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  1. I tried to limit the suggested weapons to "natural" infested weapons, but I guess mutalist weapons would work too. Got any ideas for stats?
  2. Throughout the years, as prime weapons have been limited to Tenno-only weapons, we have received our own variants of more powerful faction weapons - Ignis Wraith, Opticor Vandal, Supra Vandal, Strun Wraith and many more. The increase in power has allowed those weapons to continue being useful despite the powercreep that new weapons and new primes can cause, which in turn allows greater diversity of gameplay and, dare I say it, a modicum of choice when it comes to weaponry. This all changes, however, when you look at the Infested weapons. There are currently 29 Infested weapons p
  3. The roller from Octavia Prime's second ability changes back to its original version if you use either the base skin or the Diva skin with prime accessories on. Can this either be changed so that the roller is always prime except for deluxe, or so that having prime accessories on makes the roller prime?
  4. I can't recall the number of times I've finished a mission, hit T, and gone to type "gg" or whatever to my teammates. A few seconds go by, nothing happens. "What's going on?" I think to myself. Then, I look at the search bar in the mission rewards section - "tggwp" It's just endlessly frustrating. Filtering rewards is a very rare thing - but chat is a highly used feature. Therefore, it makes sense NOT to automatically toggle the search bar on. Having to manually click off the search bar every single time after a mission is yet another endless chore to the buggy mess that is
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