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  1. yes, Tombfinger and Catchmoon are really strong and, although i liked them being op, i have to admit their nerfes are justified. the rattleguts nerv, on the other hand, wasn't necessary imho. on the soma: the buff was overdue, i had a riven just sitting in my inventory because i couldn't roll it so strong that i'd replace any mod in my build for it.that's not a good condition for a riven, especially for a weapon that has so many close concurents as the soma.
  2. that's called arbitration. putting them in normal survivals would (a) make arbitrations less useful and (b) make endo farming too easy
  3. as i always hear people whining about single challenges: you should make it clear that one doesn't need 100% of those completed to get to rank 30 (i think steve said something like 70% on stream?) challenges with friends aren't really a problem, you can just go to recruitment chat and add someone who's also just doing that challenge, if you like you can unfriend them afterwards. so no problem there, but that makes it kind of superfluous. challenges with clanmates, on the other hand, are a problem. many people have small and inactive or 1-man-clans they don't want to leave, so don't introduce clanmate only challenges continue to make it difficult. 1h kuva was a good start. yes, maybe not all players can go that long, but it's called CHALLENGE, not "just another boring braindead task". it's the nature of challenges that not every new player will pass, and that's fine (see points 1/4). if you're concerned about the time, not the difficulty: i don't think 1h should be too much for anyone i'd make it so that you can get all the important, gameplay relevant stuff (umbral forma...) around rank 20-25 and have exclusive cosmetics (wolf armor/syandana...) at the end. then adjust the difficulty of the challenges so that even newer and less experienced players and those who don't have so much time can get to rank 25, and to progress further you need to play a lot (do nearly every challenge) and/or do some very difficult stuff only advanced players can do (90 minutes arbitration, 4/5x3, 2h survival melee only...). that way newer and less experienced players or those who don't have enough time will complain less about not getting important stuff and players who play a lot and/or do the most difficult challenges can show that off. overall i enjoyed the series so far, thanks and keep up the good work 🙂
  4. why? would be cool if you could instead enable more characters... i just want to name my cat " (^._.^) " 😄 otherwise thanks for the update!
  5. could you maybe make an option to sort items in baro's dukat kiosk by their vault status (and maybe get a little indicator if an item is vaulted)? thanks 🙂
  6. THANKS. i know some people are sad artax rivens are gone but these people haven't gotten F...ing Sweeper rivens out of 2 of the 3 shotgun rivens they ever opened...
  7. nice, thanks. edit: especially for the staticor buff, haven't tried it yet but should be really good now also, can we have a toggle to hide vaulted primes in Baro's Ducat Kiosk?
  8. looks nice so far. particulary like that you make WH have an invincibility at the end instead of making it recastable, otherwise you'd probably end up accidentally recasting it a few times when trying to give it to moving allies with the augment. also, consider making the number of targets you can hit with the 2 moddable. if he should be of any value as a debuffer, he needs to be able to debuff whole parts of the map (remember that he needs to compete with nova and banshee there)
  9. you should decide what revenant's 1 should be. it should be EITHER built around the damage thralls do when they die, in that case it needs to be severely increased. OR it should focus on the minions fighting for you, in that case the thralls should be more like nekros' 4. that means thralls shouldn't be damagable by allies (if you have something like a saryn in your team or are simply playing with aoe weapons you can't do anything against killing them off all the time). they should also be useful for something, like either give you some form of buff (like nekros' shield of shadows) and/or have their damage massively increased so they can do something against other enemies. (in case you forgot: due to the way armor scaling works in wf, lvl 15 enemies can still kill each other in relatively short amounts of time, but at relevant levels (>60), they can shoot each other for hours) his 2 isn't a bad ability, but when a charge is consumed it should give you a short (maybe 1.5s) invulnerability, similar to what happens when inaros' 4 augment blocks a status. otherwise, fast firing enemies like heavy gunners or small crowds just shred through it in a second. his 3 feels pretty useless, maybe it could restore charges for his 2 (than you could double the energy costs of his 2 to make it worth using) his 4 is a lot of fun. before the nerf, the amount of enemies you could kill with full energy was fine, now it's a bit to low. you don't have to revert that nerf, i can understand that you don't want people to stay in such abilities forever, but then you should increase the dps a bit as a compensation. thanks if you've read through all of this ;D
  10. dual decurion is pretty much exactly titanias weapon just with different stats. but buffing titania is good, while you're at it you could also make her 1, 2 and 3 not feel useless (maybe give her some defense and/or cc with more range)
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