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  1. Imagine doing a tough mission like SP disruption. You'll kill the trash just fine with the ON KILL buffs. Then the demolyst comes. Now that you actually need the damage, the buffs all fall off because you're only hitting one target instead of getting kills.
  2. Haha, yeah, maybe I should have explained better in the title. But honestly, the video started with the song and it just evolved from there.
  3. by far the #1 thing that needs to be fixed is being able to get reactant in grineer void storms in a public squad. Update: It's fixed :D
  4. Reactant really needs to be reworked, particularly for Grineer void storm missions I've had multiple missions that went on for 20+ minutes and we couldn't get enough reactant.
  5. This is actually great. I ran into that issue on my run through of the quest. I saw the lyric subtitles and didn't know what was going on, and only realized halfway through i had turned the music slider off lol
  6. Just so you're aware, Railjack relics are a 1-time reward. People will get the weapon and frame, and then it will become a 100% untouched part of the game, which is unfortunate because it's a very cool gameplay element. Loved the quest, love the gameplay of the railjack relic missions. But as a ~5 year MR30 player.... for the love of god please please please please please finally start adding evergreen rewards to the missions you put so much work into. Please. I want a reason to play the awesome content you've made. If railjack relic missions give the same reward but take longer than normal relic missions, absolutely no one will be doing them in a month or so. update: ok ok some perspective, 1,200 endo from veil is actually very respectable. Are relic rewards worthwhile? As a long time player, I have more relics than I could ever hope to use, but I don't know how most of the player base feels. update 2: okay hold the hell up. The rewards for veil are common 1200 endo (good/evergreen), common 100void traces, uncommon frame pieces (not evergreen, worthless after first drop), and then a ton of radiant relics. Therefore....... are these railjack relic runs going to turn into a way to do PUG radiant relic shares? If so, that plus the prime piece plus the normal railjack mission rewards.... it might actually be worth it. Thoughts?
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