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  1. I agree. Also while we're at it, they could look at pits as well. When you start falling into a pit you usually can get away from it with a simple double jump or a bullet jump, before actually falling deep into it, however, on old tilesets the out-of-bound trigger is so close, that you often just get teleported out of it anyways, even when you already jumped out of the pit on your own.
  2. To me Excavation and Interception are the biggest offenders to this. Excavation sometimes turns into a slog, where you have to stop putting batteries into Excavators to be able to collect enough Reactants on time. Sometimes it takes way to long to do so. Interception is probably the worst though, because if you're not letting enemies capture any points, you will always be on the very edge of being able to collect enough reactants by the time it reaches 100%. Sometimes you're able to collect your last reactants only in the clean up section (after you already got 100%), and sometimes y
  3. Well, you can control what rotation you get in Disruption by letting conduits be destroyed, so it's enough for B reward, but not C. But the main point is, you get Axi relic on EVERY rotation, so if 4 rounds of both Disruption and Interception take roughly around 20 minutes, you'll get only 2 chances at Axi A9 in Interception, but you'll get 4 chances in Disruption, which is basically twice as fast. Even if you don't go for rotation B by letting them destroy some conduits, it will still be quicker by a lot, and it's not like getting a Lua lens BP on Rotation C is a bad thing, unless you're alre
  4. Not really related to the discussion, but just as suggestion, if you're able to run Disruption missions fine by yourself, they are much more efficient for farming particular relic types. For example Apollo, Lua Disruption gives you Axi relics from round one, if you protect all 4 conduits. And after first round you don't even have to protect all 4 to get one (only 3+ on round 2, 2+ on round 3 and only 1 on round 4 and beyond). It saves a LOT of time, because you don't get the junk from rotation A's like you do in interception missions, which ends up being half of your rewards, no matter what y
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