clanmate. Nullifier isn't responsible because he got hit with the bug the first time during a grineer mission. The problem was fixed very briefly after dying in my mech. I was able to transfer back to my warframe after leaving the Orphix field, but was bugged again after re-entering 10 seconds later for reasons unknown. "Power in Use" error and couldn't transfer back to operator from mech.
  6. There was a problem with one of the mist fissures where I killed the jugulus that spawned after using the emitter on the fissure, however no other enemies spawned, nor were there any at all on the map except for a couple back near the containment unit. The objective stated I needed to kill remaining enemies, but there weren't any, so I wasn't able to permanently close the fissure and complete the bounty. I tried completing other fissures then going back to it, but it was the same problem each time.
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