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  1. And you all guessed wrong ^^ We're getting Rhino and Nyx... again... https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-vault-opening-july-16?utm_source=in-game&utm_medium=ign
  2. Here we go again, the cycle continue... If you didn't know, DE did this once. In 2018 Warframe received much less new content while the devs tried to fix and rework things. You know what happened ? Everyone, from youtuber to forum people cried about "Content Drought". And now that DE has decided to make lots of new content again, topic such as this one start to appear.... How many time do we have to go through all of this ?
  3. Actually, Hitsu San runned a poll to ask people what frame they would like him to do next. And surprisingly, Valkyr won. Maybe the reason why nobody plays Valkyr is because they need that nice Hitsu San touch on their Valkyr to play it again.
  4. I think what HitsuSan is trying to tell is Nidus Deluxe skin is so perfect for him, he's gonna need a lot of work to make something that feels even better to him and he don't want to put this much dedication into such a skin right now.
  5. If you can't see the picture, try removing the "i." before the "imgur" in the url, and it should work. I'm seeing this problem a lot recently, i wonder if it's a forum or an imgur issue... Anyway, the hood looks awesome but i also don't like the visor, it's too bulky and too much in the way.
  6. I'm not quite sure about how i feel about this helmet. It may be because of the lack of proper texture, but i can't help to see an overextended neck, like her face only begin at the gold "nose". I also have this feeling it doesn't go very well with the body skin. I can't properly tell what's bothering me but i don't have a good feeling about this helmet :/
  7. Can't wait to to grab that booty skin. I've wanted a Valkyr tennogen for a long time but none of what is already available please me. With a skin from you, i'm sure i'll be much satisfied. ^^
  8. Since i finally got the incrustation background from Simaris, i thought i would do a little something to show all the skin i have from you :
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