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  1. Only name changing I'm aware of with Litches involves using Zudd or Hok's entitle option after Vanquishing and claiming their weapon.
  2. Like the damage values of each hit and if guaranteed status effects will happen? Sadly, that info isn't provided in-game.
  3. The option exists, hover over an in-progress item and the R2... ZR prompt at the screen's bottom should become Cancel. Sorry if my previous post was unclear, I should've included where to find the option in retrospect. ^_^;;
  4. Regrettably, the closest option available would have been to cancel the build before it finished.
  5. Didn't DE allow Keyboard+Mouse support for consoles a while ago, back with that UI/Cursor overhaul? They had certainly mentioned it on the streams leading up to it if nothing else, as I remember claims the uniformity of supporting both control options across platforms would ease certain programing burdens.
  6. Its like someone played Metroid Other M and actually thought it's "Scan Mode" pixel hunt moments were good. Copy Metroid Prime's Scan visor instead please.... Why they don't let us move as normal and use our existant Codex/Synth scanners to highlight points of interest is mind boggling. /rant
  7. Technically that almost exists already, what with blocking contributing to the combo counter nowadays.
  8. Your current target & progress is listed at the top of Navigation's Syndicate Missions tab, just above the Onslaught options.
  9. Not broken, the Xaku update simply hasn't reached consoles yet.
  10. Archwings at least inherit Enemy Radar aura effects and have intrinsic vacuum... Necramechs not even having a radar-type mod is just wrong. I now find I want to complain about our esper Operators still lacking radar-effect options, so I'll just stop before spiraling.
  11. More variety, silly or not, would be appreciated. Pre-Ordis days, they used dioramas with player frames as the vote screen, with a different scene for each mission type... Doing something similar for the new results screen would be pretty cool. Said dioramas can still be found in codex mission entries (and no doubt online of course), if curious.
  12. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a "silent when solo" chat option. Clan and Alliance chat tabs are unfortunately still active when set to Solo... Assuming that's your issue, to avoid Clan/Alliance chats when soloing, set Invite Only rather than Solo; you'll get a Squad tab that can remain empty!
  13. In my experience, a melee Heavy Slam or Klamora prism blast make short work of their plot armor.
  14. With so many tap/hold abilities in-game already, Pull should have had an attract/repel update ages ago... Magnetism working both ways and all.
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