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  1. It works for me with L1 tap, which is what my Roll/Slide/Crouch bind is set to.
  2. It's fine for me, I also enjoy it much more than before. I guess everyone has different feels about it though.
  3. Yeah, I agree about better ability. But if they insist on keeping this one (at least for now) at least make it work better. Hold would be a bit awkward for consoles, and besides a game like Just Cause makes the same slingshoting work perfectly without any holds, so I'm sure DE can do it as well, if they put just a bit more polish into how it works.
  4. Personally I really like the changes. I flew around the Plains of Eidolon a bit, right after update hit consoles yesterday, and it all felt really good. It's actually WAY more responsive than it was before, "sprinting" is much easier and can be done in every direction. I could agree with it being less fluid visually, but functionally it's way better than it was before IMO. The only complaint I have currently is that Itzal's new hook ability is way too clunky. It should release the hook way sooner, so it doesn't pull you into the ground. Probably just make it so it auto-releases when you get to a certain distance to your hooking spot.
  5. Same actually. So I guess 720p is likely a problem here. I hope DE will see this and are able to fix it.
  6. Same. I guess they made some adjustments to decrease the FPS problems we had last patch, and it caused this to happen (again) Just going around the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis is a nightmare right now. You constantly have giant rocks poppping right in front of your nose, pools of water being invisible, so you can just walk into them unknowingly and get teleported, there are occasional gigantic void in the ground that just refuse to load until you literally step into it. I don't think it's even a loading issue per se, since you can just stand there in one spot and look at a huge void for a minute, and unless you walk into a specific spot it just won't load ever. It seems like it's something with the way game thinks it should render stuff for you. Honestly I'm not even sure what's worse, the FPS drops we had, or this. With FPS drops you can at least do some relatively peaceful stuff without much problems. Now I just tried to mine some rocks and it annoyed the hell out of me just moving around the world. Also on a side note, I think it also might be affecting how the mining points spawn. I had some real troubles finding mining spots around the open worlds, especially when you move a lot, which I don't think was a problem in the past.
  7. Yeah, making it at least an equivalent of Aura forma's universal polarity would already be a pretty big step. Right now, like half of the weapons have the Madurai polarity, and there's only like 2-3 exilus mods fitting in that, and most of them are pretty useless for many weapons. So you either have to forma it to the Naramon, and then you can't really use those 2-3 mods anymore, or just stick to those mods. It limits the variety and usability of exilus mods, which was the entire point of exilus slot in the first place. In general though, I feel like forma approach need to shift a little bit. The more great mods and their Primed versions (and also rivens) we get, the more and more you are sometimes forced into making a really inflexible slot polarizing to fit those, where you basically can fit 1-2 builds at best (it also doesn't help that for whatever reason Cold element has different polarity from every other element, so it makes it unnecessary difficult in some cases). I wouldn't mind if in the near future we got an Universal polarity forma of sorts, even if it was almost as rare as Umbra Forma currently is. But at least we would be able to make our favourite weapons/frames more flexible.
  8. I'm on PS4, just tried to figure it out as well, and had no success... Neither of the buttons does the blink.
  9. Boosters activate as soon as you get them, whether it's buying them from any source, finding them in rare container or getting them as login.
  10. Tragic... Although anything is better than getting Fieldron Samples or Detonite Ampules...
  11. Of course she can get hurt by melee hits, but you said it as if having huge Range affects that in any way. Having huge range have no negative impact on Turbulence performance at all. Melee units act exactly the same as with low Range, and projectiles/hitscan get deflected just fine whether they are shooting from inside your Turbulence range or outside. If anything having big range helps deflecting Bombard rockets and even grenades further away from you, so there's much less chance for you to get hurt from those
  12. What? She doesn't get sliced when melee mob enters Turbulence... especially if your Turbulence range is like 15 meters... There's literally no downside on Turbulence having huge AoE. I can see an argument for Tornadoes, but personally I tend to avoid using those anyways, because when playing with others it only slows down the gameplay, and CC is way too unreliable anyways. I would rather shoot an Airburst for quick area knockdown for the entire room.
  13. The problem with Zephyr's "moving around" is that while she definitely does have a good mobility move on paper, in practice it is way too clunky and doesn't fit many of the enclosed tilesets of Warframe, so you'll find yourself getting stuck on walls, railings, etc, quite a bit. I would love for them to give some QoL passage for Tailwind, but I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon, if ever... As for builds, pretty sure that the most popular one is to just get as much duration as you can and good efficiency, and keep Turbulence 24/7. Rolling Guard helps a lot for recasting. Although with such build it would be even harder to move around in enclosed tilesets due to insane distance you'll get on Tailwind. Personally I also like the max Range build, for more support oriented Zephyr. It's only worth if you play with others though, and want to protect them from bullets. Youll have to sacrifice some Duration (usually I have around 130-140% I think), but in return you will have more control over Tailwind and a gigantic globe of projectile protection. Fun fact: Zephyr's Turbulence range is pretty much the same as Frost's Snowglobe, so you basically have a moving snowglobe centered on you. Another fun thing in this build is that Airburst actually becomes a decent knockdown tool, because it gets a huge AoE. One cast can knockdown an entire room of enemies. Also there's the Jet Stream build, but personally I never used it that much, because buffing strength for Zephyr feels like a waste to me, since none of her other abilities benefit much from it. It's pretty cool for some projectile weapons though, or if you like to run around fast (although in that case you might as well use Volt, Wisp or Gauss) Overall though, Zephyr is pretty much a just for fun frame at this point. Everything she does, others can do better. The only thing going for her is her fun mobility, but even that feels way too clunky at times. EDIT: Here's an example of a range build I use when playing with a friend: http://warframe-builder.com/s/d4ac19fc673df176 Note that aura is whatever. If you don't want to use an Aura forma, then using Physique is actually okay, since Zephyr has high base HP and you're running only Vigor. If you want to infest Aura Forma, then you can use Corrosive Projection or maybe even Power Donation for extra "support" for others, since Zephyr doesn't really need Strength. Or any other aura you feel like. Also I kept the initial Madurai polarity (hence Fleeting is in a wrong polarity slot), in case you want to go for Jet Stream build and need some extra strength mods. You may or may not choose to get rid of it, personally I hate that it's there in the first place, considering Zephyr barely needs strength. You can pretty much safely install a second Vazarin polarity, because Rolling Guard is so good for Zephyr.
  14. I would recommend trying to find someone with a similar mindset as you, who wants to play a co-op game in the first place. As someone who pretty much only plays Warframe with a brother, we always have very good times experimenting with different warframe combinations and other fun stuff, like trying to buff the other frame to some crazy amounts or other silly stuff. Unfortunately 99% of people don't really want to play actual co-op, and that's true for most of games that do not require you to work together. People will always wander of and do their own thing and try to rush everything. You have to find people you will enjoy playing with.
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