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  1. Aside: I find it more fun to use Elytron to do AW Rush. The fact that it's slow actually makes those tight turns easier to manage. Also, raining down bombs at the end with Elytron so fun. 🙂
  2. Re: Itzal "nerf" Why? The entire point of nerfing AW damage powers was to ensure that AW was just a means of traversing the big zones. I don't even see the point of forcing players to use other archwings in that case. Unless you guys plan to make some changes to open zone combat, there's no real need to touch the itzal as far as on-planet use is concerned. Now if you wanted us to up k-drive use, consider other means of encouraging it.
  3. I noticed this too! Everyone has some sort of visor or helmet and only their mouths are exposed. Nora is no exception.
  4. Hokay... let's see, I'm ok with alerts gone. The new system seems interesting but I think some of needs improvement. 1. No consistent way to earn rep after you've done all the challenges for the week/day. At the very least let us track where the wolf can spawn, kinda like acolytes. 2. Some challenges are very tedious. The worst offenders are simaris, the clanmate/friend one, and bounties. Suggestions on how to make these work better: 1. Can't really make a suggestion for simaris, other than allowing it from other people's simaris targets to count to the challenge. 2. Please expand the sortie w/ a friend or clanmate to include ALLIANCE mates. 3. Make it count bounty stages instead of finished bounties. At the moment people are using bounty 1, might as well make it something like "complete 24/25 bounty stages" (8x3) And allow Fortuna bounties too. 4. 9 invasions... this was a pain to do. Please revisit rewards table for invasions, make forma/potatoes show up a little more often. The rest are "Eh, ok, very doable."
  5. Vallis is stuttering again despite having 100 fps, even on solo. Previous patch fixed this issue already... 😞
  6. Re: health refresh new visual - the red cross is copyrighted right? Regarding Melee 3.0: Looks like a lot of progress so far! I like the gap closer from blocking, and directional heavy slams. Can we have a heavy attack speed bonus the higher the combo counter is? For example, a 2x swing speed on heavy attacks by the time you hit x2 or x3? How many combos are available while holding a primary or secondary? I hope DE can address a good provide a good amount of variety even when not in melee mode... (Or allow for a very smooth transition to melee mode and back while fighting.)
  7. 1. will each planet have a railjack node? How many are you guys planning to implement? 2. Will the railjack be implemented as a support craft for plains/venus? 3. How Soon(tm) will we get any of this? 4. Will we be able to run dojo obstacle courses with the hoverboards?
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