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  1. I'm really just not going to watch any further streams and I encourage anyone that failed to receive drops to temporarily unfollow and not watch the streams until we get confirmation that there should be no more problems. Moreso, I'd encourage DE to stop promising what you can't deliver considering the fallout from Tennocon where by your own admittance you tackled the easiest fix and refuse to resolve any others, and subsequently locking the containment thread for posts relating to this issue, which again by your admittance several times was BROKEN FROM YOUR END and paired with ordering support to not issue missing drops to individual players. If you can't have a working system and can't allow support to hand out missing drops when your broken system breaks on several users, then just don't.
  2. I noticed instead of Mixer/Twitch, it's just Twitch. Is this because Mixer rewards are still broken?
  3. Still did not receive mine. I've given up on the Tennocon/Tennolive and the Mixer reward from last stream. Again, I implore you to try a new system since stream viewership events like this always, ALWAYS, break beyond repair and fail to deliver rewards appropriately.
  4. Oh now that's interesting. So in turning it on for PSN they ended up accidentally turning it off for everyone else. Which is why I'm wondering why they stick to drops since as far as my memory recalls, the system has never NOT been broken in some way.
  5. Hard to say everyone, but it seems to be the case, though WHY that is is probably why a lot of people saw the Tennocon/Tennolive drops not working as intended despite trying to pin it on failing to link properly.
  6. As noted by others, especially a lot of Mixer chat especially, drops failed again. Please consider using a different means to reward viewers because it's been broken several times for a long time and it was especially bad during Tennocon.
  7. Not really that reliable since people in Mixer chat were saying they didn't get their drop from this stream, and I'm one of them.
  8. This was not at all the case. While I understand wanting to defend the Devs, you'd have a stronger argument if you weren't spreading misinformation. What the Devs did was run a script gifting everyone who received the Lotus Ephemera and did not already receive Nekros Prime a Nekros Prime. It did not resolve any of the issues people had where they had received neither reward, received Nekros but NOT the Ephemera, people who watched ONLY Tennolive and did not receive their reward, and giftied Nekros to people who may not have been eligible in the first place since the eaaiest problem to tackle was people who received the Ephemera but not Nekros. Great, they resolved it for a massive portion of the missing rewards, but not ALL
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