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  1. yes, Tombfinger and Catchmoon are really strong and, although i liked them being op, i have to admit their nerfes are justified. the rattleguts nerv, on the other hand, wasn't necessary imho. on the soma: the buff was overdue, i had a riven just sitting in my inventory because i couldn't roll it so strong that i'd replace any mod in my build for it.that's not a good condition for a riven, especially for a weapon that has so many close concurents as the soma.
  2. why? would be cool if you could instead enable more characters... i just want to name my cat " (^._.^) " 😄 otherwise thanks for the update!
  3. could you maybe make an option to sort items in baro's dukat kiosk by their vault status (and maybe get a little indicator if an item is vaulted)? thanks 🙂
  4. THANKS. i know some people are sad artax rivens are gone but these people haven't gotten F...ing Sweeper rivens out of 2 of the 3 shotgun rivens they ever opened...
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