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  1. DE can you make Mirage's BP sellable in the inventory? I forgot I already had the main bp for the frame and bought another one that I don't need. Since it's not sellable it's just sitting in my foundry.
  2. Can Xaku's passive and 4 just give straight up evasion and be allowed to stack with evasion mods? As of right now their passive and 4 give dodge chance, a completely different mechanic to evasion. It's giving the wrong idea to people that think they can mod for 100% evasion when in reality its xaku's 75% dodge chance and like 30% actual evasion from mods. Not to bash on you guys, but the game doesn't really explain the mechanics of this really well. I didn't even know dodge chance was a thing and that it and evasion are two completely different mechanics until I looked it up on the wiki.
  3. Like many others have mentioned, Railjack and Bile resources should be looked at and reduced. Every other category is manageable except for that one due to it being the only category that has resources that players don't have millions of. I don't know if this is already in the system or not, but if not, then removing an infused ability should refund the cost of infusing it in the first place. This way people can try out different ability combinations without the fear of it being a complete waste of time and resources if it isn't good. The way this system is now, people are really hesitant to t
  4. Right after fixing one bug from Trisolation Vault runs where you have to backtrack all the way to the first vault, a new one appears. This time I can't access the Tier 2 bounty even though I clearly finished the first one. The game doesn't register the first one as complete and I get the "bounty in progress, cannot select a new bounty" message.
  5. I play Trisolation Vaults solo and can also confirm these bugs happen to me every time I do them. First vault goes smoothly but second and third vaults all of a sudden require me to backtrack all the way to the first vault in order for the game to see the bounty as complete. There are times where even though I have about an hour left before the next wyrm cycle, I complete the first Isolation vault but when I do the second one, it doesn't register as the Tier 2 vault. I know this because as the tiers go up, so do the number of Necramechs you have to fight. It'll say I'm doing the Tier 2/3 bount
  6. 10k health Sandy Boi is now a reality. No buffs at all, just mods. Can't wait to put Elemental Ward on him too 🙂
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