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  1. You get a reusable clem prime clone blueprint
  2. Don't agree with this part chief but the rest we can totally agree upon.
  3. You don't see the full capability/potenital with low ranked mods & terrible low polarity mods in general. That's why you need formas to see what the full builds is capable to compare between different builds and then you're able to choose the ideal build. For maxed primed mods/maxed corrupted mods & umbral mods
  4. Yeah I don't think so and I don't see why they would want to if there's no real progression? People don't get to use any mod and max out mods in the simularcum you use what you've got, just without the forma restrictions. So you could understand what build you'd wanna make, I genuinely don't see why people would stay in the simularcum like you claim, to feel powerful? feeling powerful with no rewards gets dull and boring after 2 minutes. But this is my opinion and there are people with think otherwise, but I don't think your way of thinking is a majority within the warframe community or
  5. This is some serious nitpicking bud, your whole argument is;" haha you're wrong Youtube isn't the only source for copying builds" Which is not even the main point of my argument. My main point is that people rely on others for different sources for builds, because doing your own builds and spending your formas to test builds is just not worth it because it takes a lot of time and resources. And that's the entire issue. And that somehow lead you to the conclusion that my logic is flawed? because youtube isn't the only source that people use for builds in warframe? And my logic is flawed.
  6. How is my logic flawed? Why force a player to use his formas for builds that he's unsure of? You copying builds is the same as copying them from youtube doesn't debunk anything, you just change the source of your copying, you didn't make those builds yourself, people did the job for you.
  7. But the point of the simularcum is that everything you do in it is meaningless, no loot drops, no completion of challenges. Sure maybe removing mod capacity is stupid I'll agree with you on that part, but I still stand by my point of allowing players to freely polarize their own weapons.
  8. The Simulacrum has no other use then to check how strong your weapon is. How about letting the players chimp out with their mod collections on their warframes/weapons without the need of actually using formas, let us polarize weapons freely without needing to actually use formas, isn't the point of the SIMULAcrum is to simulate things? why can't we simulate builds without needing to waste a lot of time and resources just to test 1 build in the simulacrum?! that's genuinely stupid in my opinion. Why force new players to check youtube for the ideal builds? why not let them try out their own bu
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