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  1. Labelling this mini game as puzzle or investigation is just insulting for real investigation or puzzle game, there is no logic nor reflection asked to "solve" this obstacle. Just a boring and slow paced game of "search and memorized". No one can help you on this since the so called "clues" are different from one player to another and yes you'll miss a two handed sword blueprint and an orbiter decoration.
  2. I want an alt helmet that look like that ... or at least a tennogen :3
  3. Trade chat years ago : Stalker : WTB War riven with negative impact and + slash.
  4. Event ?? So ... adding a new inventory to a NPC is called an event now ? :3 I'll thank them for the items but i won't call that an "event" (even if there is a few pumpkin here and there.)
  5. Kind of but certainly less than many other warframe.
  6. As long as its 4th is called "Destruction rain from the heavens" i'm fine with anything.
  7. Le plus efficace sera de contacter le support technique mais ça risque de prendre un moment avant d'avoir une réponse.
  8. Always loved Railjack so i guess my opinion didn't change as for liches ... let's stay polite and say i dislike it (a lot).
  9. It was a brutal throw back when i saw the fashion i used 6 years ago. Excal and nyx were the first two and i completly forgot i used to like nyx :D
  10. Simple solution : make the stolen weapons shoot when you shoot with an increased range and keep the auto shot fire at short range.
  11. Be cause it's not a cat(a)stropha. "get out"
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