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  1. Twin Grakata tonfa with extra bits bolted on them for added lethality. Clearly the only choice! How else are we gonna have five Grakatas with us?
  2. Unfortunately I have not found a way to consistently trigger this bug, but it happens often enough that it is a problem. The only way to resolve it is to leave Cambion Drift. The issue: Ammo mutation will sometimes stop mutating rifle ammo (blue boxes) until I leave Cambion Drift. Every other ammo type gets mutated properly. Gear: Nekros with Kuva Bramma, using Vigilante Supplies (max rank). Location: Cambion Drift, running Arcana bounties. Frequency: Roughly a third of of the time while doing Arcana bounties? Unsure exactly how often, but often enough to be common. Sa
  3. Due to a bug, getting the bonus on this mission is nearly impossible. Charge the Entrati device. Grab the experimental fluid sac. Toss it at enemies to mark them. Kill marked enemies. The highlighted portion works extremely poorly right now, where I'm able to only mark 0-2 enemies at a time most attempts. It doesn't matter how clustered up they are. I've tried just walking around in circles to get them to group up, I've tried using Ensnare to group them up. I've tried tossing the sac directly at the enemy, I've tried tossing it at the ground right next to them. On average, I have
  4. I've found another small issue, this time with visibility. Though I'm not sure if this was the case before the glaive changes or not. When using a glaive + pistol combo, the gun is brought closer to the center of the screen, as well as being slightly more pointed towards the center, which makes the muzzle flash/heatwaves more blinding. A second issue is that when using a glaive + pistol, the hitmarkers goes away, which coupled with the muzzle flash being more blinding, makes it much harder to tell if you're hitting those headshots or not. Without glaive. Heatwaves does not cover
  5. The sensitivity for throwing glaives is too high, yeah. I've been running the Xoris with no attack speed mods (though with amalgam organ shatter and swift momentum) and while spamming melee, it'll still sometimes end up starting to toss the glaive repeatedly instead. The 'light throw' minimum charge should be increased, or just remove light throws completely if needed. As long as they don't remove "hold melee to throw", because I DO really like that part. Just... Needs to be harder to toss it by accident. Second thing that really needs to happen with glaives... They really need to make de
  6. I wouldn't be against 10 arrows, though they really should nerf the draw speed if they buff that. I really don't understand why it has the second fastest charge time out of all the bows, considering its ridiculous strength. Most bows have a charge time of 0.5s, and Bramma has 0.4s? Should be around 1-1.2s to match Daikyu/Lenz. Actually gives players a reason to slot on fire rate on it.
  7. I think magnetic just needs to deal bonus damage to robotics and machines. Like... +25% vs robots, +15% vs machines? Maybe have magnetic procs also disable enemy abilities on top of preventing shield regeneration, giving it added use against ancient healers, preventing oxium ospreys from suicide charging, etc etc. Maybe for a much shorter duration, like the stuns from heat/electric. Also remove alloy armor from machinery so blast can actually be SOMEWHAT relevant, and give it a +50% vs robotics too. Blast got +75% vs machinery, which is made entirely useless because pretty much every enem
  8. Issue still unresolved, bumping the thread. Will likely bump this once a month for visibility.
  9. Finally gave glaives another go since the changed system (mainly due to the new Mark Of The Beast mod), and most of the gripes with the changes have already been said here, but might as well give my input on them as well. Light attacks will sometimes start "rapid throwing" the glaive instead of swinging it. Might need to have the minimum charge for throwing increased slightly, or just remove 'partial charge' throws completely. Key for detonation changing for no good reason if used with a secondary. Just make it always detonate using the heavy melee button, instead of using the alt fire k
  10. Any special effects should be weapon specific, not class specific. There's plenty of styles that could be possible for a larger shield that doesn't have to be able to fold together. Spiked shields, shields with bladed edges, the two grineer shields that already exist. Of course there could be larger ones that do fold together, like a large Corpus energy shield of some sort. The big things should be a focus on CC (lots of staggers/knockdowns/lifts) in the stance, and being able to block while shooting a pistol. Oh, and for all the stance attacks to only use the left arm for the swinging, s
  11. I've made a post in this thread already, but I'm gonna repeat the points that's more and more grating the more I play the event. Lavos Cordatus helmet being in the drop pool, doubly so since it has such a high drop chance and from the same rotation as Lavos. I got 8 helmets and 8 Lavos parts so far. Any helmet after the first is utterly useless, since it can't be traded away and is worth pennies when sold. It REALLY should be removed from the drop table. All the other cosmetics are only available to purchase from Father. This thing shouldn't be an exception. The unskippable, incredibly
  12. I'd really like to see a new melee class that's just a shield, similar to the shield lancer shields. Much larger, bulkier shields than those founds in the sword and shield class, and just like shield lancers, players should be able to use the shield with a one handed secondary, like you can with glaives. With the shields being more bulky, it should be worn on the back instead of remaining on the wrist in a collapsed down state, and will always be wielded with the left arm when not holstered. It should share the same large block angle as sword and shield (70°) when idle or aiming, and let
  13. I'm not saying to uncombine all base elements. I'm saying to make innate base elements be consistent with innate combo elements. It's not like adding Heat to a weapon with Radiation will add to the Radiation (unless you also add Electric, of course). But if you build for Radiation on a weapon with innate Heat, that Heat gets rolled into the Radiation damage. A weapon with an innate combined element will always have that combined element as part of its damage, and I think it'd be far more interesting to see base elements work the same way. It'd give Toxin weapons a real added punch against Co
  14. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Mildly confusing at first, but pretty easy to understand after a couple of Orphix. Often see others not shoot the resonators or Orphix though. Sometimes the Orphix remains 'open' when there's resonators around, which can cause some confusion, as it can't be damaged when it looks like it should be able to. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Love the head scraping effect. Both comical and fitting. Do wish the Necramech was slightly less clumsy though. Primarily would like to be able
  15. On the flipside, being able to run viral/toxin on said toxin weapons would make it incredibly effective against steel path corpus, as viral procs would boost the damage of the toxin damage, which ignores shields. Again, I think overall the benefits are way higher than any downside on most weapons. Especially for any melee weapons, because again, one extra element for Condition Overload (though also applies to any status gun used to prime enemies for a CO melee). The idea of being able to run both heat and cold (or any other mix of two base elements) is really neat, and would really give t
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