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  1. I did for the weapon but it was boring, unimmersive, kind of annoying and redundant. Sometimes it feels like DE struggle to grasp what is fun and tend to balance reward in favor of system life span instead of player's satisfaction.
  2. as far as i'm concerned update notes are located in the "latest staff replies" section :3
  3. Same feeling when someone trigger fire before i manage to do so with magnetic :3
  4. "Desecrate warframe to try to get an outrider steam key"
  5. Might is right so basically Grineer/Corpus/Sentient/whatever that is not with me is illegal and deserve to be looted twice.
  6. Necramech : It give me the feeling of using an unstoppable Juggernaut and i love it (even if there is a lot of room for improvement) Railjack : I love spaceship battle and DE approach is interesting (lot's of things to improve too but still enjoyable as it is) Having Warframe evolving in this direction is the best thing that could happen to it as far as i'am concerned.
  7. That would be awesome but i rather have two augment slot added to each warframe (one for the normal and two for the prime/umbra version) and get rid of the mod drain while we're at it.
  8. Frankly they should just cap this to "one time loot per eidolon each night cycle", triple the number of reward awarded and make the fight last just a little longer. Would be delightfull to see some of those toxic content gating acolyte go wild on the forum and it actually make the experience a little more rewarding, less repetitive, fun and open to a larger portion of the player base.
  9. Social distancing apply to everything even you ammunation !
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