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  1. Clan: Void Rebels Tier: Shadow Platform: Ps4 Role: Founding Warlord Featured image: Cephalon Vesta.
  2. The idea to change No Weapon by more than one Riven disposition dot was a good one. I have not found a single one of these changes bad and I own a full set of 90 rivens.
  3. this will be used to my advantage, and hopefully in a way that looks nice and does not allow for falling glitches , bad views of the dojo room , or glass walking! i want to ty again for your comment as it will make me do better in rooms to come
  4. im so excited for this !!!!! are you kidding? it has a skybox? Ty DE!
  5. your comment is strait forward and i do not have to ask any questions, i like this comment that is filled with good points in a constructive setting. 1. i totally agree and it is saddening. im sure you can see i only used the observatory for these areas (so far) but doing this to some rooms like a Grand hall may be nasty looking if not done by someone who cares 2. only sometimes! i used the glass of the observatory to be a Quick exit to a secret area, ill give more details soon. point being is that depends on how the decorator chooses to look at things. half empty half full glass and all. unless i am misunderstanding your comment, if i am plz let me know. 3. an easy fix to this is let the sky-box have a Physical barrier to all frames and operators, while leaving it able to be passed through with a Free cam in Decoration mode! i have tried to fix this issue in one of my rooms but it IS an issue none the less these places birthed one of my best rooms and being honest i didn't need this area to do so , but using it created a feel that i couldn't gain otherwise. Cephalon Vesta was my pride creation and i wouldn't leave any option out when it came to her temple. id love to see a fusion of my comment+another below mine to see a "Sandbox space". this area would be a room the size of the observatory without any structure just a door and Space that has a barrier stopping you from falling out. it would have an option to "change sky-box image" with this in mind the room would have a drop, that players would have to work around meaning only 1 important thing!, DE would need to make us able to build as close to the door as we need! the reasons for this type of room are simple. 1. makes an observatory sized room with new Lighting that will More then likely cover the whole sky-box(considering that's all the room would be). 2 it would give a space room with full freedom to players who wish to avoid "glitches" or "Exploits". 3 the hope of more possible decoration space then 800
  6. it would be awesome if you would delete the bulk of the quote that you had in this comment. this dojo has been on 4 pages and its getting to be a bit much. example above
  7. -Void Rebels -Shadow clan -Ps4 -Templar of Strata (warlord) Primed Temple of cephalon Vesta: a temple forged around a cephalon prototype found in the void. She is a series 0 cephalon with a vast archival of Orokin knowledge. Tower 0 : the void Rebels exclusive Tower. Most of it was destroyed when we found it, and restoration efforts continue. Tower 0 contains four rooms, the prime Trader room, The Orokin Greenery, the primed grand hall, and the Prime Lounge. Primed Trader room: built to highlight an ancient orokin artifact used for trading between tenno, and vaulting the resources of a small group of tenno.hidden somewhere under her temple is a Crypt of a Great ancient sleeping tenno. not a warframe, but a Tenno. Orokin Greenery: a place to grow and display the most beautiful plants found around the solar system. Primed grand hall: contains 4 Gardens of different varieties, an infant tamed Dragon found in the void, and the Titan a Warframe more powerful than any other and unlike any other, after finding him he surrendered himself to us and allowed us to Shackle him to our walls. Cephalon Vesta's ability to contain him is limited. titan: power 1 Titanic Blade, the titan removes a part of itself and forms it to the Titanic blade while simultaneously harming himself and Regenerating his lost body part. power 2 Titanic Vigor, any HP or shield damage adds the same amount to max HP/shields(adds to max but does not heal). power 3 titanic crit, dawn the power of Black crits (10x CD+slash proc). power 4 Titanic form, turning himself from a warframe your size to a warframe His size! Prime Lounge: the Great Meeting Hall of the eight greatest members of my clan. Contains a bar, a full stage and side seating areas for members. Venusian Valley: after reading the memory of one of our members, cephalon Vesta took that memory and recreated this area. Prime teralyst: is an eidolon Shard that dropped to Lua during the final phases of the old war, when Lua shifted into the void the eidolon got launched into the void colliding with an orokin Tower. In the eidolons final moments it found a way to merge with the tower, losing a large portion of it sentient being but gaining something more. Its Shields are unaffected by void energy. Cephalon Vesta seems to believe the only thing that can harm it is the Titan 02 Garden: the only reason that you can breathe in the dojo. Hidden secrets primed Gateway: hidden doors that may be found throughout the dojo, or may not. these are normally marked with a nearby Agkani stone. Ancient sanctuary: is a place found in the second floor Golden Gardens that is home to the smaller Titan. The mancade: thats right it's the man arcade built by men for men! Women welcome. Great winged-dragon of ancient legend: one of seven Oriental themed dragons, it's the only one we have made so far but more to come. Dojo central power core: this bio-organic converter takes in dead plants from the 02 garden and other areas around the third floor and converts it to the energy which is burned in reactor rooms. Web of the GoldWeavers: a web of nasty vicious spiders that weave and spin the gold that is used in the orokin tower reconstruction project. Golden Garden: the Highlight Center room of the second floor, and the primary theme for each room to follow. Many many lighting glitches, DE, please fix her Void Sapphire: the void Rebels primary Diner. A tenno with enough orokin ducats can eat well here. the amount of content in this dojo will cause load screen time increase and if your screen freezes when entering, that is normal, you will load in just take your time and wait it out ! we had too long of a video as it was or we would have shown more. but the "dark forest" is a hidden area on the third floor.more hidden secret Golden doors, and much much more to come.
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