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  1. No dedicated servers for pve. They do have em for pvp, and these are player hosted. Personally an "always be host" is much more feasible. With that option, however you will NEVER matched with other players with the hosting option on. That said, de can now match non hosts to dedicated hosts for latency. Will it require more coding? Probably, but i think it's worth it. There is a "soft" way to force hosting in pubs, but it only works on on non open maps. Start matchmaking and cancel. Or enter the mission and abort. The next time you enter matchmaking will usually be you hosting.
  2. Also, if you don't have the sol battery widget yet, check your scanner charges.
  3. please make the menu with the team have the loadouts visible like before. just icons on top and nothing else just wastes good space since you're not putting anything else there anyway. Please don't declutter unless you have a plan for the space you're clearing up on the UI. Bring back team loadout visibility in the menu.
  4. It is very much buffed over the regular Boar so it's weird you'd mention a reduction. It's 15% UP from 10% crit chance btw. There's a straight up comparison on the wiki so I won't list down how much it's buffed, but it is a substantial upgrade to the regular boar. It's not a crit weapon at all by any stretch and you'd be better off building for status. Get 4 60/60 status elemental mods on it and watch all your status procs go off. I do agree that an ammo pool buff would be nice, but that's nothing a carrier sentinel can't handle. A damage falloff adjustment would be ni
  5. just nerf whip range/aoe. Guandao is kind of harder to use despite its great range because the aoe is a flat disc. On the other hand, atterax is very forgiving since the aoe is not only wide, but pretty tall/thick. Unless they make it such that the physics of the game will only make the head of the whip deal damage reducing the range is the only means to balance this. If it's "head only" damage, that means you won't hit people inside a certain distance. You can expect an outcry right there though.
  6. I was NOT the host in any of the situations below. First try: Joined via simaris (Saturn, where Baro is today) Got into the entrance, 5 people in squad chat. portal won't open, after 2 members left the portal opened as normal. Enemies were NOT moving quickly. they spawn but they stand around too long. Finishing a wave does NOT immediately show the scoreboard, this results in losing anywhere from 10-50% from the timer.Got to wave 7 despite that. (We ended up losing because the wave wouldn't end.) Second try: went to relay(pluto) to queue, got kicked back to the ent
  7. Ahhh yes, this would be convenient but also opens a can of worms for weapons like the Braton Vandal. (When will that drop? All we have is DE's "someday")
  8. Codex has it, not sure if market and clan research menus have it too. A mastered weapon will have a green logo on the upper right of its pic to indicate you've mastered it.
  9. It has gotten better since the patch though. But the way the fight works you only need one active lure near the eidolon to hold it in place, from what I've seen. You can have the rest hold position somewhere ahead of the eidolon so it's easy to grab them when the final weak point goes down.
  10. I was hoping that the stone armor increased as you got more, but was kinda disappointed that the rocks just appeared and disappeared. Any chance additional rubble can be added depending on how much armor you've built up? (like 1200+ will have atlas nearly covered in rubble.) Edit: should the dominant hand have the armor first btw?
  11. And here I was ready to throw money on it day 1. I'll wait and see if the chest piece can get rescaled.
  12. Well, take into consideration that it was a living object and slowed down so it doesn't kill itself on impact.
  13. You're probably right that the crater probably disappears when you get closer. The area didn't feel like a bowl, tbh.
  14. It still makes sense even now. It's basically your transference machine detecting a tracer/piggyback signal and resetting/refreshing the connection to your warframe. It's not like there's a lack of people who'd want to find and kill a tenno right?
  15. There is a bit of a dent where the boil was. It would've been nice to leave a "dead" boil where it is for a few weeks. That would've just been a recolor of the boil and removal of the toxin field. Seems there is something left like a crater... and the toxin field is still active.
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