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  1. Bonewidow is unable to use Exalted Ironbride when used as a client majority of the time. The weapon is simply not drawn and can even lock the player out of being able to move or use weapons/other powers. Also Necramech and Necramech exalted weapon affinity are STILL bugged and are reset in mission if a host migration occurs. All affinity accumulated in that mission is lost.
  2. It would be really nice for the Necramech Melee mods like Necramech Pressure Point to affect Exalted Ironbride if they don't already.
  3. I liked the changes to The Steel Path, until I was made aware of the fact that apparently Steel Essence no longer drops from Eximus Units AT ALL, and you only get a maximum of 7 Essence per Steel Path alert (assuming you defeat the Acolyte and have a Resource Booster). This combined with the facts that Teshin now has a weekly rotating reward and the Umbra Forma Blueprint that is currently available is 150 Steel Essence each makes this new system insane. Unless you previously had a stockpile of Steel Essence from the old system, it would be nearly impossible, if not impossible, to reliably get
  4. From the sounds of it, the PTS really seemed to suggest that the update isn't ready for deployment unless you guys really worked yourselves to the bone over the week. I'd rather it be delayed to another week or two instead of being rushed out to appease the shrieking "no content" banshees.
  5. I really hope this doesn't include the affinity buff. I understand for the others, but Conclave standing sucks so much to get as is. Would have been nice for the affinity buff to help mitigate how slow it is to get daily Conclave standing done.
  6. One change I would recommend is increasing Xaku's base energy by 15-25 points to encourage using The Lost more. I've also encountered a bug where Xata's Whisper seems to deactivate ala its duration finishing despite The Vast Untime being active. The game says the duration is still active, but I cease dealing Void damage to enemies. Also, why does Xaku, or any frames that have XW on them via Helminth for that matter, gain Infested textures upon them? Does something in the lore explain this? I can't think of a reason for it.
  7. Grandmother's Oddities still really need a price reduction. Not including the items that are cycled out daily, you currently need 380 Grandmother Tokens to get all of her wares. Also, after using Xaku, I think the changes are wonderful but here is what I would suggest for further changes: 1. Make Xata's Whisper apply to Xaku's other powers, not just weapons. 2. Increase the base firing range of the turrets for Grasp of Lohk from 8 meters to 10 or 11 meters. 3. Increase Gaze base radius from 8 meters to 10 or 11 meters. 4. Make Deny an AOE explosion rather than a straight li
  8. Could we get an explanation on why Platinum is being charged for the Snake Necramech skin and Sigil when we had access to them in the quest, as well as to why they are a part of the Necraloid syndicate when you dont use Necraloid standing to purchase them? These cosmetic items really should be obtainable with standing. I'm fine with paying Platinum for Necramech cosmetics in general, but this feels rather greedy to charge Platinum for access to cosmetics that already existed in the game since the launch of Deimos (cosmetics that are important to the finale of the quest mind you) to jump o
  9. Are you serious? First off, why add the Snake skin and Sigil to the Necraloid syndicate if you were just going to charge Platinum for them? Second, while I understand charging Platinum for Necramech skins in general, charging for these cosmetic items (which were a big part of the finale of the Deimos quest) comes off as transparently greedy, especially after Rebecca explicitly stated that there is a huge demand for Necramech cosmetics. The Snake skin and Sigil should be obtainable with Necraloid standing with how they are an important part of the quest and lore.
  10. There seems to be a serious, game breaking bug that occurs if the player transfers directly from their Necramech into Excalibur Umbra rather than from Mech to Operator then to Umbra. You are unable to move. It seems like weapons can be fired and reloaded, but the movement is disabled. I think its related to the game trying to give control over Umbra back to the player from the AI, but failing due to some kind of interference from the Necramech coding.
  11. Hopefully next week we see a fix for transferring directly from Necramech to Excalibur Umbra, rather than from Necramech to Operator before going to Umbra, resulting in a loss of functionality. Using a Necramech with Umbra as your frame is very fun but this bug is crippling.
  12. Necramech and Necramech weapon affinity are still having issues with being properly saved. This seems to be tied to using the Necramech's Exalted Weapon, the Arquebex (however its spelled). Every time I use it, it seemingly deletes all accumulated affinity for Mechs and their weapons. Affinity is also lost upon a host migration. Isolation Vaults are also broken to where the bounty reward is not consistently given and entering the vault forces a respawn on the player.
  13. Hotfix seems to have broken Isolation Vault bounty rewards. After the first one, the second vault will not give the bounty reward and thus makes it impossible to start the third.
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