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  1. 2 hours ago, Rahlgrim said:

    About UI changes: I would much prefer to see my groupmates loadouts (and relic selection) by simply hitting Escape. After the UI change we have to mouse over each tiny Glyph icon to see what frames and gear (and relics) they are using.. I feel like its a little too minimal when there is a ton of real estate on the top of the screen.

    This this this.  It's the only real complaint I have about the new UI and it is obnoxious having to mouse over each one to see allies loadouts.

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  2. After playing her a bunch, I'm okay with everything they changed about Sayrn here except that spores don't spread when an enemy dies from the tick.  I get that they probably did it so it doesn't clear a bunch of low level stuff quickly, but it just feels annoying in game.  Everything else about the change is great and, let's be honest, needed.

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