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  1. A little bit more general and sword stances feedback: - input chaining should be cancled by movement or other actions. To be clear I´m not talking about animation canceling. "Crimson Dervish" "Twisting Flurry" combo is a good example: The last attack has a very "generous" time window for the input memory and can only be canceled with the dodge roll even though the actual animation for the next attack didn´t start yet. Btw the combo menu says the full combo consists of 3 attacks (input wise) but it´s actually 4. - ground finisher against enemies on the ground should have priority (at least when aiming downwards). For example trying to do a finisher against an enemy knocked down by "Crimson Dervish" "Twisting Flurry" combo is surprisingly difficult not just because of the previous point but the animation duration (without attackspeed mods) is quite long and you have not much time to find the exact position/angle until the target gets back up. In short: performing attacks close to a downed target should allow ground finisher no matter whether you are in a combo or not. - same issues (ground finisher/ input cancel) for "Crimson Derwish" "Coiling Impale" and "Swooping Falcon" "Diving Kestrel" combo - "Swooping Falcon" "keen Broadwing"s 3rd animation has connection/sticking issues sometimes (the reverse hit doesn´t hit at all not sure whether it´s supposed to though) - aimglide aerial combos (blocks + attack while airborne) should prevent you from performing slam attacks when aiming downwards for more camera angle freedom (looking around) . - all of the sword stances lack a little bit in terms of gap closing. Heavy attack could cover a bit more distance as well. - Heat Sword regular slam attack applies heat status effect but heavy slam attack doesn´t - Amalgan Javlock reflect damage seems to be removed but it wasn´t mentioned in the patch notes. Intended or bug? Edit: - when "Align Attacks to Camera" is deactivated you can not perform alternative combos (those who require "forward" as input) in the direction the warframe is facing. - when "Camera Tracks Melee Target" is activated some of the attack animations detach the crosshair from the target - "Melee Auto Trageting" stickiness is quite inconsisten and only works when you are extremely close to a target. It should always perform an attack in the direction of the nearest or last hit enemy when no further input is done - jump attacks ignore the "Align Attacks to Camera" setting and perform always in direction of the crosshair suggestions: - Since holding the "primary attack" button doesn´t perform a charge attack anymore it could act as an alternative to spamming the mouse button - heavy attacks against shield lancer and guardsmen should break there guard and make them vulnerable to finisher. Prosecuter seem to be bugged since they can block your melee attacks while cc´d sometimes
  2. General: - switching between quick and toggle melee mode (hold "switch weapon") is fine but still inconvinient since you have to redo it every time you are switching your weapon for a second. There should be an "prefered mode" option or something you can choose in controls. Was only an issue because I were using moud wheel for switching weapons - visual channel effect (glowing) on warframes doesn´t work anymore (even with the stated 2x combo multiplier). Could be an option as well or when you toggle melee mode (or both). - Heat dagger got heat damage but heat sword/dual sword didn´t - enemies affected by lifted status look more like baloons (was expecting something more in line with rhinos stomp slowmo effect) - Parazon mercy kill animation doesn´t work sometime ( most noticable when using fast movement skills like slide attacks into the target and spamming "use" button) - Parazon mercy kill should be more present outside of kuva lich farming. Enemeis die too fast to react to the icon appearing over there head. Should be either a % chance on already defeated enemies as a way to proc the mercy effects or always possible (for example: at the cost of 2 combo against any enemy with less than 30% health) Polearm (shimmering blight stance): - standard combo drags the camera to the right in a weird way on the last hit (options: align attacks to camera = on, camera tracks melee targets = off). Not sure how to describe it better but it feels strange. - alternative combo "forward + block + attack" should be reduced to "block + attack" since there are only 2 different combos (additional forward imput doesn´t make sense) - no spartan jump attack anymore. New version does look like a sweep attack pls bring back the old one. - "forward + block + attack" combo misses targets a lot of the time after lifting them up - not sure whether it´s specific to this type of weapon/stance but lifting enemies up with the combo doesn´t increase there distance from the ground while there in the lifted state caused by a heavy ground attack. Instead they keep falling to the ground slowly - new standard combo feels like a step back because it like the old quick melee (running and attacking at the same time) - hold primary attack doesn´t do anything which feels odd. Could have a situational effects: close to the target: finisher attack far away from the target: leap to the targed airborne target: jump to the target (make yourself airborne as well)
  3. First impression: extremely disappointed I need more testing but so far those are my thoughts:
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