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  1. They are space n i dont see the reason to like them more than just any regular n.
  2. Nay...like for real every time we get a a new open world the standing/resourse grind gets worse.
  3. What do you mean old stuff liches and Lackjack is already left behind look at this " nothing will be done with them" in 10 years if the game is still alive maybe ur gona get a VEnus update for railjack but dont get ur hoppes up this is how DE opperates you get soemthing they hotfix and tech it for 1-2 month and the next thing u know its not there 3rd ord mother.....
  4. Wait for it i kinda hope/belive by time they will switch or add other skills to the helmith by time. LETS HOPE SO!
  5. First its not realy open world its more like a big tank filled whit NOTHING Most of WF problems magnifies on the plains and vallis wich are there is npthing to do whit them onec u got most of the stuff from there nothing changes and only falls even more flat knowing DE only does the 4-5 month updates now. The materials are useless anywhere else, no new items added to bunties. The standing costs are a joke. More rare material that is a pain to farm like the little floating things in the plain wich u will need alot. GHOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but no ghoul saw...... I
  6. Or you know dont take part in it and just use wf market and let trade chat boil in its own piss.....
  7. I genuinely loved this tenocon more than those before i feel bad that ppl could not meet them in person and sht but damn it was focused, it was fun and damn it showed some great things i didnt expect the least.
  8. No im whit you on this is #*!%ING AMEIZING! IMagine this getting a base version and building it up from different parts getting new skills on it and new weapons for it and deploying it in other missions:D
  9. I absolutly love the idea to make 3 different config for my favorite frames whit 1 unique abilitie to all.
  10. I find this kinda interesting as every other online game is pretty much gating players away from new or high level content ALL the time and somehow its not a problem there only here where anyone can get to anywhere but one day an mr 6 leecher hits a gearcheck he cant get over and suddenly demands a nerf......and HE GETS IT! ITS AMAZING.
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