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  1. Right now, to valence fuse you need two of the same weapon, which you then combine to increase the stat of the first weapon, while adopting the element of the second. This system might be fine for now, but as more and more kuva weapons get added, the spawn pool for them will increase, and as a consequence, decrease the chance for a kuva larvling to roll a specific weapon. With the upcoming three new Kuva weapons they announced, we'll have a total of 19 weapons. That's a ~5.26% chance for each weapon to spawn, and that number will only drop the more weapons are added. So... Could we add some way to transform weapons into a "<Element> Kuva Core" or something along those lines? Or some other way to valence fuse any two kuva weapons together. We already need to spend 1-3 hours to defeat a lich, AND have to defeat 3-6 liches most of the time to reach 60%... Adding some QoL so we don't ALSO have to run a capture mission potentionally 50+ times to get the larvling to spawn with the right weapon, for each lich, would be very much appreciated. Again, this might be somewhat fine for NOW, but for each kuva weapon added, this issue will become worse, so I'm hoping for a solution sooner rather than later. Thoughts?
  2. Another month, another bump. I just want my MOAs neck back. :c
  3. As the title states, when using the Arclite landing craft skin with the engine color set to default, there is no visible engine trail in the fly-in sequence. All that's visible is the heat distortion from where the trail would be, instead of the lime green color one would expect. Does not matter what landing craft the skin is applied to. Any color other than default works fine. How to reproduce: Apply Arclite skin to any lander Engine color set to default Start any mission
  4. New month, issue still unresolved. Bumping for visibility.
  5. When throwing a glaive, you detonate it with the heavy attack button. Except when using it with a sidearm + glaive combo, which changes the key from heavy attack, to alt fire. This feels like an oversight, and if it isn't, it should still be fixed to make it always consistent. It gets especially jarring when picking up something (powercell, data mass, etc) and the detonation key suddenly changes. Using a glaive with a one handed sidearm also completely prevents heavy slams. If both these issues are due to controller bindings, could there at least be a toggle option for this for PC users?
  6. When using Volatile Quick Return (and I assume regular Quick Return, haven't tested) at short range, it will cause you to immediately start charging another throw upon catching it, though it won't actually throw it. You can easily tell when this bugs happen as it'll play the heavy attack charge windup sound effect, and will also play the beginning of the throw animation, which will prevent other actions for the duration. Your glaive is now in a bugged state, where the next time you press melee, you'll instantly do a weak throw. Manually detonating the glaive will not trigger this bug, or if it can, it is rare enough that I haven't noticed. It does not matter if you're using pistol + glaive, or just glaive. How to reproduce: Any glaive (tested with Glaive Prime), equip Volatile Quick Return Toss glaive at any terrain or enemy within 10~m or closer When the bug happens, you'll hear the charging sound and see the start of the throw animation play, preventing any actions a normal throw prevents Press melee again. Will always throw it instantly. Reproduction rate: Over 50%
  7. Bumping again for visibility. Issue still unresolved. Here's hoping this thread will be seen. If not, well, returning next month!
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