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  1. I would hapilly hunt the kuva wepoans cuz i find them interesting whit the bonus element and shet but the timegate and rng is just killing it for me. It would be pretty sustainable whithout THIS much grind considering there is riven involved too and bunch of new weapons and even than u can get those wepaons better by swaping its stats for a better one IT is sustainable sadly the Exesive MURMRUMRURRURMRURMRUR farming and rng consumables kills it mind my rudeness.
  2. This is notsouniversalmedlion provides 1 k standing wich is less than what i get for logging in and going afk akkad for 5 wave, jokes aside if ppl actualy wanted to level conclave whit this they would need to farm disruption BIG TIME like full time job time we are talking about considering its not even a fixed drop but a rng spin. The best case scenerio would have been like this : most ppl would may turn in some notsouniversalmedalion to get the missing some k standing to max for the next level or an item and the very few ppl who would have actualy hard time grind for these medalions i would say #*!%IN WHY NOT the guy LITERALLY spends stupid amount of time just to get minimal standing for a game mode he would get the standing much easier IF IT WERENT SO #*!%ING GOD DAMN DEAD AND ACTUALY ENJOYABLE if he wants to avoid Conclave this much IN FACT IF MOST OF PPL want to avoid it soo #*!%in much why spit into their faces? But ofc i know whats this all about same as whit Excal P expect its 100 times stupider now.
  3. Im sry to say but knowing DE's history on going back and fixing older content i rather take my chance of a band aid fix this time NO for real no jokes and all i dont want to wait another decade till they decide to make conclave more bearable than a chainsaw to the foot. Also pls Where is this "lets not band aid this time" comes from THEy always do 2-3 band aid that fails miserably and they move on to something else. YOU WANT PPL INTERESTED IN CONCLAVE WELL DAMN ME IT WONT BE BECASUE OF A 1 K STANDING NOT SO UNIVERSAL MEDALIOAN THAT WILL DO THE MAGIC WHY RUIN THIS AS WELL FOR SOME FOLKS?
  4. Reminds me when the 1st idea came out for universal vacum to split it into 3 mod thats collect different loots.
  5. Thats a fine understanding on how ppl should just shut the hell up and dont even provide feedback cuz eventualy DE will do what ever they want SILLY ME"facepalm".
  6. So its not just me who wants to spoon my eyes out?
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