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  1. Can we get update on next gen Warframe?????????!?? Will you allow transfer from switch to ps5? When will the next gen Warframe be launched?
  2. Thanks Helen, I’d like to add me two cents being a long-standing member of the community and player. I’ve played on the PC, PS4 and lately the Nintendo Switch. I’m currently MR26 and I rushing towards MR30. I am very worried about the fact that account migrations have not been made clear from day one on next generation consoles. I speak on behalf of the entire Tenno community when I say that we demand that this option to transfer from console to console (next generation) be available. I would be willing to pay a transfer cost if this isn’t available for free. A lot of time, money and sweat has
  3. Greats news!!!! Speaking on behalf of the Tenno community, I would like to formally request the service of transferring from Nintendo switch to PS5 or from PC to PS5. Make it one time only as you’ve done in the past. Make it for a limited time only. We are willing to pay for this service if necessary. Can you imagine an MR30 Tenno having to start over on PS5? That would be grossly unfair. Please consider our request.
  4. Hi Helen, I lost the Xaku changes from hot fix 5. The description of his ultimate remains the same but it no longer pauses his other abilities. Can anyone else confirm?
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