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  1. A few small points: Exodia Contagion. It seems new melee mechanics don't play nice with the Exodias, or at least with this one (I haven't fully tested things, too busy irl). Another bone of contention is to be found in Hildryn being the only 'Frame to have Shield Gating. Why not give her Hardened Shields, allowing her armor to apply to her shields, while giving ALL 'FRAMES Shield Gating? It's more useful a mechanic than should be included as a one-off. I'm going to put some play time into this before I say much more, but there seems to be a significant opportunity missed here.
  2. Still can't equip Ruinous Extension to the Ocucor. Look guys, EVERY TIME a new beam secondary drops this is an issue. EVERY. TIME. I'm sorry if this feels a bit like I'm being short with y'all, but c'mon guys, it's been a thing ever since Ruinous Extension was added to the game. If I'm not focusing on other positives, don't fret. I can't talk now, too busy trying to grind FOREVER~! Damn you DE, every time you drop new content I lose more of my LIFE! It's SOOOOO goood.... I dind't think I needed a K-Drive, but now I cannot imagine the game without it!
  3. I'm VERY sad to see that Garuda's claws are just a cosmetic item that merely interferes with aiming. I was somehow expecting to see them show up in her abilities FAR more than they do. ONE ability where she slaps something with them? NO "giant claw" weapon, or exalted weapon? NOTHING? It just feels like a waste of the concept to me, that's all. Very much "Gore Lite", with half the blood and a quarter the satisfaction...
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