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  1. Hey guys - Scott in particular. I used a time-based multiplier on my acceleration in flight code for something years back, and it's something I've pictured in Warframe for a while. You could implement something similar into Warframe by making Afterburners have an acceleration the longer you boost, up to a *very* high maximum. That way, in the open maps, archwings would have a much higher functional speed. The system I had written was very simple, while the input was held it would add to a stored 'acceleration' value; when it was released, the value would be constantly subtracted from. (Hitting an obstacle would reset it.) The value would be added to up to a certain maximum - all you've gotta do is work out that maximum to provide comparable mobility to blink in the wide spaces. The upside of implementing a system like this would be that it would increase the top end of mobility for every archwing, but like blink, it would only be able to see its full potential in the asteroid fields, or over the open worlds. If something like this was emplaced... You could nuke blink to hell and I wouldn't care. I'm betting most people that currently rely on it would feel the same.
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