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  1. Add a button that switches mod slot alloction between primary and melee variant?
  2. My knowlegde is quite limited in this area maybe you can help me. If that´s the reason I have two questions: 1.) Why do rivens have that unnecessary 0.15% difference? If a stat would be rounded to at least 1% the probability of dublicates and therefore references you can create should increase drastically right? 2.) How do rpg games like path of exile or diablo store there data with hundreds or even thousand of items per player which are far more complicated (with random affixes, prefixes, stats, etc)?
  3. What´s the point of the time (or now ammo) restriction anyway? Just let me decide whether I want semi- or auto mode. Also I think it would be better to separate alt fire from the disc. Tap "secondary fire" = change fire mode, hold "seondary fire" = disc
  4. You never know when they update or buff an old weapon. It´s reasonable to have at least one riven mod for each weapon (aside from the fact some player are completionists). And if server capacity is this much of a problem the way rivens are working has to be changed/optimized. It would be equally disappointing to sell a standard mod in order to get another one. Even if it´s something useless as Flame Repellant I want to keep it. Also it´s not really relevant for this topic but I hope calling something as powerful as riven mods "non-essential" is a joke. In my opinion building a new weapon should include a riven slot for this specific one. Capacity beyond this is most likely interesting for trading only and therefore reasonable to restrict if you want to encourage trading.
  5. This feedback is only about the mission type and new enemies itself. I´m going to ignore details about obvious problems like reward structure, (general) combat issues in warframe and bugs. Positives: 1.) In general an enjoyable gamemode 2.) smooth gameplay for the most part 3.) Amalgan enemies have an interesting designs 4.) Transmissions add immersion and increase credibility to the world Negatives: 1.) Key drop rng breaks the flow sometimes. A more deterministic approach (which still offers room for performance improvements) would be preferable 2.) The amount of nullification effects can be very disruptive. Especially for toggle abilities if you are mainly in close combat for example. 3.) A lot of mini map clutter and object marker 4.) Transmissions are quite intrusive and repetitive after some time. A monologue after every objective is too much. 5.) Audio-visual mix for tracking Demolysts sounds interesting but is problematic in a grind heavy game like warframe. A lot of people play music in background while playing the game. In addition there are a lot of other sound effects (explosions, weapon fire, abilities, etc) making it more difficult to track something specific. 6.) Amalgan combat behaviour feels incosistent. For example amalgan kucumatz beam can be avoided/dodged but amalgan moa beam is very persistent (most of the time). In general the new enemies don´t really offer much in terms of innovative combat.
  6. The whole "leveling" process is quite redundant. One Hydron or ESO run and done. It´s similar appealing as a 30 min timer until you can apply the next forma. In my opinion leveling just needs a better integration into standard gameplay including an overhaul for affinity/focus mechanics. Also your weapons should´t get a reset at all. Instead the level cap should be increased per forma or something.
  7. The thing is her abilities would be pointless still due to there lackluster base damage and long ramp up time of the passive. You´d need to ignite an enemy for more than 10 seconds with a 50% increased damage multiplier per tick in order to get somewhat similar base dps of a pure heat modded weapon. Not going into detail here but it´s unlikely changes in warframe kit´s will solve this issue. They will either be over or underpowered due to certain basic mechanics in warframe. So the thing that remains is buffing weapons with heat damage. Best case scenario you will achieve heat modded weapons are equally effective as meta weapons (which is already the case with an accelerant focused builds and not really one of the issues Ember has) simply because there isn´t really anything faster than almost instantly. You will never have a problem in current "high level" activities due to lack of weapon dps. In summary: Nothing that will change her viability in ESO (aoe nuke), arbitraions (survivability/utility), Eidolon hunt (abilities that arn´t affected by immunities), endurance runs (survivability/absolute damage that ignores scaling).
  8. Ok essentially it´s a single target Saryn like passive effect. Some concers I have with this: 1.) Still a proportional scaling passive. Even with something like Ignis the ramp up will take a while until noticeable (You can kill a lv 160 heavy gunner within ~3 seconds with a corrosive moded Ignis). In general why would you use this instead of things like a Covert Lethality setup which can kill priority targets way faster if you really need this. A lot warframes/weapons can kill several lv 150+ enemies at once in seconds. 2.) Doesn´t solve the problem with her ability damage scaling. You´d need an insane buff value in order to increase her dps in a reasonable amount of time and weapons would still outperform them. 3.) Doesn´t work against enemies it might actually matter. Eidolon, Profit Taker, Wolf, etc are immune to status effects. Sorry but I don´t really see this would improve her to be more viable outside of star chart maps. If you could stack the buff over the duration of the mission without loosing it this might be usefull for high level endless missions. You need a bit more than some minor changes in order to make ember strong. Currently the main problems I see are: heat damage is very weak compare to meta elements, ability scaling, survivability, augments can screw up other players builds and don´t benefit combined elements.
  9. As you said a heat status last 7 seconds so how exactly do you want to make it infinte scaling? Some question for better understanding: 1.) Do additional procs on the same target take over the buffed value? 2.) Does this buff only counts for the specific enemy you apply it on or other enemies in an area of effect? 3.) Does this work for damage dealt with abilities only or for weapons as well? 4.) Can you lose the buff/stacking if you don´t ignite enemies constantly? 5.) What happens if you or your teamates kill the enemies very fast without getting the chance to apply heat procs over a longer period of time? Also the way your damage ramp up works can be summend up with base damage times multiplier (20% in this case) to the power of tick duration BD x 1.2 ^ T It´s proportional scaling wich means it will take a while until your damage scales to an reasonable amount. Even after the 7 seconds until your heat proc wears off you only get 1000 x 1.2 ^ 7 = 3583 (~ 3.6 multiplier) which is essentially nothing for waiting this long.
  10. It´s little bit hard to understand for people without knowledge about network structures. If you are interested in the basics I suggest you read some literature about this topic. But if you just need a tldr: there are problems with multiplayer and player posting ideas how it could be improved.
  11. Infinite power creep isn´t necessarily gambreaking. If you use convergent scaling you can farm all you want become stronger and stronger but never cross a limit. And after some time you change the formular and raise the cap. Dedicated player can always optimize there gear/level and casuals get a chance to keep up. This way the power gap becomes far more manageable compared to a liniar or even exponential scaling which causes massiv problems in terms of making content accessable and enjoyable for the whole playerbase. However there is a restriction: This only works if everything is based on scaling. From the moment you introduce absolute mechanics (for example something like % max hp damage) it will become more and more instable. The reason I play a game in the first place is the gameplay. Progression (powercreep) on the other hand is a way to apply and improve gameplay. People like to progress into difficulty level they could not reach before with new gear or higher level.
  12. Ok I see. But it needs to track whether there are open matches within a certain amount of time. I don´t think people will use this if they have to wait several minutes until they can join a mission.
  13. As I said the host is determined at the start of a mission. In public most of the time you will enter an existing instance. That´s why I think a hosting preference option isn´t really usefull outside of premade groups. Peer-to-peer might save ressources but has alot of inherent issues which can´t really be solved only mitigated. I really hope we get dedicated server at some point especially for open world areas. However it´s save to say server cost isn´t the only problem. Probably the whole foundation and all the additional content warframe receives is based on this system and the longer they wait the harder it get´s.
  14. Main problem is if you enter a mission first you will always be the host. Worst case scenario for your suggestion: You´d have a host migration every time someone with better pc specs enters a mission. This will only work if: 1.) the player joins the group before the mission start timer expires 2.) you are in a premade group But I think the game already does some kind of evaluation which player should be the host. Sometimes I get a migration before the mission starts in those cases. Warframe uses peer to peer connection for matchmaking which means one of the player in a mission is the host. OP want an option for people to avoid beeing host if they have poor pc or network performance.
  15. You already did with this statement. As I said if you strip armor the differnece in ttk becomes meaningless. My standard Ignis build is: Serration, Splittchamber, Heavy Caliber, High Voltage, Malignant Force, Vital Sense, Point Strike and Vile Acceleration. TTK for 165 Corrupted Heavy Gunner ~ 3 seconds (depending on status/crit rng) and a little bit less with Accelerant So even if you find a magical slot for your Heat mod/Accelerant combo and get a 100% boost in ttk it would be pointless because there is no reason to specialize into a build that offers you to kill the enemy 1.5 seconds faster. The weapons armor strip does the work the heat multiplier could be 20 and you wouldn´t see any difference. Beside the obvious tanks (Nidus, Rhino, Inaros, Chroma, ...) almost all warframes have some kind of surviveability like invisibility (Loki, Ivara, Octavia, Ash) or DR (Gara, Mesa, Nezha, Trinity, ...). Almost every warframe has some sort to survivability build. But since Ember is supposed to survive by killing there enemies (because offensive warframe and stuff .. lol) she doesn´t have anything like that. I tell you a secret with at least 70% of the warframes you can do specialized builds in order to kill enemies way faster Ember ever could and I´m not even talking about the obvious things like Ash´s Fatal Teleport or Gara´s Splinter Strom . Even a tanks like Valkyr (one shot finisher) or supports like Trinity (true damage) have builds to kill very high level enemies (>200) in seconds. Or at least have armor stripping in there kits (Frost, Banshee, Saryn, ...) What evidence? That nice video showing nothing of relevance? Or the brilliant build ideas still suggesting to use overextend in order to counteract the nerfs? Or the people telling everyone they can do sortie with her? I know you can get things done with her but you know what? In theory I could surround the world by foot but let me tell you a secret ... a plane or ship does the work a little bit better ... I get if DE doesn´t have time, ressources, ideas or whatever for a decent rework but if anyone want to tell me she is fine and don´t need changes I get triggert.
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