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  1. I love the continued, blatant, unapologetic misrepresentation of my arguments that you continue to express with every response. You know what that is called? Its called building strawmen out of your adversaries arguments. Meaning you are, instead of addressing the actual argument I am presenting, building your own version of the argument I made (building a man made out of straw essentially) and responding to that instead to try and make your stance stronger. This is typically done out of desperation and is at best disingenuous and at worst outright cowardly. First off, you are arguing that my expectations were set by the patch notes in the forums, which is NOT true as I said in a reply TO YOU. My expectations were set by Devstream 123 when Ephemera were originally introduced as a concept. YOU however are the one who brought patch notes into the argument, in which I stated "I hold the same standard to the patch notes if thats the case," meaning if the patch notes were worded in the same way AFTER viewing the Devstream, I would have believed the same. If I had only seen these patch notes in the form they are in upon the dropping of the update and had not seen the Devstream, my expectations would not have been set to be what they ended up becoming. Second, you continue to act as if I am complaining about RNG in general. As previously stated in the OP and in another reply, this is not the case. Its these particular items and how they are set up that is the issue to me based on the expectations that were set combined with the repercussions of their current implementation INCLUDING the ones I already possess. RNG in general is not a problem to me. The problems made by these items being added to "end game" RNG tables are the issue to me, even if my perception on DE's original purpose for them is false. I also find your distasteful, condescending attitude towards those that have a complaint about the game quite ironic considering you have several times accused me of making this post out of frustration with RNG (despite me clarifying multiple times that my viewpoints would be the same even if I had not struggled) and then proceed to accuse those that complain about this same issue of having "the mentality of an 8 year old." Tell me, who exactly is the one getting hot under the collar here when you are insulting people based on their viewpoints and essentially arguing "r u mad bro?" Its also funny that you accuse me of stealing ideas from the forums when I only view the forums to read and comment on official DE posts, research bugs I run into, and to make my own posts. My activity feed on my profile is evidence of this. Even if my ideas weren't original, it doesn't really matter. That doesn't invalidate the arguments and one could even argue that a desired change being shared in the minds of many people in a community such as Warframe's is evidence that, while not conclusive, further supports the idea that the change should be made. Finally, your statement about Captura scenes is just factually false. Either you have no idea what you are talking about in this instance or its just further proof of you being disingenuous for the sake of trying to make your stance stronger. Every Captura scene in the game that comes from an RNG reward rotation comes from Rotation A or B and has, by Warframe standards, a high chance at dropping. A and B rotations also take less time to complete than Rotation C and only one scene comes as a Rotation B reward. Most importantly of all, Captura scenes are tradeable. This compared to Ephemera that are NOT tradeable, are a Rotation C reward, are a very rare Rotation C reward, and essentially are a credit reward if obtained as a duplicate in an "end game" mission. But hey, what do I know? I am just an 8 year old after all. We are pretty good at reading comprehension though! TL;DR: Strawman about my expectations, strawman about my reasoning for the post, angry about people in the community that disagree with you, lots of people having the same idea doesnt discredit the idea, factually false statement about Captura scenes.
  2. First of all, love how you accuse me of clinging to the word "earned" as if thats the only supporting argument I have but then proceed to cling to the idea that me being annoyed with Blazing Step is the only reason why I made this post. Again, if you actually read the post, you would know I specifically stated "even if I already had every Ephemera I would still feel this way." My arguments stand regardless of my irritation with the absurd drop rate on Blazing Step. This just comes off as condescending. Second of all, yes. They are expectations. Expectations SET BY DE when they went out of their way to distinguish these items in particular for how they are to be earned only and are end game rewards. So of course expectations are going to be made based on that presentation. It doesn't matter if the same verbage is used in the patch notes as well as the argument still stands. Also, your stance on them being RNG doesn't solve the other issues I brought up regarding the Ephemera being only useful the first time they are obtained due to being untradeable, including how they simply take up additional drop chance and space in reward tables and how nothing of value is gained from selling them other than credits. Which, as previously stated, is useless to the target audience of these items. The mere existence of the Blazing Step Ephemera for example has made it even harder to get the Braton Vandal Blueprint as DE (rather than taking away percent chance from the more common rewards) took away drop chance from the rare rewards to accommodate the Ephemera's spot in the table. Before Ephemera were introduced, the Braton Vandal BP had a drop chance of roughly 2.7% I believe. Currently, it is now 1.01%, same as the Ephemera. Similar issues now exist with Shadow Stalker and Arbitrations. In other words imagine being in the exact opposite situation I am in where you have the Ephemera but are trying to get the Braton Vandal and you end up with three Ephemera blueprints instead. Aka, you get nothing but credits as a Rotation C reward in whats supposed to be an end game mission. I imagine most would be pretty angry.
  3. The fact that they are entirely cosmetic. The fact that there is no reason to include them in an RNG drop table when there is literally no reason to have multiples due to the fact that they aren't tradeable and give only menial amounts of credits when sold combined with how they actively make it harder to get the other items in the drop tables they are put in. The fact that they were described as "end game only" and were to be "earned" as described in Devstreams. Problem with this wording is if they were intending on making these rewards RNG, you can't really use the word "earned" because you dont "earn" anything when it comes to RNG. You earn A reward, but not THE reward you are attempting to get. In essence, if you get the reward you are trying to actively get, you didn't earn it. You simply got lucky and got the item you happened to want from the reward you actually earned. Make sense? These facts together are what gave the impression that these items were merit based.
  4. I gave two ways to better this system. What are you talking about? Even another person in the comments gave examples of various merits that could be assigned to the Ephemera. The rest of your post is essentially not relevant as its describing problems not related to the thread but more related to Warframe, as well as open beta/early access games in general. Especially games with RPG mechanics.
  5. Again, why involve yourself in a post if you weren't going to bother to read? If you have no intention in investing into a discussion, why involve yourself in the forums at all? The extra detail, as already stated, provides evidence and context to my points. Not my fault if you chose to not read the post because of your own bad experiences on the forum or whatever have you. Again though I added a TL;DR to prevent future similar comments.
  6. Nah. I genuinely love Warframe and despite all my hours I still have fun in the game. I just find the execution of the Ephemera to be quite poor in its current state. I typically take breaks once I've completed all of the current content/gotten all available items. I still need two of the Ephemera and the Saturn Six Mask. Rip me.
  7. Fun little update FYI: Just got my third Braton Vandal Blueprint trying to get Blazing Step. :) Everything is fine. This is fine.
  8. Also, if you actually read the post, you would know the argument being made isn't "RNG bad" or even that they are hard to get (save for Blazing Step). The argument is that these items in question were made out to be merit based in their inception but then made RNG when implemented. Why would I be playing Warframe if I hated RNG as a whole? I literally even say "If DE insist on having RNG be related at least give the Ephemera their own drop table to prevent them taking up space in end game missions." Not reading the post and then making assumptions about it is just shooting yourself in the foot. Again, why participate at all if you didn't bother reading, especially if you claim to not take this seriously? Literally no point.
  9. UPDATE: Just got my third Braton Vandal Blueprint trying to get Blazing Step. :) Everything is fine. This is fine. A few weeks back, I made a topic regarding Elite Sanctuary Onslaught about suggesting a change to the game modes rotation reward system, While there were several reasons I had to support this mindset, one of which was being in the aftermath of experiencing the gut wrenching grind that is the quest to obtain the Blazing Step Ephemera (which I still have not obtained and have instead now two Braton Vandal Blueprints instead). While I do still share my feelings on that particular matter, this led to me thinking about how Ephemera have been implemented in the game as a whole. DE have gone on record stating that the purpose of Ephemera were to be cosmetic items that existed for the sake of giving end game/veteran players a goal to strive for. The way DE described this made it sound like Ephemera would be merit based and would be obtained upon completing specific goals. While the upcoming Eidolon Ephemera has been stated to be merit based, if you jump to the current state of the Ephemera in game as of the making of this post, this isn't the case at all for the rest. All but one of the currently existing, non Easter related Ephemera are pure RNG that, in their current state, ANYONE has access to. Bleeding Body is the only Ephemera, as of the making of this post, that is remotely merit based in that you need to complete at least 20 Arbitration reward cycles in order to obtain it. While not necessarily "end game" or "veteran tier" in terms of accomplishment, its an actual accomplishment of some kind. This is a tangible goal with observable progress that matches what was described. As previously stated though, the others are nothing more than another RNG reward that anyone with access to the given sources can potentially get if they get lucky. This defeats the described purpose of Ephemera and removes what is supposed to make them special, as obtaining them through RNG is not a merit. Its nothing more than getting lucky like everything else in the game. This isn't the only issue that is related to Ephemera either. With the introduction of Ephemera, it has led to a further dilution of the drop tables of the respective missions they drop from. Their mere inclusion has made several already difficult items to obtain even more so (this is particularly the case with Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation C by adding yet another item to its massive table). The exception to this lies in the two Ephemera that drop from the Exploiter Orb, which have their own unique "cosmetic" drop table separate from the primary drop table of the Orb. While I argue that Ephemera shouldn't be based on RNG in general and should all be merit based, if RNG MUST be involved, I believe that all Ephemera should be treated in a similar manner as this where they have their own unique drop chance separate from the main drop table. For example, in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you would have a chance of receiving the Ephemera on top of receiving whatever Rotation C reward you would have gotten upon reaching and completing Rotation C. In the case of Stalker, it would be adding a "cosmetic" table to his drops. Another reason to support this is the fact that once you get an Ephemera and build it, there is no reason to get a second one. They become a waste of a drop as they are not tradeable. The only thing you get out of these Ephemera afterward is credits, which for the described target audience of "end game" or veteran players is not useful in the slightest. Such players typically have a massive hoard of credits more than they know what to do with, myself included sitting at over 300 million. Selling these for credits is, in essence, a rain drop in the middle of the ocean. Again, if DE insist upon RNG mechanics behind getting even SOME of these Ephemera, I think this system would make obtaining them at least somewhat more tolerable and they would not become what essentially is a "one time useful" drop just taking up space in the drop table of that mission once you have already obtained it. That and preventing them from diluting the drop chances of everything else in said drop tables (looking at you Braton Vandal Blueprint). Before responding: As previously stated, I could be considered a veteran at this point. I've been playing since 2014, have over 4K hours in game, and have done/collected nearly everything in the game at this point. This post isn't intended to complain about non-end game or non veteran players or anything like that. I don't want your rewards taken away. If you got any of the Ephemera and you are relatively early on in the game, then you deserve it whether it was luck or not. I'm just going off of what DE claimed these items were supposed to be for, and based on that description it doesnt make sense for just anyone to get them out of just getting lucky. DE laid these out to be special and I really think it was an interesting idea but its had poor execution in my eyes. The Eidolon Ephemera is a step in the right direction, but I think changes need to be made to the other Ephemera (save for Bleeding Body). Even if DE cling to the desire to make them RNG, at least making them have their own cosmetic drop table in their respective locations would at least prevent them from being useless after getting them once and in the case of Blazing Step might make them far less painful to get. Regardless of what is done I think some kind of improvement to obtaining Ephemera is necessary. I'm also not making this post purely out of being salty over bad RNG luck. I've obtained all but the Smoking Body and Blazing Step Ephemera as of the making of this post and out of those two, only one is excruciating in its drop chance. Me not having Smoking Body is largely to blame on me not playing many normal missions anymore and therefore few Stalker encounters. While my horrible experience with grinding for Blazing Step probably makes me biased, sitting at at least 100 attempts now, I would still believe in my arguments even if I already had every Ephemera in my possession. TL;DR: Ephemera should be merit based like they were originally made out to be or have their own drop tables instead of taking up valuable item space in end game mission types that people take part in for specific rewards.
  10. 18 days later and still no Ephemera. What I do have is two Braton Vandal blueprints after what must be at least 100 attempts by now. The Braton Vandal blueprint has the same drop chance as the Blazing Step Ephemera at 1.01%. So in essence I got the drop, but the wrong item. Twice. I can't describe with words how much I dislike the current state of ESO's rotation rewards at this point, particularly the 17 item sized rotation C.
  11. Is DE for real with that 2% drop chance on the Saturn Six Mask? That's pretty crazy considering the event is soon to be over and the Wolf is still not all that common.
  12. I do. Its still painful, again especially when trying to scan uncommon varieties as, ironically enough, they are the most rare variety due to the existence of the pheromone items.
  13. Can you please lower the codex scan requirements for the animals in conservation? 20 scans is excruciating, especially for the uncommon varieties since there isn't a reliable way to get them to spawn unlike the other two.
  14. You have brought up an additional point I would add though in that ESO also feels lackluster in rewards because you get nothing but EXP and Focus outside of its rotation rewards since no resources or mods drop,
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