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  1. No dedicated servers for pve. They do have em for pvp, and these are player hosted. Personally an "always be host" is much more feasible. With that option, however you will NEVER matched with other players with the hosting option on. That said, de can now match non hosts to dedicated hosts for latency. Will it require more coding? Probably, but i think it's worth it. There is a "soft" way to force hosting in pubs, but it only works on on non open maps. Start matchmaking and cancel. Or enter the mission and abort. The next time you enter matchmaking will usually be you hosting. Oh, and there are chinese players using vpns to access global so it is possible to connect there.
  2. Yeah there is a cooldown. My problem is switching from arch gun BACK to normal weapons. Sometimes it won't let me.
  3. Or you might have hit the ceiling or something the exodia is a hazard in a number of cases. Also be careful of the secondary explosion that seems to happen when the projectile despawns.
  4. fluctus suffers from the same problems as other weapons with punch through. Since it has a huge aoe, if any of it hits the leg, you won't be able to damage the main body. Unless you're complaining that a slash weapon isn't doing too well against shields and armor? That said, +1 on velocitus not swapping right. Sometimes I have difficulty bringing it out (and it's not on cooldown) or it's difficult to switch back to normal weapons. Happens when I'm a client and I just use archwing launcher to force the switch.
  5. Exodia contagion has a mechanic that rewards long throws. at higher ranks it can triple or quadruple the damage if it travels 30m or more, so if used to get the proc you don't risk killing yourself. It's a very good bombardment exodia, but yes, bad to bring around to tight quarters because you have to be aware if you double jumped or bullet jumped so you DON'T press the melee button.
  6. I mean seriously? The whole point of Loki/Ivara/octavia is you don't get shot at because you're invisible, yet profit taker's missile barrage makes a beeline for you EVERY TIME. Same with several enemies that spawn, they make a beeline for where you are/were and these enemies have no way of knowing your current location if you move about constantly. Please fix, this is silly behavior unless you can handwave it with an explanation as to WHY they know where you are. Before anyone comments with weapon noise, I am equipped with Hushed Invisibility when I use Loki.
  7. Could it be that corpus generally deal puncture damage and valk is all armor?
  8. Vallis is stuttering again despite having 100 fps, even on solo. Previous patch fixed this issue already... 😞
  9. Re: health refresh new visual - the red cross is copyrighted right? Regarding Melee 3.0: Looks like a lot of progress so far! I like the gap closer from blocking, and directional heavy slams. Can we have a heavy attack speed bonus the higher the combo counter is? For example, a 2x swing speed on heavy attacks by the time you hit x2 or x3? How many combos are available while holding a primary or secondary? I hope DE can address a good provide a good amount of variety even when not in melee mode... (Or allow for a very smooth transition to melee mode and back while fighting.)
  10. 1. will each planet have a railjack node? How many are you guys planning to implement? 2. Will the railjack be implemented as a support craft for plains/venus? 3. How Soon(tm) will we get any of this? 4. Will we be able to run dojo obstacle courses with the hoverboards?
  11. Goodbye super easy solution to "3 headshots while aimgliding" challenge.
  12. Yey trin is back to doing what she was designed to do, keeping the team alive, topping up energy, and occasionally tanking. On that note her 1 really needs a rework of some sort. also for those who played trin for the nuke build, don’t be sad. No team will hate you for bringing a trin to a mission, especially if you’re packing a support build.
  13. Saryn does have CC. her 2 draws all the aggro. It's not a stun or impedance but it works.
  14. What about needing punch through to hit some of the spores? I've experienced this that without lash on it's hard to pop spores even as saryn. This is why weapons like ignis and plasmor are great for spreading spores but it does limit our options.
  15. re: directional ground slam - please restrict this to Zephyr or give Zephyr a significant advantage using this. "void mode" or "surge mode" - similar to syndicate procs, build a meter and have a short duration over buff or a unique buff per frame. (for example, Trin's 90% buff can return here, but lasts only 10 seconds, Rhino detonates his iron skin like with iron shrapnel, except the iron skin transfers to team mates, or mirage produced 4 extra clones for 10 seconds... something) I do like the direction that melee combos, heavy/charged attacks will no longer require melee mode. That was a serious hassle. I don't know how well it'll affect gunplay in pc though. I've got a lot near my WASD keys already mapped to something else...
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