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  1. Like the title says, Secura syandana randomly switches between two colors. I can't quite put a finger on what triggers it, but whenever I go into loadout customization it sometimes switches to one color or another (obviously while I'm not touching anything in my color scheme), to the point where just going into some menus within loadout can just change the color. With my current color scheme it looks either like this (which is what I want it to look like) and other times it switches to this, without me touching any colors From what it looks like, it sometimes applies the default blue color as the additional energy color or something like that.
  2. Yes, whenever you have Overshield (purple shield) from any source, Slash and Toxin damage can't bypass it. From wiki:
  3. I just use Redirection and Primed Vigor, and sometimes Augur Accord for that extra Shield Capacity (lately I've been going without it though with Strength/Range build). No Vitality though. Having a little bit extra health from Vigor helps feeling more comfortable, but you don't need that much. Her Passive allows her to ignore direct Health damage from Slash and Toxin when her Overshield is up, and also Pillage clears any status effects from you. So really just spamming Pillage and constantly getting tons of shields helps a lot usually. The only problem would be Infested, since even though they can't drain any energy from you, which feels great, they also don't have much armor/shields, so getting value from Pillage is really hard. Toxin damage can mess you up pretty badly there.
  4. I much prefer Raksa's Protect to Sentinel/Moa Guardian. Guardian only works when your shield is depleted, which is okay, but it's more of emergency usually. Most of the time you would have casted Pillage when you're about to take a lot of damage anyways. Raksa Protect on the other hand works pretty much always. It helps you keep up your shield at very high levels at all times, even if you are using drain abilities, including her 4th Ability. With Protect you can pretty much turn on Haven and forget about it, and regardless of whether you use Pillage or not or whether enemies have enough shields/armor to give you enough shields back, you'll always have high enough shields.
  5. There are generally 3 ways to assign and use your powers (you might have to reassign some buttons in options) 1) You use R1+face buttons to cast your abilities 2) You use Touchpad swipes to cast abilities 3) Or you use D-pad to cast abilities Each method has it's own good and bad sides though. For example if you use touchpad swipes, you won't be able to cast hold abilities on some warframes that have them, so you might need to have a back-up Ability button. The good side of swipes is that it can be used with either of your hand, so you can always keep one of your thumbs on either left or right stick while casting. With some practice and finger dexterity you can even swipe with your other fingers, while keeping both thumbs on the sticks. For D-pad ability casting, I think it's the most responsive and versatile option actually (although personally I don't use it). You can still use hold abilities just fine with it. You keep your thumb on the right stick so it's easier to aim with your abilities, and you can also use your index finger to keep both thumbs as well again with enough practice and finger dexterity. The downside of this mapping is that you use all your D-pad buttons for this, and you'll have to assign all the extra actions on the swipes, and some of the actions can't be assigned to swipes for whatever reason. But you'll be able to free up R1 for something other than ability button. The R1+face buttons is pretty straightforward. Personally I don't like it because you have to press 2 buttons for it, and I prefer to have my R1 for melee. Also it's much harder to keep your thumb fingers on the stick like with other methods. It's good for freeing lots of buttons on your controller for extra stuff though, since then you can assign all the d-pad AND touchpad swipes for whatever you want. I suggest that you figure out what works best for you. You can even go with some extra custom assignments. For example I use swipes, but I also use R3 for the first ability, because I find it usually the one that's good to have always under your finger on most frames. So play around with your controls and find what's the most comfortable for you.
  6. Raksa Kubrow is her best friend. I usually go for 3 shield mods (Redirection, Primed Vigor, Augur Accord) Although the third one is definitely replaceable, but with Raksa, the higher your current shield is at, the more shield it restores, so it's useful to have higher capacity instead of any efficiency or shield recharge mods, since Raksa will keep you up, even with really heavy drain (like using 4 with occasional shots from 1) In general though always use Pillage, since it's great both for keeping your overshields up (which saves you from slash/toxic damage to health) and reducing enemy armor or damaging their shields. Although I have to mention that her Pillage is pretty bad at lower levels, due to enemies having too little armor and shields. Haven is surprisingly good for killing trash enemies, especially at lower levels, and also staggers all non-heavy units. It's also always cool to give other frames with low amount of shield some extra shields and your passive. EDIT: Oh, also a neat trick that I haven't realized right away. When you cast 1 and get the Balefire gun, you don't have to cast it again to put it away, you can just switch to primary and the Balefire will get holstered while remaining active with no negative effects, since it doesn't drain shields unless you fire. It helps with the game flow a bit since now when you use 4, you don't have to recast 1 everytime as the gun just instantly goes to your hands. Of course this is only good if you don't need to use your actual secondary weapon, however Balefire is pretty strong on its own too.
  7. From what you say it seems like you are indeed Rank 1 and you need 22,000 Standing, 20 Intact Sentient Cores and 50K credits to be promoted to Rank 2. You probably got confused because like with everything in Warframe, there's also Rank 0, and that's where you would need only 5,000 standing points and 10 Intact Sentient cores to get promoted to Rank 1. But if you're already able to get 22,000 points, and your next requirement is 20 Sentient cores, it seems you've already done that part. So the requirements you've listed here are correct and I don't see anything wrong. You just need to get that Standing to 22K.
  8. To add to this problem, Fissure Defense missions can be especially bad with constant extra corrupted enemies spawning from fissures. Sometimes while hunting for the last remaining enemies stuck somewhere, more and more Corrupted enemies spawn, which can greatly extend the time it takes for each wave to finish.
  9. Me and my friend usually do some Index runs. Usually it takes around 15-20 minutes for 3 rounds in a duo, which gives you 700K profit (1,450K if you have credit booster) Some maps can take a bit longer though. The way we recently were doing this is one of us camps the base with Frost, who places Snowglobes all over the place to slow enemies down and make them easy to kill, intercepting with all the points they get from killing bots, etc. Frost shouldn't take any points, while the other frame collects everything until he gets to 20 points (which gives 30 with +10 bonus), and then take them to the destination and repeat. I used Hildryn for that job, because she's literally unkillable if you spam Pillage, and get 1200 overshield each time regardless of how low your actual HP/shields are from the debuff. Plus you get an invuln period when your shields are dropped.
  10. Well, RIP everyone who didn't get Nekros Prime then (including myself)... Honestly I think since it seems to be a very common problem, and a lot of people didn't get it, they could just give Nekros Prime to everyone who got a Lotus Ephemera drop, but didn't get Nekros Prime drop. Because I'm sure that 99.9% of people who watched the stream with linked accounts before the big reveal, made sure to tune in during the main part of the stream. It's just straight up unfair to exclude people from their giveaway because of their twitch drop system bug.
  11. I mean it's an okay fix, but when you have to use one certain frame to make the defense mode bearable (time-wise), there's something wrong with the mode. Also it heavily depends on faction and tileset. Sure Infested can be rushed with Nova pretty good, but you'll have much harder times doing that with Corpus, Grineer or Corrupted, especially when Nullifiers are involved. I'm very much with OP on this one. I find myself avoiding Defense missions at all costs lately. They are long and give pretty crappy rewards for the most part (outside of Derelict and Void where it's an okay place to get relics, especially Derelict with Speed Nova) I think they should either compress the enemies a little bit, so they go out quicker, or at least get rid of the long wait times inbetween waves.
  12. I never said it's "good", it's just personally it doesn't bother me as much as 3 Forma one. I agree that both of them are kinda silly for a timed Nightwave challenges though.
  13. Honestly gilding doesn't bother me as much. You can always just craft a zaw and gild it, and it doesn't take any valuable resources. However wasting 3 forma or getting out of your usual pace for upgrading equipment just to complete this challenge can get annoying. It would probably be fine if it was just 1 forma, but 3 is too much IMO. But I would be glad if they removed both challenges to be honest. Both of them seem weird for a "challenge"
  14. I think it should be back very soon, I haven't seen it for some time now. However if you want to do it now, you can probably just ask to join somebody who has some Thermia. It's better to do it with some people anyways. As for Themia drops, it is a guaranteed drop every time you close 4 thermia fractures.
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