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  1. The only counter argument towards removing them as mods is that Precept mod placement determines priority of use.... but with how the Battle mods in the Plexus now function, an elegant solution may already indeed exist.
  2. Hanging around for a few minutes in any Shipyard type Ceres mission should do the trick. You'll get a message from the Lotus when they spawn. Ker, Cinxia and Casta are prime choices IMO.
  3. For MD and Def, Ancient Healer Specters have been a Steel Path crutch for me. Their damage resistance aura affects defense targets and is noting to sneeze at regardless.
  4. Seems it worked for me on console, as I have have full Orphix scans and never used the Helios or Operator + Scanner option. Bummer it didn't work for you on PC.
  5. Though not a Helios build... if you have Bonewidow, you can equip Astral Autopsy to it's Ironbride as an alternative.
  6. I thought I my net simply got slower, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Still, this has yet to be a positive in my recent pub experiences, especially with the other type of impatient host who trigger the vote timer. Now when the Orbiter finally loads, there's rarely enough time to react before thrust into the next loading screen. Admittedly not too bad if not changing gear in a sortie, however when intending to do so, or when it happens in a Fissure session... that's merely another wasted loading screen to sit through. Definitely annoying.
  7. That mod comes with Vizier predasites though.... which themselves have been on consoles for months. For what it's worth I used a combo of a Vizier and Nekros (whose desecrate remains active while Transferred out) when leveling my mechs a few weeks ago. Orbs definitely helped my mech and the Vizer's power at least seemed to counter any health loss imposed on Nekros by Despoil.
  8. If they have season specific foes in the future Nightwaves, I hope they'll be less intrusive with transmission fanfare and corruption/weakpoint shenanigans. That got old fast. Fortunately there's only a week left of Glassmaker's random vitrifications.
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