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  1. Also getting the second bug. I only tried about 5 times today and yesterday, but I'm getting it 100% of the time whether I'm playing solo or public
  2. Overall great changes. Thanks a ton for the constant hotfixes to improve things. However, can we talk about this? "Increased the Bait Defense time from 60s to 90s and increased enemy reinforcements." What's the reason for increasing an already boring part of the bounty? You have us wait around for this then, then immediately jump into the infested-toxin part where we yet again wait around for another door to open. It's not engaging or interesting, and increasing the time certainly does not help.
  3. Even before the nerfs, I was already thinking about using a lot of different abilities on different builds.
  4. I'm trying to find where in my post I said that there should be some amount of nerf to make decoy competitive with them, and golly, I just can't find it. Also, you're misinterpreting what I said "that's good" about. Did you quote the changes and say that's good? Or did I quote someone saying that he'll still choose roar and I said that's good?
  5. That's probably good. They should be nerfed so they're not the obvious choice, but still kept strong enough so that they're a good choice.
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