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  1. Didn't realize you worked at DE. Welcome aboard [DE]HollowCube. On a serious note, doesn't really change the fact that Fusilai is also one of Gara's signature weapons with a passive exclusive to when being used with her and not creating a Prime variant of it with her Prime Access inevitably leads to the question of "If not now, when then?" It doesn't really make sense to release the equally inevitable Primed variant with any other frame in any other Prime Access. You disliking throwing knives as a weapon type doesn't make this issue go away. Also the 2 new Prime gear thing isn't accurate.
  2. So what about Fusilai Prime?
  3. Are there any plans to implement energy economy systems similar to that of Gloom's (where it has a cap to how many affected targets contribute to the energy drain per second and can't go above a certain amount) to powers like Oberon's Renewal and Grendel's Feast? This would be a wonderful QOL change to these two frames in particular. Running Oberon with a Nekros in squad is crippling and Grendel can't make good use of his passive with the insane energy drain on Feast.
  4. By this logic, shouldn't Armored Agility be changed to be an Exilus Mod in order to be consistent with other movement based Warframe mods?
  5. Void Storm drop tables seem to be bugged when they take place in Veil Proxima. I'm consistently getting only resources as rewards, other than the Relic reward, rather than the intended Radiant Relics, Void Traces, Sevagoth pieces, etc.
  6. I still disagree with the idea that only platinum farmers will be affected as increasing Arcane rewards would be a benefit to everyone doing Eidolons, but otherwise I can see your points. Mainly about Shards because I had forgotten about the fact they dont contribute to daily focus cap. I havent farmed focus in years hah.
  7. Fair I had forgotten that Shards did not contribute to daily focus cap
  8. Well yes if the store does not return and Arcanes are simply RNG mission rewards then I agree nothing needs to be done. My argument was based around the belief that the store would be returning because as I said in a previous comment the devs have stated that they have an interest in providing both methods of earning rewards in the future.
  9. I suppose this is a fair point, though one could argue that farming Eidolons just to do Eidolons better isn't a great system but that's more fault towards the Focus system in it's current state than anything.
  10. Dont speak on my behalf acting as if you know me, and we will call it even.
  11. The only good aspect of focus farming via Eidolons would be the fact that the Shards dont contribute to daily Focus cap. Again though I'm not sure i would agree that alone is enough justification to do Eidolon hunting based on rewards alone.
  12. No, I am not. With a proper build, you can get hundreds of thousands of focus in a matter of minutes in ESO. Perhaps take your own advice instead of covering your eyes and shouting "LALALA IM NOT LISTENING."
  13. I already have. Eidolons are time gated and their rewards are RNG. Assuming Orphix has the same store as it had from the event, there is no time gating anywhere near the level of Eidolons or RNG behind it.
  14. Yes this is assuming the store returns. Which has been implied in the past as the devs have shown interest lately in providing a way to both earn and purchase rewards in the future.
  15. Except for the fact that Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a FAR better and faster focus farm. Not really a good reason to do Eidolons. That alone isn't a good incentive.
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