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  1. Carcinnox mk3 vidar is currently one of the best side-weapon for gunners. While zekti carcinnox (the one you're using) is strong, and trust me, I've used an mk2 carcinnox on saturn, it's disliked by many players due to how fast it overheats. Maybe go with a vidar/lavan apoc till you find yourself a vidar/lavan carcinnox (preferably is the vidar).
  2. Considering you can't protect the ship from all sides, I wouldn't say it's op. If you're inside the bubble with the railjack, the bullets will then be guided to the center of the bubble, which will then be converted to health. Considering your railjack is inside the bubble he'll take every single bullet straight on, expecially if he's sitting on top of it. At most, you can partially surround the railjack to protect it.
  3. It's definitely possible to get ability and tactical avionics. I got 2 tactical (fire supression and battle forge) and 1 ability (seeking volley). They all dropped when I was doing missions on earth. Although the drop chance should be higher on saturn... I am yet to find any mod whatsoever in saturn related to abilities or tacticals.
  4. I have to vouch for the frost gun for pilot. It deals tremendous amounts of damage (talking about capable of 2-3 shotting elite enemies on the highest mission on saturn, if using MK 2) and for side weapons I'm currently using the electricity one (hit-scan) but I am building the laser gun one, and will maybe give the toxin ones a try. So far I think it's easier to aim with the laser guns when you're a gunner, so I might keep the laser ones (I think the name is photor?) to help whoever is the gunner when I'm hosting the mission.
  5. I sure like doing missions where while i'm piloting I notice the ship constantly entering decompression mode, and when I notice it, we have 7 crewships around us and not a single of my teammates has bothered to deal with them so far. So I leave the ship hanging there, waiting for it to lose hp again and I go, alone, take care of the crewships by myself. To every player in empyrean out there: I know you like reparing stuff, so do I. But... you don't have to repair if the enemy is god dang it DEAD! Completely diggity DEAD! KAPUT! It CAN'T KILL YOU if it's ALREADY DEAD. So do my patience a favor and please, just DO IT. Murder that crew ship, GUT IT.
  6. Uhm, from what i've seen it looks like normal abilities do work inside ships but they don't affect the outside. As in, you can't bring a nova to molecular-prime the enemy ships.... although that would be epic AF
  7. I hope empyrean launchs this week, although I know how DE works and the update will probably only come out next week... Anyway, to all those solo players complaining that railjack is worthless now cause solo missions are too hard bla bla bla, don't forget that you got in every map a "exploration" mode where you can slowly get used to railjack and explore the entire content without having to do the missions. Sure, to do the missions you'll either need to be skilled and have a properly geared railjack to do it solo, or you'll need to team up with other players, but the fact that empyrean is focused towards co-op doesn't mean you won't have any content to explore. I'm also a solo player, but I can't wait for empyrean!
  8. So, you saw people going into operator form several times and when you searched for it you found articles tagged with "spoilers" you still chose to read and spoiled yourself.... Not really the high mr players fault. Also, you'll eventually find out the operator is essential to gameplay, and not using it just to avoid getting new players spoiled in a 4 year old quest is a bit.... ridiculous. You also said so yourself, you had no clue who those tiny guys were until you decided to research it.
  9. Alright, just gonna add to the comment I said before (just watched the part on the devstream where they talked about that): -> DE said that to balance railjack they had to draw a line on the sand. Railjack is a multi-crew spaceship and as such, will be scaled to co-op. BUT, you can do EVERY mission solo if you want. The thing is, it's scaled to co op, and according to DE Steve, this will make railjack misisons' really difficult for solo players. You can try to solo them, but it isn't easy, and what DE Steve said was that you can solo up till tier 1 at the beginning, and when you start getting good, maybe you can do the higher level missions and succeed while solo, but DE will keep releasin' railjack missions, each more difficult than the previous one, meaning it'll reach a point where you have to go with a squad to do the mission, just like you have to team up to do long survival runs or farming toroids or killing your kuva lich when the lich is lvl 5 and tankier than a planet. TL;DR: You can play solo, but since railjack content is scaled to co-op, you'll have trouble completing the mission while solo. It's doable, and the more skilled you are the higher the chances of being able to solo. I repeat, you CAN SOLO EVERY MISSION of railjack, but you might NOT SUCCEED in completing every single one of them while playing solo.
  10. While there are missions in the railjack, aren't the missions more like zones/areas you can explore, and space ships pop up once in a while? Sort of a semi-open world kinda deal? Atleast that's what I thought. I mean, can I still hop into my railjack while SOLO, go into space and fly around while breaking stuff and harvesting materials without having to complete missions and whatnot? If yes, I don't mind this at all. If not... railjack will be just like archwing. Fun for the first few times, boring and annoying after that, ends up in dust. Edit: Haven't watched devstream yet
  11. Well, welcome to the daily life of titania mains. 2 of our skills got the lifted effect on enemies, and it's so fun to just see them fly away. Don't bother asking DE to change the lifted status, DE won't change it.
  12. Uhm, my melee can perfectly handle level 200 enemies without even bothering to use charge attacks. Most weapons with blood rush, condition overload and stacking crit plus high attack speed now completely wreck every enemy. The heavy attacks are slow to use, boring, have low range and require to, as is seen on the video, to use the operator arcane to pull them close to each other. I do nothing of the sorts with the melee weapons I've been using recently. Perhaps you need to give the melee rework another try.
  13. I am both inclined to agree with how DE has decided about the farm and timegate behind the drydock, but at the same time I'm inclined to disagree. Just imagine someone is waiting for empyrean to drop and didn't take notice of the drydock update, he decides to install the game, all happy cause empyrean just dropped, just to find out he'll have to spend a total of 3 days building the railjack, plus, if he's unlucky, some more time building the dry dock in his own clan (if he's a solo clan player). I don't think that player will be rather happy to hear about this. We can argue it was his fault for not paying attention to the drydock update, but lets have in mind we'll have new players joining the game who will probably work their asses to reach the mr necessary to play empyrean just to discover he has to grind quite a while more to get his railjack. What i'm trying to say is that the timegate on the railjack is perfectly fine if we're preparing for the empyrean update. After the empyrean update? I don't know, 3 days of unrushable 12h each part progress isn't exactly that appealing, althought it makes sense that we need time to build our railjack, did you see the size of that thing?! It's huge! And building it in just 3 days is amazing... in realistic terms. In gameplay terms... maybe this time gate is a bit too harsh? perhasp 6h each part? Or make them rushable in the future?
  14. While this isn't a visual bug, you should also add this to the operator bug list: Operators used to keep the jump momentum when jumping and immediatly cloaking themselves, allowing for relatively higher jumps. Now if you cloak while jumping you lose all your momentum and just drop down.
  15. To throw the shield you need to be in the air, then hold S and press the melee attack (just tested) Now, on other business: I've made a post on this thread already about tatsu, but I'm gonna make 1 more about nikana's stance, blind justice Blind justice currently has a problem with it's forward melee attack where the last attack requires you to do a spin. Locked in place. I thought the whole reason behind forward + melee was to keep momentum?! How can a locked-spin-in-place attack be anywhere near similar to a "keep your momentum when attacking"?!
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