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  1. Questions not directly related to her abilities: Will she get a signature weapon bonus? Ignis would probably be the obvious choice but in the past heat sword was my favourite weapon maybe something like additional base heat damage could makle it viable. Can she get some kind of neck adjustment? Some skin combinations don´t fit together (especially the vermillion body and magesty helmet)
  2. Depends on your definition of nearly. At least 25% increased efficiency is quite a bit in my opinion and beside the easy accessibility probably the main reason so many player doing it. Grineer simply provide the most amount of affinity and even if you change those numbers another endless mission becomes the most efficient. And yes it´s true with certain setups other missions can be worth it occasionally due to farming secondary ressources. But it´s far more difficult to contribute with a random low level warframe and weapon in a kuva survival. In the long term there is no alternative to Hydron unless you have consinstent access to premade groups, clanmembers or friends which are willing to carry you. Also I did ignore boredom on purpose since it is very subjective and everything eventually becomes boring if you have to do the same thing over and over again.
  3. Doesn´t have to be a huge rework. Some minor tweaks could improve gameplay a lot. Some examples: - Scorpion/Ancient hook: a short delay between the hit and the actual pull. You can free yourself with a roll or something during the delay - Knock back/down: press jump button before your warframe hits the ground in order to perform a double jump instead - Shared cooldowns for cc abilities between nearby enemies
  4. I did some testing on your suggested locations. Keep in mind the main focus is affinity gain efficiency and not additional advantages like relics or kuva since they are hard to quantify and highly subjective. Here are my results: You are free to criticize the result but from my point of view Hydron is by far the best location for leveling not only in terms of pure efficiency but also convenience. The efficiency of Hydron is exeptionally high and those are the top alternatives already. Adaro might be another one but it suffers from similar issues other missions have. Actually I love leveling and in my opinion warframe needs much more progression but I really dislike the way it´s done. Focus for example is the perfect negative example because it extends on an already questionable foundation. I´d argue the current version is backward since the "modern" solution usually tends to reward you for time spend instead of enemies killed simply because you can´t make sure enemy density is eqaul for all types of missions (probably the very reason missions like spy provide additional affinity in the first place). It´s good for secondary progress like ressource farm (in fact it would be fatal if anything is equal in terms of efficiency because testing and investigation is a big part of games), but when it comes to the main progession part different activities should be somewhat equal for your time spend. That doesn´t mean skilled gameplay shouldn´t be rewarded but playing the same thing over and over again isn´t skill.
  5. I´d prefer if forma would do something like: - adds a polarity slot which will reduce compatible mod costs by 5 points (instead of 50%) - increase maximum weapon level by 5 up to a cap (reaktor/catalyst increase total capacity by 30 rather than doubling the existing amount) Also a change for affinity gain where killing enemies provide far less exp. Completing missions, bounties, objectives, challenges, etc should be the main source of affinity in my opinion (a little bit tired of Hydron/ESO)
  6. I´d prefer if she would deal damage in a small area around her with immolate which increases in damage and size the more the meter fills rather than on the despell. Similar to old Overheat range it starts very low at 1m radius and grows up to 10m or something.
  7. The general idea to add more long term investment into your warframes is good but as long as affinity and Forma work the way they do currently this would be a very tedious activity. Problems I can see: 1.) Farming Hydron or ESO 24/7 (again). 2.) No sense of progression until you finally reach the threashold (even worse than Focus). 3.) Sounds like you wont be able to remove your inherent mod or repeat the whole farming all over again if your choice was poor Aside from that I´d prefer something like unlocking additional augment-, exilus-, utility-,arcane-slots.
  8. Maybe. It depends on whether it works because the drawback and permanent attention it requires shouldn´t be underrestimated It´s not perfect but there are alot of reasons why I´d like to keep it. Here are some examples: - feels smooth - good panic button - debuff is a rare almost unique ability type - superior to Fire Blast in almost every way In short: Rather than removing those things from the game I´d like to see them amplified in there purpose and difference to other things like status effects Don´t get me wrong I really like the new ultimate shown in the dev stream but if I have to choose I prefer the current version. It´s sad that so many people only see it as lazy or boring. Similar to Accelerant it´s quite a unique mechanic (damage aura) which should be improved rather than abandoned. It could be so much more to the point of a defining playstyle which could even work as her passive. I mean Gauss 4th does passive damage as well but would you consider this boring? I said that somewhere else already but I don´t need 4 different active skills next to weapons and operator abilities especially if you are ending up with using the most efficient one all the time anyways. Question: with anything you know about the current rework why would you ever consider wasting energy for Fireball or Fire Blast over the new WoF?
  9. They didn´t really clarify how it is supposed to work yet but from a mechanical point of view there are different possibilities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Armor reduction as status effect Keep in mind a status effect can´t proc status again. While Ignite ticks are heat damage they don´t cause panic only hits from weapons/abilities do, so why would they continiously cause armor reduction if those are classified as status effect as well? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) Armor reduction when applying heat damage As mentioned in my example heat could also work like Shattering Impact. If that´s the case I really hope they don´t repeat the same mistake they did with status procs in which case high fire rate weapons would be broken and everything else nearly usless for the armor reduction effect. A weapon like Ignis would reduce armor 10 times per second (not including the ignite procs) which would be ridiculous.
  10. Increased health or damage won´t make warframe more difficult because there are mechanics to ignore this type of scaling (some examples: instant finisher, absolute invisibility, % damage, spamable shields with 100% damage absorption, cc). The only thing you will achieve is that you can´t play those missions without this stuff anymore.
  11. Did you do the math? 5% isn´t a reasonable value. Also corrosive proc works the same way (25% of the current value) and only removes armor completely because values below 1 are ignored. After 50 heat procs a lv 100 Heavy Gunner would still have around 70% damage reduction which is awefull even for weapons with high status chance and fire rate. If they go with the armor melt stuff: In order to distinguish heat from corrosive I´d say heat damage could reduce the base armor values like Shattering Impact does. But with a cap like once each second per damage source otherwise things like Ignis would be far to powerful.
  12. Yea but I dont get the idea behind this system. As far as I know each prime access consist of a warframe and two items (weapon/sentinel). If a series of relics contains those exact same items there wouldn´t be any problems with vaulting/ unvaulting in the first place. I never did the math but always though over 200 different relics seem to be far to much compared to the amount of actual prime stuff we have. But now it makes sense.
  13. I´d prefer something like this: 1.) improvements to heat status (probably solved) 2.) defense/sustain as passive or Fireblast replacement 3.) Fireball improvements (maybe solved) 4.) don´t touch Accelerant (unless you can make it more consistent in terms of staus immunities and varying stun duration) 5.) adjustements to WoF instead of a replacement (scaling range and damage)
  14. The whole time I thought the relics where consistent (e.g. Axi L1 would be the only source of Loki systems) and there would always be the same overall amount of relics rotating with vaulting/ unvaulting. But apparently there are new relics each time they unvault stuff?!? Or do I get something wrong here? Sounds a bit like an unnecessary complicated self made problem.
  15. Interesting .. and what exactly is your alternative concept for sustaining a loot shooter? Ammo Drum Prime? No wait that´s power creep as well... You could run power donation in a solo mission as well but I think doing so is at least questionable. Utility mods are not competative 99% of the time and almost indispensable in 1% of the time. Like the Aklex for example which has a ridiculous recoil probably in order to justify the existence of those kind of mods. My point stands there is no variety with the limited amount of mod slots or to put it in another way as long as we have enought mandatory mods that consume all of the slot.
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