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  1. Last thing I heard was the console version on the PS4 shut down along with some drama related to Primed Streamline being leaked into the game. Lato Prime bwas apparently illegally leaked as well against DE's wishes and contract. Both Primed Streamline and Lato Prime were removed sometime after, but they were made available for a brief time. Whether it was ChangYou's fault or not, I dont know.
  2. I bought some of them when I first started playing so I dont remember off the top of my head. For all I know they could have increased in price haha. Regardless I think the Bronze skins should come too.
  3. I don't think I've ever had a Mod comment on a thread of mine before. :) Cool. Also upon looking up how the Bronze skins look, I learned that apparently they might be Closed Beta exclusives. Not sure whether they can come to the global build then, depending on the agreements between DE and ChangYou. To my knowledge though, the only content that was slated to never transfer over in any form were the two cosmetic items in their Founder pack. Regardless I personally think all of the items listed should be brought back otherwise. The Bronze skins would be nice for the people who dont want to pay potentially outrageous prices for the Rubedo skins on Steam (as I don't know their value currently).
  4. inb4 "the weapons suck and the skins are just skins y do u care?" Warframe China exclusive weapons are rebalanced once they are brought into the global build for one. For another, its a matter of principle that we were told the global build would receive all Warframe China content after 30 days other than the Gauvan Sekhara Prime and the Excalibur Umbra Beast Helmet that are exclusive to the Chinese Founder Pack.
  5. Now that Primed Chamber has finally returned, I think another batch of content that has yet to make its way into the global build of Warframe should be brought up. Despite being way outside of the 30 day exclusivity window, we still have not received the Cadus, Carmine Penta, Prisma Machete, or the Bronze skins for Rhino, the Galatine, and the Drakgoon. What's strange is that despite still being unavailable, the Bronze skins can be linked in chat in the global build. Could we get an update on this missing content as to whether we will ever get them? They aren't part of the Chinese Founder pack so we should have gotten them long ago.
  6. Excuse me for not reading the entirety of a 33 page long Forum thread for one haha. Time in general isnt irrelevant but the fact that you think a 7 year wait for a single, mostly terrible mod in a game with literal hundreds of mods better than said mod is an unbearable wait and somehow relevant to the outrage is laughable. Also, love the ad hominem attack on my moral character simply because I get a little bit of schadenfreude out of people making stupid decisions and it coming back to bite them because you have no real argument to respond with. All comedy is sourced from misery in some form or degree. I do agree it took too long for DE to re-release the mod though.
  7. Misfortune that you yourselves caused knowing the mod was intended to return. Thats the beauty. You wronged yourselves and made bad decisions. You havent been wronged by anyone or anything other than your poor money management skills and choices. The argument I have against using time as a justification for being mad that the mod has returned has already been stated by myself and others. Time spent is irrelevant when if you paid attention, DE have wanted to bring the mod back for years. Nothing except Founder content is truly exclusive sorry to say. It was going to happen eventually. It isnt the fault of DE that you lacked the foresight and self awareness to simply wait.
  8. The amount of salt from people that, essentially, spent thousands of US dollars on a single mod only useful on one weapon in the game purely because of its former rarity rather than spending that time/money on something of real world value is a truly beautiful thing. This comes off as really desperate to try and find some sort of justification for the outrage as if time spent being unobtainable at all makes a real difference in the end when we all know it has been intended to be re-released for years. I'm sorry you wasted your money and time.
  9. Definitely a welcome change as I always found her Tributes to be unreliable while being based on enemy type. Would it be possible to also reduce energy cost of her other powers when they are used while Razorwing is active to make her less energy hungry and/or make it so picking up Tributes heal Titania and any affected allies by an amount that is perhaps based on Power Strength?
  10. We still haven't gotten Somachord Tones for Cetus or the Plains of Eidolon. Will this ever happen?
  11. I appreciate these changes overall, but I have to say that the changes towards the Requiem mods such as this new transmutation addition, making relics more common, etc. wouldn't have needed to be done if you had just removed the "charge" system altogether. It still adds an unnecessary grind to the Kuva Lich gameplay and drags it down. I still think it would be better to let us, at the very least, use Kuva and/or Endo to recharge them if not removing the mechanic entirely. I also think adding mods with limited numbers of uses is just a bad idea overall for the game's future. Plus the Kuva Lich Hunter collection is still overpriced when the main item advertised is a consumable resource essentially. I wouldn't mind it costing 835 Platinum if the Requiem mods didn't have a limited number of uses.
  12. Still no fix for Atlas Rubble not consistently spawning from petrified enemies. Also, I hope we see changes to the Requiem mods having charges. Them not being permanent or at least us having the ability to recharge them with Kuva or Endo makes me not want to kill my Lich. I don't like the idea of adding mods with a limited number of uses in the game. As previously stated it just adds an extra layer of unnecessary grind to an RNG heavy system as is.
  13. Kuva or Endo. Either way, something to that effect.
  14. Any word on changes to the "charge" system that Requiem mods have? I really think this is a highly unnecessary grind to add to an already RNG heavy system, ontop of them being the face of a 835 Platinum priced bundle while being a consumable item with only a specific number of total uses. If not removing the charge system entirely, could we at least get the ability to invest Endo or Kuva into Requiem mods that have used up charges in order to recharge them so we don't have to go through the process of obtaining the specific ones we need again? I personally have a huge hoard of Endo that I have nothing to use on. I really don't like the idea of adding limited time use mods into the game, especially when the Kuva Lich system absolutely requires them.
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