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  1. I feel that lowering the requirements to upgrade in Entrati is a slap in the face of players capable of doing it as it was. I hope one day you can make something difficult or grindy and leave it that way. Not all content has to be for everyone. If ppl are not able to get these upgrades then perhaps they should be getting stronger in other areas, And coming back later on when they are capable.
  2. When charge augment gives armor, and they just capped the armor gain from defy. Why do you think this will happen?
  3. Start a new account. Get it to MR 8 and tell me if you find that a new player would be experienced after doing the same. If you do not understand then perhaps you haven't the understanding of "very experienced warframe players" . Or perhaps your lack of understanding comes from the "doesn't affect me mentality". Either way this isn't difficult, it seems to me that you choose to not understand.
  4. As much as I feel this won't be taken as constructive criticism I really hope you understand that it is. For many years of playing this game( I started the day that Nova prime was released) I have accepted that content in this game was for everybody, anybody had access to it. Only during the time raids were introduced did DE present missions that were only for the "very experienced warframe players " and even then low end players could join. Please DE , never introduce a system for "very experienced warframe players" then rip it from us again. Please be vigilant and when you use th
  5. Can you elaborate as to the mistake you are referring to?
  6. I do so only out of direct curiosity. I want to understand your side with being affected by it. As iv seen most changes and additions accessible with the outlayer being Helminth's requirements. Lack of readiness will remain as long as players have no reason to get stronger. That reason needs not be rewards but simply the want to test a real loadout. Surely I do not mean the load outs created by players asking for "hand out builds". As for raids the incentive was arcanes and they were highly desired. Players were simply unable to complete Raids to obtain them at least on a larger
  7. Can and have are 2 differing concepts. If you have then you can. If you have not but say you can its belief or deception and Neither is healthy. A lack of players on this content only shows the lack of willingness or readiness for it. As was with Raid missions. Power creep is a natural occurrence on an MMO. If you want a game without power creep you may have chosen incorrectly. And also by symptom you surely mean solution. But! If you're solution is a nerf over a new challenge setting. Can you list these trivializes and how fixing them would be easier then making better g
  8. You seem very unwilling to play with out a team. If you are unwilling to do missions without a team then it seems to be that exactly which sets you behind. And if you want an unchallenging game then why would any of the Helminth changes make anything worse? And don't say team play. You can make your teams instead of using public. So you want steel path to have more rewards but if it had more content locked behind it ppl would complain? Seems you are on a lot of sides in this debate. The fact that you're unwilling to progress in steel path without a team is the exact
  9. We shall see should that happen. My previous point comes back now. Being unwilling to do something due to external circumstances (other players/rewards) doesn't speak to your experience as a player. Out of the many experienced players i know I have never heard them speak about rewards in such a high regard. It seems you should build experience and resources/rewards in easy mode till your content. Then join us in the better game mode when you are ready for it. Don't rush it if its not for you yet. You're not incorrect about doing something just for challenge. But considering thi
  10. The fact that you still care about rewards tells me enough. I stand by the opinion of, if you think roar was too powerful for this. Or any power on the list in general. Then maybe this system isn't for you. Go finish collecting the rest of the game and come back to me when you play it for fun and not prizes. You being unwilling to do steel path. For team reasons or reward reasons certainly doesn't speak to the experience of you as a player. my idea of an experienced players is one who has tried every frame type with at least one forma. And a small handful of weapons beyo
  11. If you don't care for steel path then maybe the Helminth isn't for you. Isn't it clear that this system was supposed to be for "very experienced warframe players " ? Not players on normal levels?
  12. why should it not? I agree with you should the system be left as it is at MR 8. But at 15 was reasonable for powers like this its almost impossible to defend choices like this.
  13. It isn't, this already happens. It will simply take less players to pull it off. Less dead weight carrying around a buff frame when you only want a buff.
  14. Glad you asked. No my upset would be far from existing. However I was under the impression that players like me would be getting a system built for the "very experienced warframe players". And the taste of it turned sour when I was then informed that any MR 8 players could get access to this. I also feel that the nerfs would not exist if this system really was for "very experienced warframe players ". Indeed. I beat the steel path in under 72hours of release. That doesn't change the fact that the system was announced as being for "very experienced warframe players" and it's clearl
  15. Heart of Deimos supporters packs announced on ps4 today. This Made me think about " do I support this update? " and iv found for the first time In years of playing your game i do not support this update. You advertised this update in 2 parts, the open world for the newer players. And Helminth for "very experienced warframe players". Then chose to lower stats of powers before we even got the chance to play it. If that wasn't bad enough you then came back and made your previous statement a lie by lowering the requirements for the system. MR 8 is too low and if this is the insisted numb
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